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April 07, 2021 43 min read


No Fanny Pack, Purse, or Storage Locker - Customer Terrah Books

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One of the advantages of living in Florida is all of the various options available for family friendly fun. We love getting outdoors and just spending time together, but we especially love amusement parks. This year we splurged and bought annual passes for Universal Studios.

We didn’t quite know what to expect on our first trip since we had never been to this particular park before. I decided that I would wear a cross body purse to take the necessities like cell phones, park tickets, car keys, I.D.s, and of course money. Who wants to lug around a heavy back pack all day long?

The purse worked out great at the beginning. What we learned was that no matter what ride you want to enjoy, you must first place all of your purses and bags into a locker. There are lockers located near every ride in the park. The good news is that at Universal Studios the lockers are free. The bad news is that they are very crowded and you must wait in line to obtain a locker before entering the line for the ride and then once again to collect your belongings after the ride is complete. Not ideal!

When we returned home from our initial trip I started searching online for a small pouch that would not be required to go into a locker. I saw people at the park with fanny packs in the ride lines, but how can you be stylish with a fanny pack? I just knew there had to be something that would work that wasn’t the unsightly fanny pack.

That’s when I stumbled onto the Running Buddy website and found the Buddy Pouch. I quickly ordered the super saver bundle which comes with a Buddy Pouch and a XL Buddy Pouch 6+ because I was not sure which size I would prefer. When I saw them in my mail box just a few days later you would have sworn it was Christmas due to my excitement

We returned to Universal Studios with the Buddy Pouch instead of the cross body purse. What a difference a small detail can make. We had the best time ever. We didn’t waste a single minute of time waiting at the lockers and we did not have to worry about losing anything either. The Buddy Pouch magnets are very strong and the pouch itself is very durable. Did I mention it has a pocket and flap that is water resistant for water rides!!

If you are planning on going to Universal, Disney or one of the other parks this summer, I highly recommend it. It was big enough for all I needed at the park: my car key, phone, park tickets, credit card, I.D., and money yet small enough to forget I was wearing it. 


How Does the Buddy Pouch Work?



4/10/21 - Customer Pat C's Review

"This is my 3rd Running Buddy Pouch. I upgrade every time I get a new size phone. However, my latest purchase was so that I could have the pouch vertically attached to my jeans instead of horizontally and I am very pleased!!"

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2/24/21 Customer Loraine D's Review

"I originally bought 2 small buddy pouches but they were too small for my phone, so I bought the pluses. I also bought the horizontal one that I hope to use at Disney. They have been handy for quick trips."

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12/16/20 Customer Linnea W's Review

"I purchased this for walking and an upcoming DisneyWorld trip. I LOVE this RunningBuddy! It is a genius design and works perfectly. I highly recommend these!" See Linnea's XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

12/03/20 Customer Shelby S's Review

"I love both of the Running Buddies I have purchased. One I use around the house (the smaller one. The other XL I use when shopping so I only have to take a credit card and my phone with me." 

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Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

11/20/20 Customer Ashlee P's Review

"Just what I was looking for. I have been to so many theme parks and have always had to figure out how to carry what I needed. Paying for lockers is a pain and there is tons of back and forth. Once I saw this new item I instantly knew I needed one. It is exactly what I needed. The magnets are very strong and there is plenty of room to hold my i.d keys and important cards." 

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Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

10/19/20 Customer Debra L's Review

"I really like it. Can't feel it on its so light.
Good for phone money and cards. Order came in a week." 

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Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

10/4/20 Customer Judith S's Review

"Love the mini pouches much that I ordered 2 more for gifts. They also loved them and started using them immediately."

Buddy Pouch Mini Plus

9/13/20 Customer Lisa P's Review

"I ordered 2 one for me and 1 for my niece. We were at Disney this past weekend and absolutely loved our running buddy. No more backpacks to carry, We would suggest these for everyone. Highly recommend!!!"

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Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


9/9/20 Dana T's Review

"Just wore mine for the first time this last weekend at an amusement park and it was great! I thought it was going to feel huge when I first saw it, but it doesn't. It lays so well and is easily hidden by my tank top. Love it!!" 

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Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

8/23/20 Michelle R's Review

"I received my order of the Buddy Pouch combo. I ordered the reg Buddy and the Xl Buddy. I used the larger Buddy Pouch and went to an amusement park earlier this year. I was able to fit my iPhone with Otter case, money, ID's, CC, no problem. I wore it on every ride and it didn't budge!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

8/12/20 Customer Kristin F's Review

"We bought this for our trip to Disney and it worked so well! Now back home, my husband has been using it when he's on the treadmill to hold his cell phone. Now I have to get another one for me!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

8/4/20 Customer Lisa C's Review

"I use mine at Universal Studios and alot other events that I didn't feel like carrying my purse. LOVED IT!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

8/2/20 Customer Christine P's Review

"This was the best thing ever for our Disney World vacation! This is the first time ever that I did not take a bag into the park! Felt so free! My iPhone 11 fit perfectly! Also had plenty of room for a portable charger, car key, credit cards, money and a few other things. The magnets held like glue! Went on Rock and Rollercoaster upside down, and it didn’t move!! Love it so much!!! I bought one for everyone! Definitely recommend!"

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/22/20 Customer A.C's Review

"Was great for Disney! Never had to go thru baggage check and it never once was loose. It stayed right where I put it!  Great for amusement parks." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/14/20 Customer Andrea K's Review

"Kept it on to head over to Magic Kingdom for 4 more hours of rides and fun. I love this thing.  I like that I could easily get my phone out to take a picture, ck the time, and text my family after. Slipped it back in and moved on w my day. It's just so much easier." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/3/20 Customer Debra C's Review

"We are annual pass holders. Never carry a bag, put my phone and Id in my pockets. Now I just put everything in my buddy pouch . I don't have to worry about things falling out. I rode rocking roller coaster and space mountain. Didn't move! I am a breast cancer survivor and have problems with my left side. So not having to carry or worry about a bag is great! You can't even see it under my shirt. It is not bulky ." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

3/10/2020 Customer Tina G's Review

"I have one of these I bought for running/walking when wearing exercise clothes. However, I never go on vacation without it, especially to Disneyland! It's awesome, lightweight, and holds money, cards, phone. I was initially worried that the magnets wouldn't hold through jeans like spandex, but no problem. Love these! My friend teased me the first day at Disneyland for wearing it, the second day asked if I'd hold her stuff in it. Ha!"

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

12/30/19 Customer Rellis's Review

"Perfect for taking to Disney." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

12/10/19 Customer Michelle C's Review

"I took my buddy pouch with me to WDW this summer. My phone stayed dry through rain and multiple trips on Splash Mountain." 

