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Will this new and improved version fit a larger smartphone like an iPhone 6+,7+, 8+ or X? Yes, the NEW & Improved "On the Go Pouch Plus with RFID" is larger than the original and will fit the larger smartphones such as the iPhone 8+. The built-in premium RFID blocking shields RFID signals from electronic pickpockets.

Will the magnets affect my smartphone or credit cards? No. Almost all modern electronics such as cell phones, iPods, flash drives and similar devices do not contain magnetic storage media which can be affected by magnets. We have tested the "Go Pouch" for 3 years (26,000 hours of use) with all types of credits cards and we have had no instances of demagnetization. Is it possible that cards can become demagnetized? Sure it is. However, they can become demagnetized due to friction, heat, age and many other factors.

 How Does the On The Go Pouch Work?  It is as simple as placing the inner flap into your waistband, connecting the magnets and away you go!  Hands free and easy to conceal! A best seller on QVC - over 700,000 sold!

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4/6/18 Customer Lori Stephenson's Review

"I purchased 6 of these for Christmas gifts this year. Whether for running, shopping, traveling, or just walking the dogs, they are the perfect way to safely and conveniently carry your phone and keys without the hassle of a bag or worrying about things falling out of your pockets."

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4/5/18 Customer Rhonda G's Review

"I love using my pouch. It gives me the free use of my hands without worrying about my losing my money, key or items of importance to me. Best thing is nobody knows I have the pouch most of the time."

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3/27/18 Customer Anne L's Review

"I really like my pouch in pink. This is one of those great ideas that I wish I'd thought of. It's so handy for walks, bike rides, shopping and travel. Getting more for Christmas gifts"

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3/26/18 Customer Eileen D's Review

“I love the running buddy. I use it for walking and shopping. So much better than anything I have owned. Our son saw it and said he would like one for the gym. Ordered one for his birthday. Being hands free is great! Holds credit cards, cell phone and tissues. I am getting one to use just for shopping!”

3/14/18 Customer Roseann D's Review

"I love it! Received as a gift and got rid of my wallet."  

On the Go Pouch

3/10/18 Customer Manon K's Review

"I gave 2 as gifts and they loved them. I kept one for myself which I will use on my trips and I have another for a gift to a relative in Mexico when I will go visit. I'm sure she will love it too because she exercises and run and she will have a great use for it."

2/27/18 Customer Debbie G's Review

"I purchased my pouch to take on an upcoming trip but in the meantime I tried it out going to the store and it is great for quick trips when you don't want to lug a purse around. I'm excited to use it next time I go on my morning walks so I can listen to music on my phone and have my hands free. Will definitely tell my friends about these. Good product!"

2/23/18 Customer June H's Review

"I really like the fact that I am hands free, toting a purse is a chore for me. I have left my purse in the shopping cart twice after unloading my groceries. Panic, when going back to the store to see if someone turned it in to customer service. I leave my purse in the car now and just take what I need and put it in my Go Pouch tucked into the waist of my pants. No more stress or panic."

2/17/18 Customer Brenda M's Review

"Perfect for my smartphone and likes others before stays in place. Makes a great gift for all your active friends. My 2017 Christmas gift to friends and family!"

1/26/18 Customer Michelle C's Review

"I found this pouch via Pinterest and I am SO glad I did. Walking is hard enough for me wrangling a dog, much less holding my phone, tying my keys to his leash and bringing water along for both of us. You slip it on your waistband and never worry about it again. My credit cards have not been de-magnetized by the magnets in the Go Pouch (which I was a little bit concerned about). It fits my iPhone 6 with the slim card holder attached to the back and my keys with room to spare. I would definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence!"

12/22/17 Customer Lorah P's Review

"This is a great product even if you aren't a runner or traveler. I live alone and want to have my mobile with me at all times. This solves the problem because it is convenient and unobtrusive. Sometimes I forget that I have it on because of the security."

11/24/17 Customer Judy T's Review

"I have had my pouch for over a year now. I know longer use a purse. no matter how small or light I kept my purse I always was in pain on my shoulder and back. This pain was due to a car accident and I hated carrying a purse because all I could think about was the pain. Now I am pain free from the purse."

