Travel Weekly - What's New, What's Hot: Buddy Pouch

by Carrah Lingo August 28, 2016

Buddy Pouch: "Out-and-about vacationers should find this innovative item a useful addition to their wardrobe in as much as it safely holds essential items such as credit cards, cash, and/or keys while keeping them within easy reach for when you need them. The storage pouch, which also includes a side zipper port for a cell phone, features a heavy-duty magnetic flap closure that attaches to any waistband, essentially making for a universal fit for any traveler, runner, biker or outdoors enthusiast. Compliant with most stadium bag policies, the Buddy Pouch offers a bounce-free experience while the wearer is in motion and a water- and sweat-resistant inner pocket. If they aren't already, this product should make fanny packs a thing of the past. $21.98 (XL $23.98); Women's clutch, $29.99; water carrier, $17.99;"

Carrah Lingo
Carrah Lingo


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"The Buddy Pouch magnetic belt-free solutions helps you keep your essentials all together on-the-go, right at your hip as you step out for a run, walk, hike, and to get moving. Go safely about your day with your belongings secured at your side with The Buddy Pouch innovations that can store your essentials, your phone, keys, IDs and more."

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by Gerry Valentine November 20, 2016

We are very excited to announce the new "On the Go Pouch Plus with RFID!" This exclusive pouch will be launched on QVC's as "Today's Special Value" on Nov 22nd and buyers will receive 2@$29.98!   


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by Gerry Valentine November 19, 2016

Running With Buddy Pouch

"I have two of the buddy pouches. I absolutely love them. I use them to train in and also I use them on all of my races. Everything from a 5K to half marathons, this pouch doesn't move at all. It stays where I put it for the whole run. I even used it at Disneyland and not once did I lose a thing or did it move out of place. I recommend this to all of my friends. I would recommend this to everyone."

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