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

11/26/19 Customer Tricia P's Review

"I ordered 2 of them to take to Disney world and universal and we used them last week while there. They were awesome! They literally don't move!! Was VERY pleased. We got 2XXL as we have the Galaxy S9+ and a pixel 3xl. I will definitely keep using mine when I do not have pockets on my pants and definitely when I go out Xmas shopping!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

11/14/19 Customer Erika K's Review

"Perfect for walking and listening to music. I also took the pouch to Universal. I was able to ride all the roller coasters without having to store anything in the bins. My phone and other items were not damaged!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

11/2/19 Customer Tammy F's Review

"I bought the Runny Buddy for our upcoming trip to Disney World. I was sick and tired of always carrying everything in either a cross body purse or backpack. By the end of the day my shoulders and neck would be irritated from the straps! I'm a mother of two small kids so I have a stroller to push around too! I bought the running buddy so I can keep my money & credit cards always with me even on rides. And be able to leave the non important things like lotion, lip balm, tissues in the stroller where they belong! 
I've already given it a few test runs and it was so comfortable I barely felt it was there even filled. The magnets are super strong and it stays in place. Excited to use it on our trip." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

10/18/19 Customer Joy C's Review

"My whole family is headed to Disney in December, so I bought them each a Running Buddy for the trip. We used ours in Disney last December and loved it. It was so convenient and let us bypass the security line! We know our family will love the Running Buddy too!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

10/9/19 Customer AC's Review

"LOVE this bag! It’s gorgeous. It feels and looks like quality. The little silver mouse buttons really add the perfect touch. It has enough room inside to hold a wallet, phone, keys and more. Great purchase." 

See the Mickey Mouse Mini Backpack Here - Mickey Mouse Backpack

10/2/19 Customer Sheri H's Review

"Used my xxl bag at Disneyland. Was great to be hands free and my phone fit perfect 👌 I also purchased the bottle holder and used it at the park. Glad I made a last minute purchase, really paid off. Love them both!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

9/24/19 Customer Shannon's Review

"I purchased 2 of the Running Buddy’s for trip to Disneyland. I tried them out while walking a park at home. They are amazing and hold more than expected. They don’t slip around, and are secure. They will be perfect for Disneyland for my phone, cards, and keys!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

9/17/19 Customer Pat E's Review

"Purchased the XL Buddy Pouch. Looking forward to using it at Disney instead of carrying a purse!  Walked around our neighborhood to test and it worked great! Comfortable and the magnets work very well." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

9/5/19 Customer Sandra C’s Review

“I just used my Running Buddy for three days in Disneyland and I absolutely loved it. It held my phone, money, park pass and credit cards very securely. Can't wait to use in in Disney World next month."  See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

8/26/19 Customer Debra I's Review

"Disney worth-while! My running Buddy worked well to carry my Galaxy phone, drivers license, a credit card and some cash to avoid the security line for bags at Disney World. It stayed in place with all the walking and rides even though I did not wear a belt. Very happy with product." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

8/8/19 Customer Adrianna C's Review

"I used this for my 2 trips to Disney and loved it! I got compliments on it too! It was the perfect size to hold everything I needed for the parks and easily fit in the ride bag holders." 

See the Mickey Mouse Mini Backpack Here - Mickey Mouse Backpack

7/27/19 Customer Cynthia R's Review

"I loveeee my new mickey back pack (material, size and color). I ordered the bag and got it delivered within 3 days! I've gotten so many compliments at work! I cannot wait to go to Disney with it!" 

See the Mickey Mouse Mini Backpack Here - Mickey Mouse Backpack

7/18/19 Customer Lydia H's Review

"I have mine ready in my hand and open as I approach the screening queues......and many times, if that is all I have in my hand, they will just wave me over to the "no bag" line to get in quicker! Super easy to wear and use and stays on tight even on rides. Love mine! I now not only use it for Disney, but everyday instead of lugging around a big purse." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/7/19 Customer Kelly D's Review

"I use mine every time we go to Disney. Super convenient!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

6/24/19 Customer Tracy G's Review

"Just got back from Disney World.. Best decision ever! As a mom I needed to be more "firm" on dropping the unessentials! Wow ---it was awesome!! No bag check no keeping up with this our that! I had phone,DL, some pill bags with couple tums and pain killers, and a mini tube or sunscreen! Worked fine with shorts and things with a waistband!  I will DEFINITELY use that pouch and husband and older daughter will get one too!!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

6/13/19 Customer Stephanie D's Review

"Bought the XL and used it for an all day field day at school. Held my phone, chapstick and keys. Will be taking it to Disney this fall." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


5/22/19 Kristi G's Review

"I bought my running buddy for DisneyWorld. It was perfect for holding my 2 auvi-q's, some cash, and my iPhone. This is a perfect solution for times when you don't have pockets or want to carry a purse or medical bag. The magnets are very strong. It didn't fall off once. There were times I had to check to make sure it was still there. I didn't even notice it after awhile. A great product." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

5/10/19 Customer Jennifer S's Review

"I took mine to Disney last week & it was great. Carried my credit card, a bit of cash, & chapstick. Could've put my phone in, too, but the button/knob on the back made it an uncomfortable squeeze, so I kept it in my back pocket for faster retrieval. I was able to get in the "no bags" entrance at the parks with my kids while my husband had to get his backpack checked. Definitely recommend!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

5/4/19 Customer Gigi's Review

"Exactly what I was looking for! Worked great for my last trip to Disneyland.

I was looking for something to keep my phone, wallet, sunglasses etc. and this does the trick. It doesn’t hold much, but I like to take very little with me into the parks and don’t care for wrist wallets. Super cute print too!" 

See The Mickey Mouse Belt Bag Here - Mickey Mouse Belt Bag

Running Buddy Mickey Mouse Leather Belt Bag/Fanny Pack

4/24/19 Customer Sue G's Review

"I have all of the backpacks and never thought I would find a design I love more than the sequined Minnie, but I LOVE this one. Pictures do not do it justice...received immediate compliments when I was Disney...even from some of the employees. Ordered a 2nd for another Minnie fan for Christmas." See the Limited Edition "Red" Minnie Mouse Backpack Here - Red Minnie Mouse

4/12/19 Customer Paula S's Review

"I'm at Disney and this is the way to go. Have all my essentials so lightweight and slim I hardly know it's there and don't have to worry about things falling out of my pocket. Loving it!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Running Buddy Disney Pouch

4/2/19 Customer Mary Lou K's Review

"I wore mine to Disney World everyday. So nice to be hands free. My iPhone 6+ fit easily and room for some cash. It was so comfortable I sometimes forgot it was there. Magnets work great, no bulk, highly recommend. I also use it when I walk, bike, shop." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

3/14/19 Customer Katie G's Review

"I use mine at Disney World a lot. We have annual tickets so we don't carry a lot since we go regular. My pouch holds my iPhone and cards, some sunscreen my husband and friends that go do the same thing. It makes rides easier and no shoulder pain or hot backpack like before:)" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

3/4/19 Customer Tammy Y's Review

"Excellent! These will be excellent for travel. I bought the XL and the XXL buddy pouch. The XXL is a better fit for my iPhone. This will hold my phone, tickets and portable charger (which is a must for Disney and Universal line times). I will be ordering a couple more for family."