11/21/17 Customer Yvonne F's Review

"I use it all the time especially when grocery shopping. No purse to get in the way. I also use it if I am going out for a casual dinner. No purse to hang on the back of a chair. Two of my friends ordered them and they love them also."

On the Go Pouch

10/12/17 Customer Virginia B's Review

"I love my Go Pouch because I can just take my necessary items when I shop. No more dragging a heavy handbag and needing to worry someone will take it from me. Thank you!"

On the Go Pouch

10/5/17 Customer Janet B's Review

"My mom was just in a rehabilitation center for 3 weeks getting physical therapy and was able to use the On the Go Pouch I got her because she was walking with a walker. Her therapist loved it! I will be getting more!!!"

10/1/17 Customer Michell M's Review

"I have such issues with carrying a purse no matter the size and this is great! Much safer than pockets! Great for shopping and looking forward to using it on our vacation."

9/16/17 Customer Sue R's Review

"This is my 2nd Go Pouch I have purchased! I walk all the time and it has a nice snug fit and I'm able to keep my info and phone with me when I go to the parks and other places where I don't want to carry a purse. Recommend it highly. Very pleased."


9/13/17 Customer Jan O's Review

"I have 2 and love them - 1st one and then the larger size came out! Work so great and are easily hidden under a top for traveling and shopping."

On the Go Pouch

9/11/17 Customer Fran P's Review

"This is great! I love the security. I tested it. It will not, does not, come off. Feel much safer now shopping & great quality! Love this, Lori!!"

9/9/17 Customer Dawn S's Review

"Absolutely love it! We travel a lot and this is great for traveling. I forget I even have it on its so comfortable. It's the best thing I've bought in a long time."


9/7/17 Customer Gail W's Review

“I bought this from QVC and like it. Has enough room for my phone, keys and probably a little more stuff. The magnets are strong. I put it on my waistband when I walk and have no problems.”


9/7/17 Customer Shelia D's Review

"Free of a heavy purse hanging on my shoulders! Free of the fear of someone snatching my purse! Free to just go quickly! Just grab my phone , put it in my running buddy and off I go! Feels secure and comfortable on my waistband! No worries - I'm free! Great purchase!"

8/27/17 Customer Mary R's Review

"Works well holding my phone, keys etc for my walks. I plan to use it for an upcoming trip when I want my ID and credit cards but won't need all the "stuff" I keep in my purse."

8/25/17 Customer Alicia M's Review

"Love my Running buddy, went to California to see my sisters and we went to a Casino. Without my purse just my Running buddy. It was great! Now I have to get some more for other sisters LOL."

On the Go Pouch

8/4/17 Customer Julia F's Review

"I love this product! I have 3 of them, (had to upgrade to the biggest one, I bought a new phone) I wear it on my 3 mile walk. No more silly fanny pack.

7/3/17 Customer Sandy L's Review

"I bought four for the ladies, young and old in my family. Love mine to hold my phone and keys when I am out gardening, running errands or just generally out and about. Daughter loves hers when she is walking because everything she needs is handy and safe. Great product!"

Woman gardening with On the Go Pouch

6/2/17 Customer Jo T's Review

"I use mine every day running errands. Perfect for shopping as it leaves my hand free to fill my basket with groceries without worrying about someone grabbing my bag while my back is turned away."

6/1/17 Customer Cynthia H’s Review

“This product is AMAZING! I was so frustrated carrying my work phone around or clipping it to my pants only to have it fall off. I purchased a pouch for my work phone and it STAYS on my pants. My 2nd one I bought so I could walk around town without a purse. I keep my keys, credit card, cash and phone securely on my pants. I can walk confidently knowing whether the pouch is being worn in the front or back without fear of someone grabbing my purse. My 3rd one is kept in my travel kit so I don't ever forget to bring it with me. Again, I can shop with confidence that the pouch will be secure.”

