White Rock Weekly News - Running Buddy becomes reality!

by Julie Bradfield November 19, 2012

If Necessity is the mother of Invention, then she must go running with Julie Bradfield. 

As an avid fitness enthusiast, Bradfield has tried just about every gadget on the market designed to help runners manage their gear.

“Belts chaffed, arm bands slipped and some stuff was just too small to hold what I needed,” she said.

When she first started running marathons, her supportive family members would station themselves along the route to hand her supplies. But after the novelty waned, so did her suppliers.

With lots of time during training runs to ponder her predicament, Bradfield began to formulate a new design.

Read more: White Rock Lake Weekly - MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR ̔Running Buddy̓ becomes reality for local athlete 

Julie Bradfield
Julie Bradfield


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