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

2/21/19 Customer Holly C's Review

"I bought the large to take to Disney, it holds my phone and cards. I can go right through the no bag line and I love it. It stays in place securely especially on the rides. Glad I bought it!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

2/11/19 Customer Annette M's Review

I’m obsessed with Mickey and decided to finally treat myself to the mini backpack I’ve always wanted, especially for my upcoming Disney trip! It’s perfect! Exactly what I imagined and fits my phone, wallet, snacks and water bottle! 

See the Mickey Mouse Mini Backpack Here - Mickey Mouse Backpack

1/23/19 Customer Amy K's Review

"Purchased with Minnie wallet for Christmas. Item as described and arrived timely. Backpack has two zipper storage areas to carry basic items..make-up, pens, cell phone, money. I love the little silver Mickey's on outer pouch. Stitching seems to be sturdy, pretty internal liner. Has already received multiple compliments." 

See the Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack Here - Minnie Mouse Backpack

Running Buddy Minnie Mouse Backpack

1/10/19 Customer Susan T's Review

"I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I bought three for our recent trip to Universal Studios, Disneyworld and LEGOLAND. My husband, son and I all wore them to hold our phones, medicine and other misc items we needed while going to the amusement parks. The Running Buddy was stellar! We never had to stand in a bag check line, and when others were using lockers to hold gear or carrying huge backpacks around, we were golden. All of us found it to be lightweight and comfortable, even on the hottest, most humid days imaginable! We all love our running buddy's and cannot imagine not using them. It is great for exercise because my hands are free and I don't have a bulky armband with my phone. I cannot wait to use this at upcoming fall festivals and other events where I want to just carry the essentials. Thank you for creating a product that pleases everyone from kids to parents!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


1/3/19 Customer Mary J's Review

"I finally started using my Running Buddy. I go to Disneyland a lot, and hate carrying a purse. This is perfect to put my iPhone, pass, credit cards, and cash in. Thumbs up."

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

12/11/18 Customer Allison J's Review

"We just got back from Disney and did not have any problems with them opening or anything getting damaged. Great purchase!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

12/6/18 Customer Kelly S's Review

"Not only do I run with this pouch, but I just spent a week at Disney and carried no bags! Phone, bandaids, money, id....everything fit in the pouch. The inner pocket protected my phone on the water rides too! PERFECT!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

11/30/18 Customer Pam D's Review

"I hate bag checks and carrying purses or backpacks. This carries the little items I need and my phone. I never go to Disney without it." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

11/21/18 Customer Orangegirli's Review

"Bought these as gifts and they LOVE them! Got a lot of compliments in Disney!"

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minnie mouse ears and bow bag


11/15/18 Customer Cindy S's Review

"We are traveling to Disney in December and thought these would be great things to take with us on the trip. We love them, especially since we each got a Disney pin with our purchase." 

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Running Buddy Disney Pouch and Mickey Wallet

11/6/18 Customer Crystal H's Review

"I originally purchased the Buddy Pouch for my upcoming trip to Disney World. My phone doesn't really fit in my pockets but I want to have it on me when we go on rides, along with cash and such. I haven't been on the trip yet, but I have found the Buddy Pouch very useful when mowing the yard. I put the phone in my Buddy Pouch, play an audiobook and use bluetooth headphones while I mow. It's much more comfortable than using an old arm band phone holder I had." 

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Running Buddy Disney Travel Gear


10/30/18 Customer Amy H's Review

"I used mine at Disney world two weeks ago. It worked out great!" 

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Running Buddy Disney Travel Gear


10/22/18 Customer Andrea V's Review

I’m a HUGE fan of the original The Running Buddy. I have 2 of them myself and often buy them for clients. They allow you to be truly hands free when in the theme parks but are ALSO helpful when I’m out being active and don’t want to carry a bulky bag or don’t have pockets to carry my “stuff.” This simple product allows me to carry my phone, credit cards, and keys and know they will still be there after a jog or a spin on Rockin’ Rollercoaster! 

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Running Buddy Disney Travel Gear


10/15/18 Customer Wendy S's Review

"I am not one to carry around a purse, especially during the summer when it's too sticky to have something draping over your shoulder. Fanny packs are just not flattering either. I have used my Running Buddy on several occasions where I am out and about for the weekend and it is fantastic. I love the freedom of having my items close and secure and not toting around a large bag. I originally bought this for our upcoming trip to Disney in August but I have to say I got my money's worth already. I told some friends and they purchased as well. Thank you for a great product." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


10/9/18 Customer A Chang's Review

"It's just big enough to fit my iPhone 7 Plus with Otterbox Symmetry case, a pair of eye/sunglasses, and glasses cleaner with just enough room for car keys and ID. That's all I need to hold for outdoor walks, quick trips, or to hold the essentials in a reachable place. If you have the Mickey backpack or wallet, it's made of the same sturdy material and lining. Super cute for Disney and Mickey fans!"

 Disney Luxe Collection

Disney Luxe Collection by Running Buddy

9/24/18 Customer Tammy H's Review

"Used it at Walt Disney World & it worked great! So comfortable that I forgot it was on!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

9/18/18 Customer Rose D's Review

"5/5. Used the original running buddy in Disneyland and loved the hands free with kids." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

9/15/18 Customer Tracy G's Review

"We just came back from a Disney World/Universal Studios trip and I wanted to say THANK YOU to The Running Buddy, we used them everyday and avoided the bag check line and they stayed securely on our waist no matter what ride, rollercoaster we were on." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

9/10/18 Customer Linda C's Review

"Bought them for the whole family for Christmas. Don't go to Disney without it." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch


Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


9/2/18 Customer Ursula W's Review

"Perfect Solution! Needed something for Disney so we could keep our hands free!!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


8/14/18 Customer Michele M's Review

"Leaving on a Disney Cruise in 17 days. Just bought 2 of the XL 6+. I can't believe how much they hold. Definitely worth the money!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

8/2/18 Customer Lydia H's Review

"I have owned 2 of these now and love them! They are great for so many different situations (not just only exercise) when I can't or don't want to carry a purse or bag. I love using mine for amusement park trips like Disney World....works great to be able to walk around essentially bag free and hands free! Highly recommend!" 