5/26/17 Customer Tanya S's Review

"Love, Love, Love my Go Pouch!! Not only do I wear it on my waist (way intended), I fit it over the outside pocket of my favorite bag and use it securely for fast location of credit cards, id, and keys. Definitely giving as gifts this year!!"

5/24/17 Customer Patti L's Review

"I wanted to test out the running buddy before I wrote a review and this pouch is fantastic! My husband and I are frequent cruisers and I can see how helpful this is going to be."

5/22/17 Customer Buffy S's Review

"When I go on vacation I usually carry a small purse with the strap diagonally across my torso but after an hour or so the strap starts to irritate my neck. This pouch is very comfortable to wear and the magnets are very strong and secure. I never felt as if it was going to come loose. The pouch held my phone, credit card, ID and lip balm...everything I need to walk around a theme park for the day!"

5/20/17 Customer Marie K's Review

"I received my large Pouch before I went to Las Vegas. IT IS GREAT and I now use it EVERYDAY! Its big enough to hold my phone, credit cards, $$$, lipstick, keys (without all the dodads I have on my key ring) and a pack of smokes/lighter. I would highly recommend this to all my friends."

5/17/17 Customer Stephanie B's Review

"I needed the Large On the Go Pouch for my iPhone 6s. No fear of losing it or having things stolen--that pouch fits securely & the Velcro holds cash/cards inside so I'm not always checking to see that they're still there! Love it & will use it a lot for grocery shopping, Farmer's Market, & our upcoming vacation."

shopping with on the go pouch

5/16/17 Customer Betty M's Review

"It's perfect for your cell phone, keys, and some cash. Great for those quick run-in/run-out trips around town. Stays won't lose it."

5/15/17 Customer Stacy W's Review

"I have been looking for the right solution for carrying my phone, keys, and ID while out walking, sight seeing, volunteering at the zoo. I finally found it! The pouch fits what I need and sits balanced and effortless at my waist. The low profile of it allows it to stay hidden from view under my shirt. Very happy with this purchase."

5/14/17 Customer Howard W's Review

"Bought this for a cruise. It is awesome. You do not know you are even wearing it."

5/10/17 Customer Edie M's Review

"Just what I needed to hold my phone and other things while I walk or for traveling. Love it!"

5/9/17 Customer Jo T's Review

"I love it , done away with carrying a hand bag . Mine is so heavy, my doctor told me to quit carrying it. Has messed up my shoulder and neck."

5/7/17 Customer Mary W's Review

"Excellent purchase. Appreciated by family that received them as gifts."

5/6/17 Customer Donna B's Review

"Love mine. We live in a lovely community and have lots of functions such as potlucks, meetings, golf cart rides, dog walking, etc. This is perfect for all of them. Several of my neighbors have them too."


4/5/17 Customer Sue M's Review

"Love going to the grocery store now (or anywhere for that matter) - HANDS FREE!!!"

4/5/17 Customer Donna T's Review

"Ok...I could be a spokesman for this....I work at a Costco...I watch people all day, every day, walk away from their carts to look at something while their purse is in the cart, or just look away for a CAN"'s all it could happen anywhere I just happen to see it where I work...also I am a walker...good for my house keys, cell, put your Ipod in it while wearing your ear buds so you don't have to hold it...this is a great idea !!!!"

Shopping with On the Go Pouch

4/3/17Customer Emma L's Review

"This pouch is the best thing ever invented for women to use, when shopping or traveling. I used it while grocery shopping and it was fantastic. No purse to worry with while looking at groceries, and when carrying them into the house. Can't wait to use it on my upcoming cruise, and going to the casinos. Just wish I had this when I was working."

Shopping with on the go pouch

4/2/17 Customer Connie P's Review

"Very light, almost didn't know I had it on. It will be a great help on the next cruise, and hiking this summer."


Customer Barbara R's Review

"Love it, lightweight and holds everything I need to have with me. Can't wait to get more to give as gifts."

Customer Gwen C's Review

"Love it! I now have 2 different sizes. And I love them all. It's 100% better than a fanny pack, because it is undetectable from behind by thieves."

