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Running Buddy - Charleston, SC

Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner & Running Buddy - QVC

by Gerry Valentine February 17, 2017

We are very excited to announce the new "Buddy Pouch with RFID!" 


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Disney & Universal Studios - Buddy Pouch Reviews

Disney & Universal Studios - Buddy Pouch Reviews

by Gerry Valentine January 31, 2017

The Buddy Pouch magnets are very strong and the pouch itself is very durable. Did I mention it has a pocket that is water resistant?

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Cruise & Travel Reviews

by Gerry Valentine January 18, 2017

"Ordered it to use on cruise and I use it when I walk every day and love it. The magnets work through sweats or jeans. It is also great at work. It is pretty slim, so it hardly shows through a shirt. I wanted it for a cruise when you have to carry that silly card thing. Even off the ship, passport, cards, cash, phone."

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by Gerry Valentine January 16, 2017

Running With Buddy Pouch

"I have two of the buddy pouches. I absolutely love them. I use them to train in and also I use them on all of my races. Everything from a 5K to half marathons, this pouch doesn't move at all. It stays where I put it for the whole run. I even used it at Disneyland and not once did I lose a thing or did it move out of place. I recommend this to all of my friends. I would recommend this to everyone."

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The Cool Finds Product Guide with Arizona Health & Living: Now DIGITAL!

by Stephanie Porter January 05, 2017

"The Buddy Pouch magnetic belt-free solutions helps you keep your essentials all together on-the-go, right at your hip as you step out for a run, walk, hike, and to get moving. Go safely about your day with your belongings secured at your side with The Buddy Pouch innovations that can store your essentials, your phone, keys, IDs and more."

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Macaroni Kid's Holiday Gift Guide: Bags & Carriers

by Stephanie Porter November 14, 2016

Macaroni Kid featured the Buddy Pouch in their digital holiday 2016 gift guide! The Buddy Pouch collection offers a variety of great gift ideas for everyone in the family. Be sure to grab yours (and maybe a few extras for gifts) just in time for the holidays! 

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First Time Parent Magazine - Cool Tech For Your Family!

by Stephanie Porter November 11, 2016

First Time Parent Magazine featured the Crocodile Pouch in their digital holiday 2016 gift guide! The Buddy Pouch collection offers a variety of great gift ideas for everyone in the family. From bundles to stylish clutches, it's the perfect, hands-free shopping buddy at the grocery store and so much more! 

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Gift Ideas for Your Hairdresser & Other Favorite Service Providers

by Gerry Valentine October 22, 2016

What better way to say happy holidays to your favorite service providers? Give a gift that's not only comfortable, but extremely useful! 

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Travel Weekly - What's New, What's Hot: Buddy Pouch

by Carrah Lingo August 28, 2016

Buddy Pouch in Travel Weekly

"The storage pouch, which also includes a side zipper port for a cell phone, features a heavy-duty magnetic flap closure that attaches to any waistband, essentially making for a universal fit for any traveler, runner, biker or outdoors enthusiast." - Joe Rosen, Travel Weekly

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Parade Magazine - Smart & Stylish Tech Accessories

by Carrah Lingo March 31, 2016

Buddy Pouch Crocodile Clutch in Parade Magazine

Perfect for hands-free shopping at the grocery store and more!

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Hallmark Channel - Home & Family Show

by Julie Bradfield November 15, 2015

Buddy Pouch Featured on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show
During the segment, Home and Family show hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare joined lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas in highlighting their favorite spring gear for runners and walkers. One of their favorite new items mentioned on the segment was the Buddy Pouch by Running Buddy. On the show, Kim demonstrated how the pouch connects to any waistband with strong magnets. 

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Running Buddy ‘s Newest Products: H2O & Buddy Brite - A Review

by Carrah Lingo July 08, 2015

They make it so simple to stay hands free AND hydrated on a shorter run, walk or activity.  Like with the original Running Buddy a sturdy magnetic pouch attaches to your running shorts or pants and firmly holds the pouch  in place.  The H2O has a pocket for the water bottle that fits snugly in place.


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2015 International Travel Show - Product Innovation Award

by Julie Bradfield March 12, 2015

Buddy Pouch Awarded 2015 Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Show in Las Vegas! The Product Innovation Award recognizes the newest, most innovative new travel products at the planet’s biggest showcase for travel goods.

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From CNBC's Road Warrior - Six New Travel Gadgets to Make Your Journey Easier

by Kaili Howard March 11, 2015


Originally designed for marathon runners,Running Buddy's Buddy Pouch—a water and sweat-resistant pocket that attaches with strong magnets to a waistband—is also useful for business travelers who want to avoid the fanny pack look but still store essentials. Travelers' smartphone, passport, ID, credit card, keys and other lifelines can be "safely and securely at their hips, hands-free," said Running Buddy owner Julie Bradfield.

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Guest Blog - Taking My Buddy Pouch to Disney - by Brittany Rogers

by Kaili Howard March 11, 2015

I didn't have to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket or shuffling around trying to get my phone out of my pocket. The magnets stayed just as they should. My trip to Disney sealed the deal for me. It was what I was looking for and then some! I highly recommend it for runners and for people traveling to amusement parks.


6/26/15 - Customer Tracey Gehrts' Review -

"Just got back from Disney World.. Best decision ever! As a mom I needed to be more "firm" on dropping the unessentials! Wow ---it was awesome!! No bag check no keeping up with this our that! I had phone,DL, some pill bags with couple tums and pain killers, and a mini tube or sunscreen!  Worked fine with shorts and things with a heavier waistband!  I will DEFINITELY use that pouch and husband and older daughter will get one too!!!"


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Hey - Look What We Found! A Buddy Pouch 6+ YouTube Review!

by Kaili Howard February 20, 2015

Found this review of the 6+ on YouTube. He does a good job of discussing the features and showing the pouch.  

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Newsday - Top Gifts for Travelers - Buddy Pouch

by Julie Bradfield December 05, 2014

The Buddy Pouch is a fanny pack without the goofy straps, this wallet-sized pouch snaps over your waistband via heavy-duty magnets, allowing you to keep your smartphone, dog snacks, keys, credit cards and dignity securely in place.


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The Running Buddy and Runnin' Buds Review - Running Without Injuries Blogger

by Kaili Howard December 04, 2014

I didn’t feel my phone bouncing around and thought it had fallen out of my pocket.  Then I realized that I had on the Running Buddy. I was surprised that it was so comfortable that I didn’t even realize I had it on.  Now that’s a great product.

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Web Review from a Mystery Blogger! Thanks!

by Julie Bradfield October 14, 2014

Marathon training isn’t just about running the miles. You need to test gear, fuel, shoes, music and whatever else you’ll use on race day.

I’m always looking for a way to carry my Shot Bloks without having to wear a water belt since water is provided during the race. For my last two marathons, I just safety-pinned a Ziploc bag inside my shorts, which is not a great option because the last thing you want to be doing at mile 18 is fishing around for fuel in a sweaty Ziploc. Ugh. I’ve seen a lot of ways to carry food in my running group, so I set out to find another way.

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QVC Holiday Special

by Julie Bradfield October 07, 2014

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Fav Accessory of the Blue Man Group Has Arrived! The Running Buddy "Blue" Mini

by Julie Bradfield July 10, 2014

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Lakewood Advocate

by Julie Bradfield December 11, 2013

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White Rock Weekly News - Running Buddy becomes reality!

by Julie Bradfield November 19, 2012

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