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/31/18 Customer Lori B's Review

"I don’t run, so I don’t use it for that. But, I stay at home with 3 kids and I’m constantly on my feet. I use my phone as my camera and I listen to audio books all the time. Most of my clothes don’t have pockets, so I needed something to hold my phone without having to carry a purse or fanny pack around the house. This is perfect!!! It goes on any type of pants or shorts and it’s lightweight. I can run around doing laundry, cleaning, playing outside, gardening, hiking, etc... It even attaches to my stroller when I take walks to the park, pool or around the neighborhood! It’s great for mothers who are busy with kids and taking care of their household!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/17/18 Customer Pam N's Review

"I just used mine at WDW. I loved it. Had my phone, credit cards, ID, cash, extra pair of contacts, eye drops, Chapstick and a comb in it." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

7/10/18 Customer Jennifer L's Review

"I love this pouch.  I can't say enough. This is a game changer for all the times you do not want to carry a purse. I got it specifically for a trip to Disney World, but have many others when I will use it. Trips to the casino, festivals, walks and to the gym. It fits a lot.  I carry 2 large phones and both fit as well as chapstick, money and my medication. Love this!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch


7/3/18 Customer Wendy G's Review

"It is wonderful for Disney trips! I am a Vacation Planner that specializes in Disney and I recommend them to all my clients!" 

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

6/30/18 Customer Gina C's Review

"I have this and it works perfect. I LOVE not having to carry a bag.. I take it to Disney all the time  I was just there this past weekend and when I walked through the metal detector, they asked me what it was.. they had never seen it before. They thought it was a great idea." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

6/18/18 Customer Deborah E's Review

"I just ended my trip to Disneyland yesterday! I took my Buddy Pouch with me and was so glad I did!! It was nice to go in and not have to worry about carrying my purse! And it did not weigh much and it was like it wasn't there!! So glad I had it with me! I recommend it to everyone!! Thanks for the hands free experience!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

6/12/18 Customer Sherry A's Review

"I purchased my running buddy and it got here the day we left for Disney World (6/4/19). WOW!! This is the greatest product I think I have ever used. I will never do another trip without one. It was a true lifesaver for me!!! Thank you for a great product!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch


6/7/18 Customer Elizabeth H's Review

"I love this pouch. It is so comfortable to wear and so easy to attach to your waist. I wore it when I was in Disney and never felt like I would loose anything from it even on the rides. I use it often now and rarely carry a pocketbook." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

6/4/18 Customer Margaret D's Review

"So useful does not bounce while I am running or walking and big enough for my phone keys money and credit cards..just used it in Disney world!!!Love this product!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

5/22/18 Customer Stevi Adamson's Review

"I bought this for a trip to Cedar Point. I tested it out at my local park (Kennywood) and it held up great to the wooden coasters and their roughness! I’m sure it will do great at CP next weekend!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

5/14/18 Customer Rani B's Review

"Running buddy made it so much easier in Disney! I bought the XXL pouch and the drawstring bag. I put my cards, tickets and $$ in the pouch. Could out my phone in too when needed. Used the bag for a hoodie and sunscreen. Made traveling through the parks easier." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

5/7/18 Customer Newman R's Review

"I love it, and plan to get one for my daughter to use at Disney. No more security lines for us!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouches

5/1/18 Customer Erin W's Review

"Just came back from Disney and used it the whole time, it worked wonderfully! I am a plus-sized woman and I wore elastic-waist band athletic shorts and the pouch stayed put, never dragged down the elastic and was so comfy I virtually forgot I had it on! Didn't budge during any of the rides (ToT and R&Rcoaster included)! Def recommended!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

4/23/18 Customer Tara M's Review

"I have one of these because I am terrible at forgetting my purse, and on vacation that stress is overwhelming. I have used this on every vacation including WDW since I got it and will not leave home without it I love it. It holds everything, is very secure and comfortable to wear!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch


4/13/18 Customer  Meredith D's Review

"I used mine today at Universal I got totally soaked but phone and tickets stayed dry." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch


4/6/18 Customer Christine K's Review

“This was great for the trip to Universal and Disney - It was useful to keep everything with you but safe while on the rides. My grandsons 12/8 also wanted one so we ordered for them to keep their valuables in.” 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch


See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

buddy pouches

3/28/18 Customer Jenny E's Review

"Bought it for our Disney trip and now idk what I would have done without it. Amazing. Great purchase." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

3/21/18 Laurie M's Review

"This will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Disney World. My phone and necessities fit perfect inside and the running buddy fits securely on the waist of my shorts." 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

buddy Pouch

3/17/18 Customer Kellie B's Review

"Used this at Disney and Universal last June.. And use it weekly at our Six Flags.. Works great!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

3/10/18 Customer Michele M's Review

"Leaving on a Disney Cruise in 17 days. Just bought 2 of the XL. I can't believe how much they hold. Definitely worth the money!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

3/2/18 Customer Julieann C's Review

"After carrying a pack and trying crossbody purses in Disney World, I decided I needed something different for Cedar Point. I ran across an ad for these and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! It was perfect! I was a little nervous about how well it would hold so I did not put a credit card in it. I did, however, put in a cellphone, cash, and car keys. I never had an issue on any of the rides! I rode the Millennium Force and Raptor (upside-down 6 times) and it never budged. I love it!!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

2/22/18 Customer Robin B's Review

"AWESOME!! Every year I take a trip to Florida to visit my parents. I hated using fanny packs because they always felt too bulky. My friend sent me a link to the Running Buddy and I thought it would be good for my trip. I purchased one and it is AWESOME! I used it for a few trips to the mall, the zoo and a theme park. It was sleek, and I barely even knew it was there. My Iphone fit in it perfectly! I LOVE THIS POUCH! It was definitely worth purchasing, and the price is great too! I would definitely recommend this pouch to all my friends!" 

See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

2/3/18 Customer Angie A's Review

"I bought two if these at the Women's Show three years ago. They work great! I have worn it on roller coasters and it passes the test!"


1/24/18 Customer Nancy E's Review

"I gave these to my daughters and grand daughters. They all work out, walk, 
and go to Disneyland. They love them!"
See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

1/16/18 Customer Jody W's Review

"I tried it out this past week at a small amusement park. It was great. It stayed in place and I even forgot it was there. I can't wait to use it on our Disney trip."

Check out the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

1/10/18 Customer Carolyn C's Review

"Going to Disneyland and very happy to be purse free and hands free. I am happy to have it RFID so I feel safer with credit cards."  

