No Belt, Band or Bounce

Created by a certified running coach, the magnetically attached Buddy Pouch™ family is the #1 Running Pouch. Available in a variety of sizes, this armband and running belt replacement is light & large enough to accommodate the new larger cell phones.

The Buddy Pouch fits the iPhone 4, 5, 6 &6S, 6+ & 6+S, 7, 7+, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

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Running Buddy Active Products


Customer Reviews: Using the Pouch While Running, Cycling and at the Gym


 How Does the Buddy Pouch Work?




"I finally found a waist pouch that is big enough to hold my iPhone 7+ while I run. This Buddy Pouch is perfect, it doesn't budge or bounce at all when I run, hardly know I have it on. Fantastic!”
- Kristi P.


Buddy Pouch (3 Sizes): Standard, XL & XXL 7" 

Buddy Pouch

The belt-free pouch is designed with a water-resistant inner pocket and made with soft, dri-fit material keeping all your running essentials including inhalers and EpiPens sweat-free and dry. Revolutionary, magnetic technology keep the Buddy Pouch in place no matter how intense your pace or workout. Click for Discount Active Bundles

    • Alternative to the Armband & Running Belt
    • Magnetically Secures to any Waistband for a Bounce-Free Hold
    • Holds all of Your Running Case Essentials Including iPods, Phones, Inhalers & EpiPens
    • Water-resistant Inner Pocket & Additional Outer Mesh Pocket
    • Dri-fit Material Helps You Remain Dry, Comfortable & Chafe-Free





Buddy Pouch Mini 

Buddy Pouch Mini


The all new Running Buddy "Mini" was designed as a smaller magnetic pouch for those who are looking to carry the basics while on the go.

      • Holds Your Basic Essentials - Auvi-Q, MP3 Player, Keys, Cash, Credit Cards, Hotel Key, ID & Gels
      • Will Hold 2 Auvi-Qs
      • Magnetically Connects to Any Waistband
      • Maintains a Secure and Bounce-Free Hold
      • Dri-Fit Material Helps You Remain Dry & Comfortable




Buddy Pouch H20


Buddy Pouch H20 provides you with the ultimate hands-free/belt-free experience, but still allows you to carry several ounces of fluid with you for that quick run. The smooth contoured bottle is very comfortable tucked behind your waist or at the side of your hip. Strong magnets keep the H20 secure on any waistband.

      • Magnetically Connects to Any Waistband
      • Easy, Lightweight and Fast Hydration Solution
      • 7 & 10 oz Clear Bottles
      • Maintains a Secure and Bounce-Free Hold




Buddy “Bib” Clips

Buddy Bib Clips

No more pins or holes! Simply snap & lock!

      • #1 Pinless Number Fastener
      • No More Safety Pin Failure
      • Stops Bib Flapping
      • Rub & Chafe Free
      • Set of 4 Clips with Instructions




Personal Safety Products - Pepper Spray/Runner Wrist Alarm

Safety Products

Compact, user-friend pepper sprays and personal alarms give you peace of mind without slowing you down.

      • Compact size: 0.75 oz (23.7 mL)
      • Police strength & #1 brand trusted by police worldwide 
      • Greater protection at a safe distance - 35 bursts at up to 10 feet (3M) away
      • 130 DB alarm can be heard up to 1,000’ (300M) away
      • User-friendly – simply pull ring to activate alarm



Buddy Light 

Buddy Brite

The Buddy LED Safety Light is great for runners and walkers. Simple to attach and detach, without any damage to shoes. A convenient and sporty solution to stay illuminated!

      • Secure, lightweight Ultra-Bright LED Shoe Clip
      • Fits a Range of Shoe Sizes from Children to Adults
      • Tension Mounted Design
      • 2 Highly Visible Modes
      • Long Lasting - Up to 100 hours of use



SportBuds “Single Ear” & "Double" Earbuds 

Single Ear Sportbud

Listen to your tunes and the road with our left/right and size adjustable single & double earbuds.


      • Never miss a beat and still hear every car.
      • Built in mic works with all iPhones as well as all other smartphones
      • Excellent clarity and great Bass response 
      • Secure & comfortable fit 




HB Hand Band


The HB Hand Band is designed for all versions of the iPhone and all other smart phones. Simply slide your device into the pouch, strap it on your hand and you will have complete control of the touchscreen in the palm of your hand! 

      • Designed to Fit all Versions of the iPhone & Other Smart Phones
      • Provides Complete Control of Your Touchscreen in the Palm of Your Hand
      • Includes an Innovative Strap that Converts the Hand Band to an Armband for Use at the Gym
      • Made of Water & Sweat-Resistant Materials



Buddy Blockers 

Buddy Blockers

Buddy Blockers help keep your personal information safe and offers the security of RFID-shielding to protect your cards from being scanned by identity thieves.

      • Designed to fit all standard credit, debit and ID cards
      • Shields RFID signals from electronic pickpocketing
      • Protects any card embedded with a chip that transmits to a reader wirelessly
      • Includes a set of 3 individual RFID blocking sleeves