Customer Jenell A's Review

"This weekend when we made a casino overnight trip, we were so excited to try it out. I was delighted at how easily it attached to the waist of our jeans and especially how lightweight it was. I had to keep touching it to make sure it was still there! I was able to fit my cash, phone, credit cards and license in the pouch with no problem. I am looking forward to using it on our next cruise and also our next trip to Las Vegas."

Customer Laura L's Review

"I will be traveling internationally this summer and am really looking forward to shopping without having to lug along a purse. This is worn close to the body, isn't bulky, is easily covered with the bottom of an un-tucked shirt, and would be very difficult to pickpocket."

Customer Marilyn H's Review

"Bought this for husband and myself to use when we go to the casinos. Enough room for phone, ID and even other extras! I will especially like it because I won't have to have a purse hanging around my neck!"

Customer Pamela W's Review

"Wore my Running Buddy on a cruise to Mexico. So easy to conceal so there was no worry about pick pocket or purse snatching. No sore neck or shoulder from a purse hanging off my shoulder. Passport, ship ID and other photo ID fit well into the front compartment. I protected my cash by putting it in the back compartment so the extra Velcro catch was an extra level of security. An absolute delight to use."

Customer Susan W's Review

"I thought it would only work with running clothes, but it works on jeans, also. Works shopping/traveling-you can take credit card & driver license, etc. Have both hands available to look at items, clothing, etc."

On the Go Pouch

Customer Ballet B's Review

"Yahoo! A bigger pouch! I have several smaller ones which I use all the time. I bought the I phone 6 plus and it was just too tight. I am thrilled Lori that you brought this in a larger size. Let me say I have carried my phone in this pouch for years, and have had no issues."

Customer Bonnie R's Review

"Just got my belt free pouch...the largest one!!! It's so perfect. I'm an elementary teacher and I put it on my waistband of my pants or skirt or even my belt on my dress and I can carry my phone around with me...When we have practice fire drills or lock downs I never have to race to find my phone to take with me...It's always on my side! I especially like taking it to the grocery store! I don't have to worry about someone taking my purse from my cart because my phone and credit card are right on my side! This is such an incredible invention! I plan on taking it on my trip to see my sons. No carrying a super heavy purse! I've got all I need in one pouch! I got a new phone for ...It's much larger than my last one and it fits this large pouch perfectly! I'm one happy camper!!!! Thanks, Lori! Love it!"

On the Go Pouch

Customer Connie G's Review

"Love this even when I am just out and about! Don't need to wait for a vacation, use it everyday."

Woman shopping with on the go pouch

Customer Rose K's Review

"I like to cruise-this is the perfect way to take along your passport, credit cards, and iphone from port to port. I am short waisted with fullness in this area. Fanny packs add bulk and our uncomfortable. I saw a thief in Venice come up, cut the fanny pack strap and was off with it in a wink. That will not happen with this. It is compact, no strap, no bulk, and comfortable. A longer shirt will cover it up. Best new product that I have seen in a long time."

Customer Gail W's Review

"Well-made, handy, everything as advertised. Will add to my travel ease."

Customer Maria L's Review

"I love my XL Go Pouch! My Iphone 6 plus fits perfect and so does my passport. This will be great to use when you don't want to take everything and don't really want to have to have a handbag to carry. I was surprised the magnets really hold up tight so you don't have to worry about losing the pouch."

Woman shopping with On the Go Pouch

Customer Anita A's Review

"Very happy with my Go Pouch. Got two for me and my friend. We like them for shopping and Casino hopping."


Customer Barb A's Review

"So handy when you can't carry a purse like at amusement park and casino or cruise. Perfect!!!!"

On the Go Pouch at the Casino

Customer Susan B's Review

"Used mine on my cruise in December. Loved it. Especially on our excursions. Gave one to my Sister while on the cruise & she just loved hers. Forgot we were wearing it. Also gave one to my daughter for Christmas because she is a runner. She couldn't even feel it while running. Great product!

On the Go Pouch on Cruise

Customer Cindy P's Review

"I love it! In addition to using on my walks, I use when I grocery shop. No more worrying about my purse being unattended!"

