Running Buddy ‘s Newest Products: H2O & Buddy Brite - A Review

Running Buddy ‘s Newest Products: H2O & Buddy Brite - A Review

By Marla-Deen Brooks
One of my favorite fitness gadget discoveries is the Running Buddy. I shared about this great little product HERE. It’s one of those things I hit my forehead and say “why didn’t I think of this!”, kind of like Spanx. Recently I was thrilled to be asked to be a Running Buddy Ambassador. Since I have been such a fan of their products and like following this company I was pleased to accept and help share more about them and their products.

I was asked to review their newest item called the Running Buddy H20. This was particularly timely because I don’t know about where you are, but the past few weeks have been brutally hot here in Atlanta. It’s that thick, heavy hot that leaves you drenched from just a walk to your mailbox. Miserable. Staying hydrated is particularly important this time of year and in this heat. I have to confess that I am one of those weird folks who just does not like to run or walk with a water bottle in my hand. Each time we step out of the door The Husband offers me a water bottle and I always turn him down. Not my smartest move, I know. By the time we’ve completed our trek I’m so thirsty I want to slurp out of the water hose. So when Running Buddy told me about their newest magnetic pouch that holds a 7 oz water bottle, I thought it was perfect for folks like me.IMG_0029

They make it so simple to stay hands free AND hydrated on a shorter run, walk or activity. Like with the original Running Buddy a sturdy magnetic pouch attaches to your running shorts or pants and firmly holds the pouch in place. The H2O has a pocket for the water bottle that fits snugly in place.

As for the form and function of The Running Buddy H2O I give it a thumbs up. I’ve used it to run and walk and it stays put. At the beach I even used it for dreaded burpees and had no problem jumping up and down. I did move it around to the back during those plyo moves and felt that worked best for me. I’m not sure it it is the way my shorts and running skirts fit, or my personal preference, but I like to move it around to the back when I’m doing bigger movements. If you are trying it out, you may want to experiment with it in the front, over your hip or in the back

I’ve also used the pouch to simply hold my phone on walks. It slips right in and makes it easy to have it and be hands free. If you have a water proof case on your phone you could also easily slide it in with the water bottle to have your music and water right where you can move and not have to worry about carrying water and dropping your phone while running or walking. I have a friend who recently dropped and shattered her phone while walking . . . . I think the price of $14.99 beats the cost of repair or replacing a phone or getting dehydrated, all in the name of fitness.

Along with the Running Buddy H2O I was also sent a Buddy Brite for me to try. This is a cool little gadget that clips on the back of your shoe to illuminate your heel while you are out at night. It fits all different shoe sizes and has a tension grip to hold it in place. It provides two modes of of brightness and is supposed to last up to 100 hours. I haven’t used this often as the days are long and I haven’t been out at night very often. I’m thinking this will be a great little tool to have in the Fall when the days get shorter. I am not an evening or before sunrise outdoor runner like a lot of folks, but I think it will be just the thing for walking the dogs after dark. Unknown

For $13.99 those evening runners, walkers, bikers and other evening or early morning exercisers have a great gadget to keep them seen and safe.

Have you tried a RunningBuddy? Familiar with these other new products? Do you carry a water bottle while you exercise? How is the heat your neck of the woods?

Enjoy Your Day and Stay Hydrated!

Marla-Deen Brooks

*The products for this post were provided by RunningBuddy for my review. While I received no compensation for this post I did receive the products. All thoughts, ideas and opinions about these products are all mine.*

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