Buddy Pouch Mini "PLUS"

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  • The new Buddy Pouch™ Mini PLUS is a convenient, "belt-free" and light-weight magnetic vertical pocket pouch that connects to any waistband with strong magnets providing a secure, bounce free hold. This magnetic pouch will hold all phones 6.5"L x 4"W or longer if needed due to the length of the flap which can be adjusted or tucked inside. 

    • Holds Any of Your Basic Essentials - Phone, Keys, Cash, C Cards, Hotel Key, ID or Gels
    • Magnetically Connects to Any Waistband
    • Dimensions - 6.5"L x 4"W
    • Maintains a Secure and Bounce-Free Hold


"Some pants have no or inadequate pockets. Previously I have avoided buying them or wearing those I already owned. Running Buddy has solved that problem. Now every pair of pants has a pocket that will hold my phone securely" - Customer Lucinda M.

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Customer Reviews

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Candace Swan
Great phone holder

I have so many pants and shorts without pockets. This really solves the problem because I want to have my phone with me when walking, running or exercising. It keeps it secure and easy to get to. Very pleased with my purchase.

Sue Watkins
Love it!

I have already been using my buddy on my morning walk when I don’t have a pocket for my phone. It is working great!

Gift - not used yet

Haven't used it myself - it's a Christmas gift so can't be reviewed until after it' been opened and tried. Sorry!

Grace Robinson-Whipple

Buddy Pouch Mini "PLUS"

Carlene Jansa
Great Buy

The Buddy Pouch Mini Plus was definitely one of my best online buys. Arrived quickly and is of excellent quality. My phone fits perfectly and is very wearable. Recommend to all my friends and family.