XXL"Zip Close" RFID Buddy Pouch

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  • The new lightweight XXL "Zip Close" Ultra Large RFID ZIP Buddy Pouch™with revolutionary magnetic technology and middle magnets is a beltless,  chafe and bounce-free magnetic pocket pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket. Made with  RFID blocking, dri-fit and water-resistant fabrics, the XXL RFID Zip Buddy Pouch keeps your essentials safe, sweat-free and dry. Dimensions: 7.5"L x 4"W

    3X RFID Zip Buddy Pouch

    This version features a set of middle magnets (along with the magnets on each side) to ensure a greater hold for ultra large phones. 

    Meets NFL & College Game Day Bag Policy Requirements.

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The XXL Zip Pouch with RFID is made to fit all versions of the iPhone including 12 Pro Max, Samsung Note, Google Pixel and other ultra large phones. The XXL Buddy Pouch with Middle Magnet is also a great choice for ultra large phones.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!

Great running pouch

No flip flop when running! A big improvement over previous running pouches.


Love my Running Buddy , it's perfect

I feel safer with the Buddy Pouch

I love my Buddy Pouch! I didn’t buy it because I am a runner—instead I am elderly and have taken a few falls. My family insists I keep my phone with me all the time. Now I have it hooked to my pants all day long. When I go to the grocery store, I just add my drivers license and credit card to the pouch and can leave my purse at home. It is so light and comfortable that I practically forget it is there--until my phone rings. I definitely feel safer wearing my Buddy Pouch.

Love it!

I have different sizes of buddy pouches as i change phones,,, i love it, its like so compact and sturdy!