Woman with On the Go Pouch

Customer Norbett W's Review

"I live in Florida and this is a great way to go to all our theme parks and not worry about my bulky wallet!"

Customer Kelly C's Review

"Love this! This is the perfect solution when you need a pocket but need it to be secure while being active. There's room for my phone, money, id and a little more so I don't need to take a purse."

Customer Lynne Schonover's Review

"I recently spent 4 days in Las Vegas and just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have the On the go pouch. I didn't take a purse with me, just the pouch. I wore it all day, every day that I was there. I didn't have to worry about going in the casinos with my money and credit cards right next to me. It is so comfortable that I couldn't even feel it. I got several compliments on it, about how flat and discreet it is. I power walk 5-7 miles, and counting, 3-4 days a week and wear my pouch every time. It holds my phone, tissues and Chapstick with room for more. The best invention since sliced bread! Lol. Thank you for such a great product."

On the Go Pouch

Customer Christine Therrien's Review

"I wore mine to a concert at the casino last night. Nothing to carry, nothing to lose!! And the security people thought it was great! One even asked me where I got it. Thanks for making my night easy and hands free."

On the Go Pouch

Customer Eileen Daniels' Review

"Just returned from England and never carried a purse. This items is one of the most used items I own."

On the Go Pouch

Customer Catherine D's Review

"I LOVE my Go Pouch!! Held passport, cell phone, cash, credit card, and room key! Never had to worry about leaving a purse behind. Have also taken it to the casino and will be taking on our cruise in January!! LOVE IT! Will order more for gifts!"

On the GO Pouch

Customer Rochelle Benson's Review

"During the holidays this is great you never see a purse one me at all. Shopping etc. Only small "problem" is I sometimes forget I have it on.. Lol. But it's one of the best purchases I have made this year."

On the Go Pouch

Customer Elaine L's Review

"My daughter loves it. Best gift I ever bought. She got her Christmas early and she loves how easy it was to get her passport without digging into her bag. Thank You!!"

On the Go Pouch

Customer Frances N's Review

"I gave the pouches to my newlywed granddaughter and her husband to go on their honeymoon cruise. They are in the Bahamas now and they contacted me to say that they are so glad that they have them. They can enjoy all of their activities "hands free". They love the feeling of knowing that their important items are safe and handy. They are very grateful that I had the foresight to give them this gift. It made me feel good that I could make them so happy! Thank you!"

On the Go Pouch

Customer Gisela Meyn's Review

"You forget you are wearing it, it is so comfortable."

Woman on Beach with Buddy Pouch

Customer Kathleen P's Review

"I love this On the Go Pouch. I use it for my cell phone and it is soooooo much more comfortable to wear than all the phone cases I have had before. I like it so much that I bought another as a gift. Now I am thinking about Christmas coming up and it just may be several more family members that find this in their stocking. It is great to carry credit cards with the phone too. Tada - no purse!"

woman with Buddy Pouch shopping

11/24/16 Customer Nancy D's Review

"Seniors! Help is here! Hands free and would be pocketbook items out of sight! Items secure and attached to give you peace of mind. That is what the On the Go Pouch can do for you."

Buddy Pouch

Customer Nancy Downey

"I have to use a cane. The pouch is a lifesaver. My other hand is free with the pouch and it is much easier when shopping. I was also knocked down in a shopping center as the two grabbed my purse off of my shoulder. Need I say more?"

woman shopping with on the go pouch

Customer Sandy Mohr

"Mine arrived yesterday. Black with gold trim. Love love. Will be so nice with my leggings that have NO POCKETS."

buddy pouch and leggings

Customer Gloria Lee

"Got two of these from QVC. One for me and one for my daughter. I love it. We went to the beach the same week I got mine and I used it every time I went out instead of carrying a heavy handbag. Can't say enough about it. Every woman needs one."

Woman on beach with On the Go Pouch

Customer Joy LeFevre

"It's so true, it's the hottest gift. I use it everyday. No one knows I have my phone or keys because it's worn on my waist under my shirts. I feel so safe."

Customer Diane Domogala

"Bought this for my sister & I and it is everything they say it is and more...great purchase."


