Love From Our Running Buddies

Thought I'd share ... My son's Mini Buddy Pouch came yesterday, we bought it for his Allerject injector. He wore it to school today and LOVED it. He's so happy to not have to wear the belt he had been wearing up to this point. He said "It's perfect mommy. I even forgot it was there." The only thing I regret is not having bought 2 ... LoL. Thanks Running Buddy you made this 6 year old very happy !!

Angele Jourdain-Gulliver

I already own the full size running buddy but I just purchased the mini. It's the perfect size for when I just want to run with my car key and my IPod Nano. Doesn't budge at all and I hardly notice it's there. Highly recommend it!

Susan Ward

All three of my children have life threatening food allergies and require an epi pen with them at all times. I have tried different things, and my kids were not too happy. These running buddies are perfect. My 8 year old can still run and play without feeling the auvi-q bouncing around. My daughter says she forgets its even there. I am so grateful that I discovered the running buddy. It has made life easier for my kids.

Nicole W.

So easy to wear with no movement. I was tired of the armbands and the belts…just hated how they always moved around when I was running. Loved the Running Buddy the first time I ran with it.

Suzi T.

The best investment so far, no belts no bulk, no bounce. I love it!

Cynthia S.
Fit and Fabulous

This handy pouch made it through my 10 mile run without a slip or a rub. I love it. Bought one for two other runners in my life.


I wore the running buddy pouch in the Detroit Marathon. It was perfect! It held my phone, passport, some money, and a few advil. The pouch stayed in place without bouncing. The magnets held very nicely. I will never run another marathon without it. Great product!

Danielle Tursi
Teacher/Runner/Beach Bum

This little pouch is constructed very well. The magnets are very strong and sturdy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality solution to carrying today's smartphones.

Alexander Sogliero
Former Golden Gloves boxer/Competitive Runner

I love being able to leave my house and just run wherever the road takes me. I can toss the essentials like house keys, chap stick, phone, id, and a couple dollars in my Running Buddy and run hands free. Never running without it again. Thanks!!

Soraya McKay
VP, Little Dog

I Love my running buddy and am always telling everyone about it. Your have a great product...funny when Im out of my walks I always want to stop other walkers and runners to tell them about this product.

Kathleen McCarthy
Grandma Marathoner

I started using the RunKeeper App but didn't have a good way to carry my phone on runs. Quality material. Plenty of room for phone, keys, energy gel. Definitely recommend to runners or walkers.

Cathy Caldwell
Independant Consultant

I use the Running Buddy as an easy way to keep my phone, credit cards, and cash handy while I'm on vacation! It has space enough for everything I need to bring with me, and it's comfortable and secure enough that I don't need to worry about it.

Gerry Valentine
Graphic Designer

I started using the RunKeeper App but didn't have a good way to carry my phone on runs. Quality material. Plenty of room for phone, keys, energy gel. Definitely recommend to runners or walkers.

Julie H.
EVP, Global Sales

I thought it may end up being uncomfortable or bounce around, but I didn't even notice it was there! I would definitely recommend!

Becky Fox
Fitness Expert & Fitness Model

I absolutely LOVE the Running Buddy! I’ve been looking for a way to carry my phone/key/Gu for several years and this is the best method yet. The pouch doesn’t chafe, which is something that I really struggled with when using belts. It also doesn’t bounce.I ran with the Dallas Running Club on Saturday’s training run, and it stayed put the entire 22 miles. It will definitely be making an appearance at the Dallas Marathon!

Courtney R.
Product Manager