Check out the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

RFID Buddy Pouch

12/29/17 Customer Karlene M's Review

"We used this pouch for our Disney World trip, worked great. Stayed on through all the rides and roller coasters and carried everything we needed. Kept our phones dry. Highly recommend it!" Check out the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

12/14/17 Customer Michelle M's Review

"Leaving on a Disney Cruise in 17 days. Just bought 2 of the XL's. I can't believe how much they hold. Definitely worth the money!!"  SEE all sizes of the Buddy Pouch HERE - Buddy Pouch

12/6/17 Customer Ella S's Review

"I have the XXL that I used in Disney last December. Fit my iPhone 7 Plus, mophie battery pack and cable in the main compartment and the tissues and hand wipes in the mesh pocket. The magnets are super strong, didn’t worry about losing it on any of the attractions. Definitely going to pick up another one!"  SEE THE XXL BUDDY POUCH HERE - XXL Buddy Pouch

XXL Buddy Pouch

11/25/17 Customer Nicole F's Review

"Worked perfectly. Used it at Disney and Universal Studios. Never had to go to bag check in. My phone was easy to pull in and out when i needed it. Also held my credit cards and cash. Love it!"  See the Buddy Pouch HERE - Buddy Pouch

buddy pouch at disney world

11/16/17 Customer Katy H's Review

"I ordered the Buddy Pouch to use at Disney World. I tried it out the day after it came and fell in love with it! It is so perfect for many uses, and gives you the freedom of not having to hassle with a purse when shopping. It is so lightweight that I forget I have it on and it doesn't show under my clothing. I will be giving these for gifts to my family and friends."

See ALL SIZES of the Buddy Pouch HERE - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

11/12/17 - Customer Amy Duke's's Review

"I have one and used it just last month when we went to Disneyland and it was great!!"

See Amy's XL Buddy Pouch HERE - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

11/5/17 Customer Janet T's Review

"Love this product, perfect for craft fairs and theme parks where a purse is to much to carry. Excellent service from Running Buddy!" See All Sizes of the Buddy Pouch HERE - Buddy Pouch

buddy pouch

10/18/17 Customer Tara S's Review

"Excellent product. I walk with it, my husband runs with the pouch and the sports bottle. I have personally used both the small and large pouches at Tokyo Disneyland over Labor Day weekend and it worked out so well. I am a fan and will be recommending this to all my fam and friends." 

See the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

buddy pouch

10/12/17 Customer Kara G's Review

"I bought this for the amusement parks but opened it for the first time while preparing the house for Hurricane Irma. It was so comfortable and I didn't have to worry about my phone."See Kara's Buddy Pouch & Other Sizes Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

10/7/17 Customer Catherine W's Review

"I bought this for a trip to Disney World. It was perfect. Held my money, credit card, lip balm and phone. Travelled with a group and had to contact each other via phone quite a bit. I was the only one who consistently knew my phone was ringing/text received and answered! I kept phone on vibrate because there was no way I'd hear it with all the fun. Bought an extra to give to someone going on a cruise, perfect for key card that has to be with you at all times."  See Catherine's XL Bundle - XL Super Saver Bundle

XL Buddy Pouches

9/29/17 Customer Bridget S's Review

"These worked out great! I used mine at MN State Fair too!" See Bridget's XL Super Saver Bundle -XL Super Saver Bundle

XL Buddy Pouch Bundle

9/25/17 - Customer Lydia H's Review

Used one of these for my last Disney World trip and went "hands free"/ bag free and loved it! Worked perfectly and felt very liberating to not be hauling around a huge heavy bag around the parks! Just put my phone, my id, a little cash, and a credit card in the Running Buddy pouch on my waistband and was ready to go all day! The magnet is VERY strong and I never had a problem with it falling off or loose or anything----very secure and safe. 

(TIP: use a Disney Magic Band on your wrist for your park tickets and have all your purchases sent directly from the shops to your resort room if you are staying on Disney property OR to the front of the park for pick up at the end of your day if you are staying off property---that way you still can enjoy the park's attractions all day hands free and bag free using the Buddy Pouch!).  See the Buddy Pouches Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

9/18/17 - Customer Kristen D's Review

"I used my Buddy Pouch on my trip last week to Disney World. It was fantastic to not have to worry about carrying around my purse."See All Sizes of The Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

8/21/17 Customer Stacy D's Review

"We went to Sea World and Legoland, and it was nice to have hands free days! Would suggest this product to others. I think I will also use it when I go to the gym. Liked it a lot"See the XL Bundle Here - XL Buddy Pouch Super Saver Bundle 

Xl Buddy Pouch

8/13/17 Customer Suzanne S's Review

"We travel quite a bit and women's clothes never have enough pockets, plus I hate carrying a purse, and this is great because it is like an attachable pocket/purse.  It attaches to your waist band, is not bulky, and you have the freedom to move around without carrying luggage/purse. Fits under clothes well so makes it more secure when traveling. Comfort and secure, perfect." See the XXL Buddy Pouch 7 Bundle Here - XXL Buddy Pouch & RFID Sleeves

XXL Buddy Pouch & RFID sleeves

8/2/17 Customer Tobi S's Review

I'm really glad we got one of these. We are not actually "runners," we purchased it for a Disney trip we went on for those days where we wouldn't want to carry in a bag and end up in long bag check lines but maybe would not have pockets but still want to take in some essentials. It worked out really well.
Pay attention when you order I accidentally ordered the smaller one and my phone didn't fit inside very well, but I loved it for my cards and some basic first aid stuff and a few tiny charms the girls bought one day. (I think we snuck a watch in it one day when the rain was crazy heavy- since it was under my shirt it stayed fairly dry.) The magnet in it is very strong when attached over shorts or however you choose to wear it. I am not a fan of the fanny pack but I will use this again and again. I always felt it was very securely attached to me and as long as I didn't over load it - it didn't "weigh" my shorts down or anything or feel uncomfortable when I sat. It served a great purpose for us but next time I may look into buying the larger one to be sure to fit our large phones.
See all Buddy Pouch sizes here - Buddy Pouches

7/27/17 Customer Karen B's Review

"I used mine at Disney two weeks ago!!! I love it!" See Karen's XL Buddy Pouch - XL Buddy Pouch

7/7/17 Customer Barbara M's Review

"I have these, and use them. You totally can see the larger ones under your shirt/at the waist, but so what? Use them at Disney World and Disneyland, and they are terrific! Also use them while out walking the dog and listening to iTunes! It's great!"See the XL Buddy Pouch Bundle Here - XL Super Saver Bundle 

XL Buddy Pouch

6/3/17 Customer Dylan K's Review

"Got one of these and I used it when we went to Universal. Absolutely loved it and can't wait to use it at Disney on our next trip. It was so nice not having to lug a bag around all day!" See the XXL Super Saver Bundle Here - XXL Super Saver Bundle

5/29/17 - Customer Valerie M's Review

"We just got back from Disney World and this would have been so useful. I had to have my hubby hold my phone because I had no pockets and didn't want to carry a purse."See the XL Super Saver Bundle Here - XL Super Saver Bundle

XL Bundle

5/24/17 Customer Kathy G's Review

"Used mine at Disney! Loved it!"See the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Disney Pouch

