QVC Mini Plus (Set of 2)

QVC, Black Friday Preview - 11:00AM EST, Nov 4th. Introducing the all NEW 2022
"Mini Plus Magnetic Pocket"

Wed, Nov 4th @11am EST. Black Friday Preview SALE!  Lori Grenier (QVC & Shark Tank) first introduced the Buddy Pouch to QVC and due to customer demand they are back!  This time with the newest version of our VERTICAL Mini Plus Magnetic pouch! Looking for a hands-free alternative to the fanny pack/purse when you walk, go on vacation or trip to the store?  The solution when pants or shorts have limited or no pocket space. LIMITED QUANTITIES - WILL SELL OUT

*This version has an extra ID/Credit Card pocket and is EXCLUSIVE to QVC.   These will not be available after this show until after the holidays. 

  • #1 Travel/Walking Pouch: Alternative to the Purse and Fanny Pack 
  • New inner pocket for CC or ID & an exclusive color for QVC
  • Magnetically Connects to any Waistband for a Secure Hold
  • Holds all Xtra Large Cell Phones 
  • Set of 2

This magnetic pouch will hold all phones 6.5"L x 4"W or longer if needed due to the length of the flap which can be adjusted or tucked inside.

"Some pants have no or inadequate pockets. Previously I have avoided buying them or wearing those I already owned. Running Buddy has solved that problem. Now every pair of pants has a pocket that will hold my phone securely" - Customer Lucinda M.

The Buddy Pouch was named one of the "Six Top New Travel Gadgets to Make Your Traveling Easier" by CNBC, winner of the "Product Innovation" award at the International Travel Show, featured in Travel + Leisure Magazine and highlighted on Hallmark's Home & Family Show! 


Customer Jodi H's Review

"Purchased for my husband and he loves it!!"

Customer RK's Review

"I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my iPod constantly during every waking hour, 24/7/365, as well as to drift off to sleep and upon waking in the night. Not every pc of clothing has a pocket, so the Running Buddy solves the problem of keeping it on me. It clips over the waistband of pants as easily as PJs." 

Customer Barb M's Review

"I never knew what to do with my phone and keys when walking the dog. Problem solved! I love this!" 

Customer Lisa F's Review

"This was a very wise purchase. If I’m out in the yard or on a walk I can carry my phone, a little cash and my ID in it and be all set. Perfect for the flea market when I don’t want to carry my purse!"

Customer Adriana K's Review

"The “Running Buddy” is for when one needs a pocket. I don’t run but there are plenty of times when I need my phone with me and I have no pockets. The ubiquitous leggings worn with a tunic leave one with no other option other than to hold the phone. This is impractical and damned inconvenient for many reasons. The “Running Buddy” is the solution to this albeit trivial problem." 

Customer Pat C's Review

"This is my 3rd Running Buddy Pouch. I upgrade every time I get a new size phone. However, my latest purchase was so that I could have the pouch vertically attached to my jeans instead of horizontally and I am very pleased!!"

Customer Nancy R's Review

"This was perfect for carrying my cell phone when my outfit lacks pockets..I loved it so much I ordered a 2nd one for my daughter." 

Customer Yolanda T's Review

"I bought my Running Buddy for around the house. I leave my phone in different places and don't remember where. With this I have it with me all the time when at home. It's important because my mom is 89 and I don't want to miss a call from her. Thank you." 

Customer Teresa O's Review

"I was a little skeptical about this product but I ran with it today and it was great. I never knew I had it on. I think it will be great to use when traveling. I would definitely recommend this product."  

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Customer Sandy L's Review

"I bought four for the ladies, young and old in my family. Love mine to hold my phone and keys when I am out gardening, running errands or just generally out and about. Daughter loves hers when she is walking because everything she needs is handy and safe. Great product!"


Customer Shelby S's Review

"I love both of the Running Buddies I have purchased. One I use around the house and the other I use when shopping so I only have to take a credit card and my phone with me." 

Customer Peggy O's Review

"I love my running buddy and my physical therapist liked it so much that I bought one for her. Thank you Running Buddy for making something that actually works."

Customer Judith S's Review

"Love the mini pouches much that I ordered 2 more for gifts. They also loved them and started using them immediately." 

Customer Kathryn W's Review

"Brilliant product that has made my work day so much easier now I can keep all of my valuables with me when I have no pockets!"

Customer Lena's Review

"I have been using my Buddy Pouch Mini Plus for the last 2 weeks, and its great!! I have room for my phone keys and money or credit card. Most of my walking clothes do not have pockets so this makes my life a lot easier!!" 

Customer Brandy K's Review

"Bought 1 and am planning on buying more. Love it! Holds my insulin pump just right."

Customer Nancy M's Review

"I love it and am so glad I gave it a try! Most of my pants do not have pockets and this allows hands free carrying of my phone and driver’s license! Very comfortable and easy to wear! 5 Stars…out of 5!"