Lori Greiner - Buddy Pouch by Running Buddy

The multi-purpose Buddy Pouch™ connects to any waistband via patented magnetic technology. It's as simple as inserting the back flap of the pouch, aligning with the front flap and locking into place - no belt required! 

This #1 Disney & Travel Pouch is available in a variety of sizes and is great for travelers, runners, walkers, shoppers and anyone on the go - Over 750,000 units sold! No bag check needed...skip the long bag lines and protect your valuables from rain & theme park water rides. 

Check out the Buddy Pouches for Disney Travel and our new premium Disney travel items!

  Customer Reviews: Using Running Buddy Gear at Disney & Universal

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    Buddy Pouch Mini
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    Buddy Pouch (2 Color Choices)
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    XL Buddy Pouch (2 Colors)
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    XXL Buddy Pouch (With Middle Magnets)
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    Buddy Pouch Mini "PLUS"
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    SUPER SAVER BUNDLE! Two Buddy Pouch Mini "PLUS"
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