5/19/17 Customer Heidi D's Review

"I purchased an XL Running Buddy with RFID for my husband's birthday. We are going on a river cruise soon and this will allow him to carry his essentials such as room key, cell phone, cash, and credit card and not have to worry about identity theft or pick- pockets. He's excited to try it out.
I'm impressed with how well it's made and how strong the magnets are. I also plan to get one for myself for walking the dog hands free!"  
Find it Here - XL Buddy Pouch RFID

 XL Buddy Disney Pouch

5/11/17 Customer Lynne B's Review

"I love this item, I used when I went to Disney World and was very happy with it!"See the XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

Xl BUddy Pouch Disney Pouch

4/24/17 Customer Ann M's Review

"3 small kids and a Buddy Pouch equals life saver." See the Buddy Pouch Here -Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch at Disney World

4/20/17 Customer Julie O's Review

"Bought mine to take on trip to Universal, worked great!! I'm going yo use on my walks for my phone and keys!"See Julie's XL Pouch Here - XL Pouch

XL Disney Buddy Pouch

4/18/17 Customer Melissa N's Review 

"Will be just what I need for Disney!"See Melissa's XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch - Disney Pouch

4/10/17 - Customer Cheryl S's Review

"Used it at Disney last year. Loved it!!!"See Cheryl's XXL Here - XXL Buddy Pouch 7

XXL Buddy Pouch At DisneyWorld

4/8/17 Customer Connie T's Review

"I love it. It is a great hands free way to always have cash ,cards and phone with me." See Connie's Super Saver XL Bundle - XL Buddy Pouch Bundle

4/2/17 Customer Maria W's Review

"Got these to take to Disney World. Loved them so much, that I ordered more."

The XL Buddy Pouch Super Saver Bundle

3/20/17 Customer Mary C's Review

"I used my pouch for a trip to Sea World. Performed great. So nice to be hands free and no need to carry a purse. Light yet strong. I really like it."See Mary's XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

3/10/17 Customer Jessica M's Review

"Using this for my Disney World vacation. Holds everything I need without having to carry a bag!"

3/5/17 Customer Ellen R's Review

"At Disney World today with my Buddy pouch. No purse to weigh me down. Everything truly needed fits and it is so comfortable sitting or standing you can't tell it is there. Priceless."

3/1/17 Customer AnnMarie's Review

"Took the XL to Universal in Orlando and it was terrific!! It was perfect for my phone and credit card. I highly recommend it!!"  See AnnMarie's XL Pouch - XL Buddy Pouch

2/28/17 Customer Jana Davis' Review

"Amazing Product/Amazing Service. We are getting ready to vacation at Disneyland and I didn't want to be bothered with a purse, so I ordered the Buddy Pouch (set of 2) from Running Buddy. LOVE the product and quickness of arrival. Nicely done!" Find the Bundle Here - Buddy Pouch Bundle

2/22/17 Customer Cindy C's Review

"I bought one specifically to take to Disney. We went the week of December 12-19th, 2016. It was AMAZING! When I got home I saw Lori on QVC and I ordered several more for stocking stuffers! EVERY LADY NEEDS ONE!"Check out the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

2/14/17 Customer Theresa C's Review

"I bought running buddies for my husband and children. Husband has virtually replaced his wallet with it and the kids love using theirs at Disney! ☺ I just purchased four more to hand out as gifts; one going to an avid horse rider to accommodate her new phone more easily. Quality product, speedy shipping, A+ service. Thank you!"

See Theresa's Buddy Pouch Here -Buddy Pouch


XL Buddy Pouch

2/8/17 Customer Donna L's Review

"My order arrived quickly. I love the pouch and the water pouch as well. I am doing my first "hike" next month so will take them along. Then Disney in the Spring where I am looking forward to NOT having to carry a bag or wear only clothing with large pockets. As a Mom, this is a dream."See Donna's Bundle Here -XL Buddy Pouch & H2O

XL Buddy Pouch and H2O

2/2/17 Customer Jeremy T's Review

"I bought this to take on vacation to Universal studios Orlando and it was PERFECT! I kept money, credit cards, my phone (iPhone 6 with case), and even my sunglasses in it. Most rides require you to put your things in a locker, but I got to bypass that step and get right on the rides. It was very secure. I wore chino style shirts and the magnets held tight. I loved that my hands were free :) I felt kinda weird having a sort-of fanny pack, but my shirt covered it up. I would definitely recommend this for your trip!"

LEARN MORE - Buddy Pouch



1/27/17 Customer Beverly R's Review

"Love this item❤️. The fact it is magnet so it fits over most waist bands in genius!!!"See The XL Pouch Here -XL BUDDY POUCH

1/22/17 Customer Mariah F's Review

"LOVE my Running Buddy! I bought this for our upcoming trip to Disney World.  It will be perfect!! I cant wait to use it.  My Iphone 6 plus fits perfectly in it!"
Buddy Pouch at DisneyWorld

1/19/17 Customer Amy P's Review

"I used one of the running buddies at Disneyland. Amazing! I didn't have to worry about my phone on the wet rides. It was convenient and comfortable. Love it!" Learn More ➜ https://www.therunningbuddy.com/collections/buddy-pouch 

Buddy Pouch at DisneyWorld

1/10/17 Customer Kathleen M's Review

"This thing IS THE BEST for the parks!!"

Buddy Pouch at DisneyWorld

1/2/17 Customer Christye S's Review

"I love my running buddy! I use it for running and all kinds of other things too. I love it for amusement parks too where they would otherwise force me into a locker."

Buddy Pouch at Disney

12/24/16 Customer Diane S's Review

"I was looking for something to use at Walt Disney World instead of having to carry a purse. This was exactly what I have been searching for. It is a very comfortable fit and the magnetic strips are VERY strong and secure! This pouch will hold what I need to have with me on our trip and leave my hands free and my shoulders with no aches!!!! I received this item very quickly. I strongly recommend this product." LEARN MORE - http://www.therunningbuddy.com/products/super-saver-bundle-xxl-buddy-pouch-7-and-rfid-buddy-blockers

12/14/16 Customer Peggy S's Review

"I have been using my buddy pouch at WDW for the past three years and I love it because I can go through the "no bags" line at the entrance! It holds my $$ and my credit card. That's all I need!!!!!"


12/12/16 Customer Kathy P's Review

"I recently received my Running Buddy and have used it. I purchased it for an upcoming trip and didn't really want to carry a purse. I found when I used my Running Buddy that it was very comfortable. You almost forget you have it on. Very happy with my purchase and will recommend it to my family and friends."

12/6/16 Customer Luci A's Review

"I purchased an XL pouch for my Disney World vacation. It was exactly what I needed. Small but held everything I needed. It never got in my way, and I often forgot I had it. Also, it allowed me to skip all the bag checks at the entrance to each park. I am so glad I saw this on my FB feed. It is a wonderful product!"



