SUPER SAVER BUNDLE! XL Buddy Pouch and Buddy Pouch Mini Plus

Size Guide
  • Super Saver Bundle - The XL Buddy Pouch™ &Buddy Pouch Mini Plus -The lightweight XL Buddy Pouch™ with revolutionary magnetic technology and new middle magnet is a beltless,chafe and bounce-free pouch with awater-resistant inner pocket. Made withdri-fit andwater-resistant fabrics, the Buddy Pouch keeps your essentials sweat-free and dry.Dimensions:X-Large 6 3/4"L x 4"W

  • Buddy Pouch Mini Plus is a convenient, "belt-free" and light-weight vertical pocket pouch that connects to any waistband with strong magnets providing a secure, bounce free hold. Dimensions: 6.5" x 4"

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Customer Reviews

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Al Robison
Super saver bundle

My wife and I love them. My wife uses one of them daily on her 6 mile walk. We both use them on a 5k walk and run for our war veterans. They worked great. We would recommend them to everyone. Great products.

elizabeth fraccaro
Love, love, love this.

I use my Running Buddy almost every day, even though I am NOT a runner. Bought it years ago in a set from QVC, When I water my yard and garden, pull weeds, wash my car, go for a walk, ride my bike I am always wearing my pouch and Pandora is playing. It's great because most of my shorts, capris, yoga pants, skorts, don't have pockets, or if they do, they aren't big enough to safely hold my phone during activities. I have never lost my phone, even while biking. The magnets are so strong that it holds everything safely. I have hand washed it too, and it always comes out great. I like the horizontal orientation, and I wear it on the back of my clothing so it's never in the way. Wouldn't want to be without this great product.

CO Traveler
Works great!

I've been searching for something to hold my phone but keep it handy while hiking so I can easily take photos of mountain wildflowers. The Running Buddy pouch works perfectly!

Teresa Moutray
Great product and fast delivery

Good product fast delivery

Maureen Romero
Love my Running Buddy!

I hate carrying my phone when I am out running or walking but there have been times I have needed it. Not all tights have a good pocket for a phone. The Running Buddy is perfect! I don’t even feel it there while I’m running - very secure and no bounce!