XXL"Zip Close" RFID Buddy Pouch

Size Guide
  • The new lightweight XXL "Zip Close" Ultra Large RFID ZIP Buddy Pouch™with revolutionary magnetic technology and middle magnets is a beltless,  chafe and bounce-free magnetic pocket pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket. Made with  RFID blocking, dri-fit and water-resistant fabrics, the XXL RFID Zip Buddy Pouch keeps your essentials safe, sweat-free and dry. Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

    "Some pants have no or inadequate pockets. Running Buddy has solved that problem. Now every pair of pants has a pocket that will hold my phone securely" - Customer Lucinda M.


    This version features a set of middle magnets (along with the magnets on each side) to ensure a greater hold for ultra large phones. 

    Meets NFL & College Game Day Bag Policy Requirements.

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The XXL Zip Pouch with RFID is made to fit all versions of the iPhone including 12 & 13 Pro, 12 & 13 Pro MAX, Samsung Note, Google Pixel and other ultra large phones. The XXL Buddy Pouch with Middle Magnet is also a great choice for ultra large phones.   

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Gwendolyn Samuels
Great purchase

The XXL zip case fits my Samsung Note 20. It doesn't bounce and keeps my phone accessible while I ride my horse. It is unobtrusive, secure and even works if I wear a belt.

Charles Rucinski
Good versitility

I bought this on a recommendation from a photographer/blogger/YouTuber--to specifically carry some small photographic equipment and it fits the bill. I'm not going to regret the purchase. I can use for a 'pocket' to carry wallet, etc when I wear gym-type shorts in the summer.

Great for walkers

I’m not a runner, but I walk many miles every day. With Running Buddy, I’m able to carry my keys, phone, credit card, mask, and even a small reusable bag (for those inevitable shopping stops!). I highly recommend this product!

Tammy Grebel

It fits my iPhone 12 Max Pro, ID and key fob. Perfect for my jogs.

Katherine W.
Absolutely perfect!

This Zip bundle pack with the Mini Plus is fantastic. I use the mini pouch to carry my phone around while I work from home, as I'm constantly on teleconferences and like to pace around the house while I'm on the calls. Pretty much zero women's clothing comes with pockets, so this is great for wearing whatever I want without having to worry about carrying my phone around in my hand all day. The zip pouch is perfect for my daily walks, where I just need to bring my phone and keys. I can also keep my earbuds, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses in the pouch with no issues. Just for reference, I'm 5' 3", 120 lbs and the zip pouch doesn't look too big on me, which is initially something I was worried about.