Travel Agent Registration


Thank you for your agency's interest in Running Buddy travel accessories. We hold your business in high regard and as such, we carefully screen and approve Agent Account requests. This allows us to grow and create a travel agent program that creates the best opportunity to succeed for both our business and yours.

Please consider the following terms of our Agent Accounts, and if you are in agreement, complete and sign the application below. Once we determine that our interests are mutually beneficial, we’ll send you our price list and other applicable information.  


Your submission of this Agent Application indicates that you agree to the terms of the following Agent Agreement:


No products or goods purchased from or produced by Running Buddy shall be resold by or through any online auction or online store (such as Ebay, Amazon or other similar sites) without the express, written authority of Running Buddy. If Agent Account is planning to sell products produced by Running Buddy in an online marketplace/store, it must be owned by the entity applying for an Agent Account and listed on the Agent Application to be approved by Running Buddy.


No products or goods purchased from Running Buddy are to be sold below MAP pricing without prior written authorization.  Any questions regarding MAP pricing can be sent to


Running Buddy will make available images that you might require for your print and online presence. Should you require any additional images, please contact us. Any imagery you provide yourself must be approved prior to use (please allow adequate lead-time for approval; one week is recommended).

Running Buddy reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement as necessary.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 


  • I agree that I will not file a chargeback with my issuing bank and understand in doing so I give Running Buddy the right to take legal action to enforce these conditions.
  • In the event Running Buddy must seek legal action to enforce these conditions or collect a debt, defendant shall bear legal fees.
  • I agree that I will not allege to consumers that I manufactured these products myself, nor appointees of myself.

I have reviewed and understand Running Buddy policies and procedures as well as all terms and conditions. I authorize Running Buddy to keep this agreement on file and apply these policies to all future transactions made between Running Buddy and myself.

Please acknowledge your agreement to follow these conditions for all purchases that your company may make, by completing the form below: