SUPER SAVER BUNDLE! XL Buddy Pouch and HB Hand Band

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XL Buddy Pouch & HB Hand Band 

XL Buddy Pouch™

  • Lightweight: No Belt, No Armband, No Chafing
  • Revolutionary Magnetic Technology for a Secure & Bounce-Free Hold
  • Water-Resistant Inner Pocket Keeps Phones & Other Gear Sweat-Free & Dry 
  • Holds All Your Essentials: Phone (Holds iPhone 6+ & Similar Sized Phones), Passport, Park Tickets, Keys, Cash, ID, Credit Cards, Gels, Inhalers, Allerjects, and Auvi-Qs 

This bundle includes a XL Black Buddy Pouch.

 HB Hand Band

  • Designed to Fit all Versions of the iPhone & Other Smart Phones
  • Provides Complete Control of Your Touchscreen in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Includes an Innovative Strap that Converts the Hand Band to an Armband for Use at the Gym
  • Made of Water & Sweat-Resistant Materials

Available in a left hand option and a right hand option you will need to choose your hand orientation the same way you wear a baseball mitt - if you are a righty, most people choose a left handed version and vice versa.

  • Hand Band Small (2.8" x 5.4"): Fits iPhone 3,4,5 & Similar Sized Smartphones
  • Hand Band Large (3.1" x 5.9"): Fits iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Similar Sized Smartphones
  • Hand Band Plus (3.6" x 6.5"): Fits iPhone 6+, Galaxy Note 4 & Similar Sized Smartphones

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