11/24/16 Customer Karen T's Review

"Can't wait to use it on my next vacation. Makes carrying important items (passports, inhalers,credit cards) so much easier!" 

Buddy Pouch at Disney

11/20/16 Customer Andrea P's Review

"When I walk my pups, take a bike ride (to the ice cream place) with my kiddo, or heck, when I actually go to the gym, I hate carrying my phone, but it's necessary. None of my athletic clothes have pockets! So I bought The Running Buddy, a secure and hands free way to carry my phone and a key or credit card when I'm out and about. I can think of a thousand ways and places where this little gem will be helpful - especially at Disney World is going to prove it's real worth! If you're active or, like me, hate carrying a purse, this is an awesome accessory!"

Buddy Pouch at Disney World

10/15/16 Customer Lauren P's Review

"Best thing I've ever bought. I love this! Wore it all day while I was at universal studios, Orlando and barely new it was on me. So nice to be able to carry my phone and not have to worry about it falling out of my pockets."
Buddy Pouch at Universal Studios

10/11/16 Customer Hattie L's Review

"Perfect size for walking around disney parks. I hate wearing shorts with pockets, prefer yoga shorts under a long tunic. This lets me do that without worry of dropping anything."


10/4/16 Customer Susan S's Review

"These products are perfect for shopping, hiking, whatever where you don't want to lug a purse around. Comfortable and handy!"

Lori greiner with buddy pouches


9/11/16 Customer Linda C's Review

"Last day of 5 day Disney vacation. Gave one to everyone and we have not used anything else! Will never go back to carrying bags! Phone,ID, magic band and credit card all fit and is all we need."

Buddy Pouch at Disney World

5/28/16 Customer Carla H's Review

"I had mine on everyday at Disney! I would not leave it home if I went on a cruise either. I had my money, floss and lipstick in there! Plenty of room for a few more items but it's all I needed."

5/20/16 Customer Meghan A's Review

"I purchased before a recent vacation to Universal/WDW. I wanted to go to the parks without a bag and this product held up exceptionally well. I was able to fit my phone (G4 with large case), a small wallet, and a small comb in it without any problems. I was also very happy with how water resistant it was. I went on a few water rides in a row at Universal and got SOAKED on one of them but my belongings were dry once I got off the ride. The only "con" that I can think of is that it feels a bit odd when you first wear it but after a few minutes it goes away and you don't even notice it. It's a great product!"

5/18/16 Customer Colleen M's Review

"I purchased the Running Buddy 7. It arrived in a matter of a couple of days!!! Fits my iPhone 6+ perfectly as I have a case on it. Took it to the theme park and it was great not having to carry anything around or having to store it while on the rides!"

buddy pouch

5/15/16 Customer Valerie H's Review

"I have two of the buddy pouches. I absolutely love them. I use them to train in and also I use them on all of my races. Everything from a 5K to half marathons, this pouch doesn't move at all. It stays where I put it for the whole run. I even used it at Disneyland and not once did I lose a thing or did it move out of place. I recommend this to all of my friends. I would recommend this to everyone."

Buddy Pouch at Disneyland

5/9/16 Customer Elizabeth N's Review

"I purchased the Running Buddy as a gift for my sister who walks daily and her exercise shorts/pants don't always have pockets. This solves the problem of how to hold her cellphone, key, chapstick, and ID while out for a walk. It also came in handy at Disney World and relieved her of the need to tote a purse. Great solution!!"

Walking at DisneyWorld with Buddy Pouch

5/5/16 Customer Susan P's Review

"I am very excited to use this product on our upcoming trip to Disney. It has plenty of room for everything and stays put with the magnetic system. It's comfortable to wear, not bulky at all! Love it!"

Buddy Pouch at DisneyWorld

5/3/16 Customer Linda C's Review

"We are going in 4 weeks can't wait for everyone to use theirs. Between this and the magic bands nothing to hold!"


5/1/16 Customer Emilee W's Review

"I bought one & used it at Disney the last week of March. Loved it! We skipped bag check; which during crowded weeks saved us a ton of time."


4/28/16 Website "Walt Disney World Hints" Review

Excerpt - "I really can’t recommend the Running Buddy’s products enough. I have been looking for years for a lightweight, discreet way to carry the bare minimum of items I need while on a vacation and the Buddy Pouch was perfect. I will be using my Buddy Pouch year round at sporting events, craft shows and even just walks around the neighborhood." More From This Review -https://www.wdwhints.com/2016/04/the-running-buddy-review/

4/20/16 Customer Trish D's Review

"Awesome and Perfect. Brought this to DisneyLand and it saved my life. Since I would NEVER wear a "fanny pack" and really didn't want to have to carry a backpack I saw this and thought I'd give it a try - I have an iPhone 6 so I bought the larger version and also purchased the smaller one in case my daughter would even entertain the idea (she has an iPhone 5. (She's 13 and loved it as well). I was able to fit my phone, itinerary, cash, room key and lipstick and it was really safe and super comfortable- I did read somewhere about wearing it on a belt and that is what I liked best - it hung lower over my shorts, had it attached and pushed to one side (not on the side). I covered the belt with my top and it looked great. I never write reviews but really love this product and will use anytime we travel, hike or when we go to festivals etc. Thanks!! (and now my 6 year old wants one:)"





4/4/16  Customer Christy C's Review

"Love this pouch. Use it for running but it is great to take to the theme parks. Perfect fit for phone, credit cards, money and reading glasses. I take it to Disney and don't have to wait in the lines for bag checks."

4/1/16 Customer Nicole P's Review

"I used this pouch on a recent trip to Disney World. It was fantastic. Big enough to hold my iphone 4 and our money. Provided security of having our vacation money hidden and close to my body. I loved this pouch."


3/18/16 Customer Kristen D's Review

"We go to Disney World about once per month and I hate carrying a purse into the parks just for my phone, cards, and keys. I've joked about buying a fannypack just to avoid carrying something. Saw the Running Buddy on Facebook and ordered it immediately. It is exactly what I've been looking for! It's a little snug, but everything I need fits into the pouch. And I often forget that I'm wearing it - I sometimes think I lost it but it's always sitting there in my waistband. I get in and out of rides with no problem and it's easy to access when I need to pull something out. Best theme park accessory ever!"


3/15/16 Customer Sharla P's Review

" Great product! Purchased to bring to Universal Studios --- worked perfectly. Stayed on for all the rides. Haven't used it for running yet, but I will this week but I don't anticipate any problems. . . it is very secure."


3/14/16 Customer Barbara S's Review

"I have one and I use them as gifts to my travel clients. Keeping your important stuff safely close while keeping you hands free. It's all that your marketing says.
I suggest the XL not to cram more in but if you have one of the newer larger cells( Note, IPhone 6+ ) the XL is for you. Even then with it being the largest, it's still perfectly comfortable."