Customer Susan B's Review

"5 Stars! This is a great product, stays put. I wanted it to keep my cellphone with me at work and it is perfect for this. Also great when you do not want to take a purse when shopping!"

Nurse using buddy pouch

Customer Grace C's Review

"Fantastic! I absolutely HATE carrying purses. This was a perfect solution to my need for carrying my phone and keys. No slippage at all. Very happy with it."

Woman Shopping with Buddy Pouch

Customer Linda G's Review

"I have one it is wonderful!!!! I wear it when I go to physical therapy 3 times a week!!! I put my cell phone in it, along with my license, bank card, and insurance card. It is so light, you don't even know you are wearing it!!!!!!!!"

Customer Phyllis W's Review

"Love it! Used my pouch yesterday on a shopping trip with the girls and it was great not having to carry my big pocket book."

Women shopping with Buddy Pouch

Customer Annette W's Review

"Great product!

As always, I read most of the reviews before making a decision to purchase. I agree with my fellow reviewers. The On the Go Pouch is a great product. I purchased it to take on my visit to Disney World this December. (Where I'll be getting married and honeymooning! Yay me!) I've already been using it. Quick trips to the store or grocery shopping. I love not having to carry my purse everywhere. Plus it's safer."

Woman at the store with buddy pouch


Customer Kathryn Anderson's Review

"Brilliant product! My iPhone 6 with case fits in it along with key. I'm using it for jogging, walks, hikes, camping, traveling, and trips into stores and restaurants when I want to be hands-free. Ingenious idea that works!"


Customer Georgia Longdon's Review

"I'm using mine right now as we tour Italy. No worries about pick-pockets. I have my passport, money and phone safely hidden yet close at hand. Thanks Lori!"


Customer Codie Stein Witmer's Review

"I have one... And as a travel agent, I'm in the parks and walking /touring often.... I use mine ALL the time..., possibly more often than my actual wallet... LOVE LOVE LOVE! We're a family of 6 and I'm finally able to NOT need a huge back pack everywhere we go! This carries all my essentials and a lil extra."

Customer Vickie Shields's Review

"I got two to use on our cruise and couldn't wait for the cruise! Now when I go to the grocery I leave my purse home and take my debit card, license and phone in my On The Go Pouch and can shop knowing I don't have to worry about my purse being snatched out of my basket. And I also have peace of mind when I'm loading my car. I no longer feel like I have to watch over my shoulder in parking lots since I'm not a "target" with a purse on my shoulder. Two friends said they were ordering when they tried mine out. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!"


Customer Lisa Brown's Review

"Went to a Big 10 College game yesterday and they have a "No Bag" policy! They only allow clear zip lock bags for medicinal purposes. No purses, backpacks etc. With my pouch, it was smooth sailing and again, amazing to skip the bag line! Yay for this product. I think I know what I am buying people for Christmas!"

Customer Jean H's Review

"Love the way it fits, although I bought for an upcoming trip, I put all my must haves inside and still lies flat. So pleased with it!"

Customer Deb Yarger's Review

"I've had mine for almost a year now and I use mine all the time. Not just for running, but also walking, biking, hiking, or when I want my phone on me but don't want to deal with a purse. I just take my ID, debit card, chap stick and im all set. Stays where I put it everytime!!


Customer Donna E's Review

"Awesome! I got these to use when we go on cruises. I don't like traveling with a purse type bag because they can get in the way. This is great because you can keep your passport and sail cards safe as well as your cash."

Customer Joyce Ridilla's Review

"I love mine.....used it for the first time at a casino, it is soooo nice to not lug a purse around........debit card, drivers license, phone ....all covered!"

Customer Kristie S’ Review

"BEST VACATION POUCH EVER. I am not a runner and I will never be, but I love this pouch. I took it with to Disney and I plan on taking it on my cruise next month. I can discreetly carry all of my essentials without lugging around my purse or looking like my grandmother with a Fanny pack. I highly recommend the running buddy and will continue to use mine every time I go on vacation or just want to leave the house without my purse!"