NEW! SUPER SAVER BUNDLE! Buddy "Bib" Clips (8) and Buddy Pouch

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Buddy "Bib" Clips - No Pins or Holes...Simply Snap & Lock

  • #1 Pinless Number Fastener - Keeps Bib Safe & Secure
  • No More Safety Pin Failure - Rub & Chafe Free
  • Set of 8 Clips with Instructions

Questions?  How Do Buddy "Bib" Clips Work?

Buddy Pouch™ (4 Sizes Available)

  • Lightweight: No Belt, No Armband, No Chafing
  • New Side-Zipper Headphone Port
  • Revolutionary Magnetic Technology for a Secure & Bounce-Free Hold
  • Water-Resistant Inner Pocket Protects Your Valuable Items from Sweat & Rain
  • Holds Essentials: Phone, Park Tickets, Passport, Keys, Cash, ID, Credit Cards, Gels, & Inhalers

$1 SHIPPING - (Ships 1-2 Business Days). PICK POUCH SIZE & COLOR BELOW

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