3/12/16 Customer Isabel O's Review

"I bought this for our Disney trip in June, but my husband has been using the mini for his flip cell phone when he walks. It is an excellent product."


3/10/16 Customer Kathleen O's Review

"I cannot say how much I love this little item. We live in Florida and visit many of the parks and this is perfect. No worries about losing it because it's always right next to you. Absolutely recommend."


3/7/16 Customer Alissa C's Review

"Used for the first time at Disneyland it was awesome loved it easy access and never bothered me."


3/5/16 Customer Buffy S's Review

"When I go on vacation I usually carry a small purse with the strap diagonally across my torso but after an hour or so the strap starts to irritate my neck. This pouch is very comfortable to wear and the magnets are very strong and secure. I never felt as if it was going to come loose. The pouch held my phone, credit card, ID and lip balm...everything I need to walk around a theme park for the day! I showed my mom and now she wants one since she doesn't carry a purse at all. Looks like I'll be placing another order soon!"

3/3/16 Customer Marisha G's Review

"I wear my running buddy clipped to the waist band of my Tula baby carrier! Then I can easily access my money and have my hands free for ice cream treats at Disney!"


3/2/16 Customer Anne S's Review

"Though I walk rather than run, I still need to carry my phone, ID, tissue, keys, etc. The Running Buddy fills the bill. I can't wait to try it out on my next cruise or vacation."


3/1/16 Customer Jennifer M's Review

"I wore mine at the Disney Princess 10k, Half Marathon and in the parks I loved mine so much I bought 2 more for gifts!"


2/27/16 Customer Evy B's Review

"I got one of these for my Disneyland trip and I keep forgetting I had it on! So comfortable and did not have to go through purse security or take it off for roller coasters. I love it!"


2/24/16 Customer Stacy W's Review

"I have been looking for the right solution for carrying my phone, keys, and ID while out walking, sight seeing, volunteering at the zoo. I finally found it! The buddy pouch fits what I need and sits balanced and effortless at my waist. The low profile of it allows it to stay hidden from view under my shirt. Very happy with this purchase (and the buddy blockers, too!)"

2/22/16 Customer Kendall D's Review

"I have purchased four Running Buddy's. I gave one to my daughter who ran in the Disney Princess walk/run. She said the Running Buddy was perfect. I gave one to my granddaughter who is going on a cruise in May. I love being able to take my Running Buddy instead of my big purse all the time."




2/14/16 Customer Julie T's Review

"Ordered 2 of these a couple weeks ago to use in Disney. As a Disney diehard who goes every year, I KNOW that they will be awesome to use there. I can't wait for my next trip because I'm looking forward to walking around the parks without carrying anything or wearing an uncomfortable fanny pack or backpack! I ordered on for myself and I for my mother, but I like them so much I think I'm going to order a few more for the rest of the family. Besides using them for running or Disney, I've been thinking of other uses. I also show and train dogs and this would be awesome for holding dog treats as well! The magnets are strong and I can't imagine the pouch breaking loose accidentally very easily. I have a large phone and it fits well. They arrived VERY quickly after ordering. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm generally skeptical about ordering things online, and rarely leave reviews, but this is a great product!"



2/1/16 Customer Alaina S's Review

"We are going to Disney at the end of the month. Got one of these so I can leave my bulky purse at home."


1/26/16 Customer Laura P's Review

"Love this design not a big runner but use it for travel fit my phone perfect & still have extra space for credit cards money keys & small bottle hand sanitizer. Going to Disney next month will be sure to bring this."



1/05/16 Customer Shannon G's Review

"Worked great! We were there over Christmas and the lines at bag check went on forever. We just walked through the no bag line. Saved time everyday. Was stopped once and they said cellphone cases are allowed."

Buddy Pouch at Disney World

1/04/16 Customer Shalee B's Review

"My mom bought ten of them for our trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago. We loved them! I admit, I still took a small purse (not large enough for my child's inhaler) but it was perfect to hold ALL my wallet needs so when we went on a ride, I simply left my bag on the scooter and grabbed my pouch. It worked wonderfully and I never worried!! My mom wore hers everywhere she went. Truly a great purchase with several different uses!!"


Disneyland with Buddy Pouch

1/03/16 Customer Jennifer C's Review

"This pouch is amazing. You can't even feel it. It doesn't feel heavy or move. I wish I bought this years ago."


12/20/15 Customer Heather D's Review

"GREAT FOR DISNEY WORLD!!! Having toddlers we have to carry a TON of stuff in our backpacks when we visit Disney World. I didn't want to carry a purse on top of that. I put my Samsung S5 in the Running Buddy, my credit card, ID and a lip gloss (there was room for more!). When we'd go on rides we'd leave our backpacks in the double stroller and off we'd go! I knew I had my valuable items on me and they were safe! I was hands free to enjoy rides and attractions with my kids :) I love that it was hidden, easily accessible and it stayed put on rides! AMAZING!" 



12/10/15 Customer Norbett W's Review

"I live in Florida and this is a great way to go to all our theme parks and not worry about my bulky wallet."


12/5/15 Customer Bev Johnson's Review

"Just returned from DisneyWorld and used my running buddy to hold my phone, sunglasses, lipgloss and $$. Worked outstanding! It was great to go bag free and not worry about losing anything important. I will be raving to all my travel friends to use this bag. Thank-you!"


11/27/15 Customer Dominic S' Review

"I got the Running Buddy to use in Disney World. I love it! While other people were getting stopped and having their purses searched, I cruised thru the line wearing my Running Buddy. It is a brilliant product that I will continue to use in order not to have to carry a purse so that I can shop with both hands!"

Skip bag  check line with Buddy Pouch


11/20/15 Customer Tonga's Review

"I love, love, love this thing! I bought it just before a trip to WDW and used it every day we were there to walk around the parks. It was awesome to not have to carry my phone in my pocket or in my hands. I also use it regularly for working out and it has worked very well for that. It stays in place and keeps my phone and/or ipod in easy reach. This is the purchase I have made for working out with my gadgets!"


11/17/15 Customer Gisela Meyn's Review

"You forget you are wearing it, it is so comfortable."


11/8/15 - Customer Brenda Chu's Review 

"Just returned from a week in Walt Disney World. Would have been lost without my running buddies. Love love love them. I always run with one of them and I will never go to Disney without them. Kept me handsfree in the parks! Can't recommend this enough. Best purchase I've made in a long time."


11/5/15 - Customer Kim Miller's Review 

"I used my Running Buddy last week at Disney for the Food & Wine festival....no bag check was GREAT! LOVE my Running Buddy!!"

Buddy Pouch at Disney

10/30/15 - Customer Sheryl Sweet's Review 

"I bought one to hold my larger 6plus phone that's too long now for my pocket. I love it! Perfect for the theme parks too, worked great on the coasters."


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