About Us

The idea behind the Running Buddy was to design a lightweight, comfortable pouch that could carry more than just one energy gel and be belt free. It took 2 years of design work and 100+ miles of testing to perfect this running pouch. 
The pouch is truly "one size fits all" and is designed to be worn on any waistband by contouring perfectly to your size. The magnetic closure allows you to wear the pouch and run hands-free. It includes a water and sweat resistant inner pocket to hold phones, iPods, and other personal items, and its dri-fit material keeps the pouch comfortable against your skin.
No more worrying about cumbersome belts or slippery armbands. The Running Buddy will stay with you through every step. It is designed to go anywhere- running, walking the dogs, shopping, traveling, etc. Just connect and go!
The Running Buddy was designed by Julie Bradfield, a runner and triathlete, to provide comfort, style, and durability. US Patent #D716048 & Other Patents Pending