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June 03, 2017


by Ultra Marathoner, Brian Burk

One of the problems of going on a long run in today’s high tech world is…how do you carry all the gadgets?  How do you carry your ID, keys and smart phone?


I recently ran the Graveyard 100 (a 100 mile endurance race run down the Outer Banks of North Carolina) and the Buddy Pouch worked perfectly.  The pouch held my Droid MAXX secure, no bounce, no chaff, and sweat free for 100.5 miles over 23 hours.  More important to all that is the Buddy Pouch provided me some peace of mind knowing that on the darkest, loneliest and most isolated part of Highway 12 I had my phone with me “just in case.”


I’ll be honest there were times that I forgot I had the pouch on me.  The fit and ride on my waist were nonintrusive.  Once in position it fit and functioned perfectly.

I highly recommend this product to all runners, and anyone who wants to carry their phones while they exercise, are out on adventures and anywhere you need to have items available but want to be hands free.  The second pouch compartment is perfect for keys, medicine, identification, maps or a few extra bucks for an ice cream.

How Does the Buddy Pouch Work?






7/21/17 Customer Susie R's Review

"The Buddy Pouch is just what I needed to make my run more enjoyable! No hands needed to hold my device while running! The back of the Pouch is very smooth, and there is no rubbing at all. Thanks for the great product!"  SEE all sizes of the Buddy Pouch HERE - Buddy Pouches

Buddy Pouch

7/14/17 Customer Christine W's Review

"I love my new single earbud. Deaf in one ear, I've never had stereo sound from one earbud."  See the Single Ear Sportbud 2 Here - Sportbud 2

7/2/17 Customer Shelby S's Review

"Love this product I was unsure about having anything on my waist band but took a chance and am so glad I did.  At my last race it held my iPhone 7, ID, cash, bike lock key with key ring, and race bib.  I was able to ride my bike 6 miles to the race without worrying about taking a bag/backpack to check in.  I attached my bib when I arrived, locked up my bike and headed to the race.  Afterwards I had my ID for the post race beer and never once worried about losing any of the items I had tucked in the pouch.  The magnets are very strong and held up great, I didn't even notice the pouch as I ran either.  Great product and I will be buying more for other family members."  SEE THE XL BUDDY POUCHXL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

6/30/17 Customer Katherine V's Review

"I used the buddy brites on one of my night time runs. They were comfortable and stayed in place. I know cars were able to see me because they moved over. 
I used the bib clips at a race last Saturday. They were easy to use and the bib stayed in place. I loved not having to use safety pins that poke holes in my nice running shirts."
See the Bib Clips and Buddy Brites Bundle Here - Bib Clips and Buddy Brites Bundle

Buddy Brites and Bib Clips

6/21/17 Customer Kathleen's Review

"Love my new bluetooth sport buds! Lightweight and comfy!" See the X2 Bluetooth Headphones Here - X2 Bluetooth Headphones 

Running Buddy X2 Bluetooth Sportbuds

6/16/17 Customer Amy R's Review

"Women's gear never includes pockets that are useful. I have been searching for a long time and so glad to have found Running Buddy. It came with me on a 5K run last weekend and I hardly knew it was on me. Also wore it to the zoo and my hands were free all day to help my granddaughter explore." See the XL Here - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

6/7/17 Customer Lisa D's Review

"Great product! I'm relatively new to running and have been trying various hydration systems. These H2O pouches have been great. Initially I had some difficulties because the larger bottles were leaking, but I reached out to customer service and they were very friendly and helpful and sent me replacement bottles. The replacements as well as the original smaller bottles work great. I was using a handheld bottle previously, but I really prefer having my hands free. Now I run with the two H2O pouches on my back, spaced as far apart as possible (I clip them onto a belt versus my waistband) and they stay put, are easy to access, and fully meet my needs. I also like having the various sized bottles so I can change how much I'm carrying based on how far I'm planning on running. I highly recommend this product!" See the H2O Bundle Here - Buddy Pouch H2O Bundle

Buddy Pouch h2o

5/31/17 Customer Heather S's Review

"I bought this a couple of years ago after running a race and being very unhappy with my belt. The Running Buddy XL has been perfect. It holds everything I need (phone, key, license, Gu, money, etc). It fits right under my shirt and doesn't leave a big bump. While running, there is no bounce or slippage. I actually forget it is even there! My Running Buddy has seen many miles and shows no sign of wear. *It even has some kind of sweat guard that protects my items! I bought it on a whim and it was truly one of the best running purchases I've ever made!" See the XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

5/23/17 Customer Amanda B's Review

"It stays put and works well. I was worried the magnets would be weak, but they are pretty strong. It doesn't flop around. Very nice quality of material." See the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch Running Pouch

5/15/17 Customer Craig A's Review

"Used it twice so far. Works well. I didn't prefer it on the back of my shorts but works well off centered in the front. It will hold my personal phone, work phone, or both with medium case; iphone 6 and samsung 6. Don't even notice it when running. Not really noticeable under my shirt either. Much better solution than the running belt I have used in the past. No chaffing and no bouncing in the front position." See the XXL Buddy Pouch Here - XXL Buddy Pouch

5/8/17 Customer Riley W's Review

"I have had this pouch for a few years now and I can't imagine running without it. It easily holds my phone in the water resistant section and the other sections have room for money, ID, and/or gels. You can chose where on your waistband to use it. When I wear shorts, I find it works best for me attached to the middle of the back and when I wear tights, it works best on the front side of my hip. It doesn't bounce and I really don't notice it at all. It has kept my phone 100% dry in the rain. If that makes you nervous, there is plenty of room to put your phone in a ziplock bag and have it still fit in the pouch. The part that is against your skin is soft and slightly padded so it does not chafe. The magnets are strong and give the pouch the flexibility to attach to any type of gear, summer through winter. My phone is easy to get in and out of the pouch as needed. I use wireless headphones so I don't have an issue or need to use wires with the pouch. This has become such a critical part of my running that I purchased a second one at an out of state race expo because I forgotten to pack mine. I run over 1,000 miles a year, do marathons, half marathons, and countless other races. This is a must have piece of gear for me. I highly recommend it!"

See the XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

4/24/17 Customer Augustina B's Review

"It stays in place when running, fits my phone and ID when i go for a run, and the magnet is strong enough to where i can put it up so i know where it is. Love this the best out of all running pouches." See the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Running Pouch - Buddy Pouch

4/18/17 Customer Teresa E's Review

"We both love our X2 Sportbuds! My husband uses them everyday on the drive to work as well as using them on our walks and runs! The sound is so clear and the ear buds stay in place. Plus the battery life is great too!" See the X2 Bluetooth Sportbuds Here - X2 Bluetooth Sportbuds

Running Buddy X2 Bluetooth Sportbuds

4/10/17 - Customer Courtney T's Review

"I bought one of the original Runny Buddy pouches several years ago. When I went to upgrade to a larger pouch, I was so excited to see a solution to my water problem! It is perfect! There are so many others ways I have put this to use beyond my regular exercise: kayaking on the lake, walks on the beach, general strolls around town. It is so great to be hands free and yet have something to drink when you need it! I would also like to give 5 stars to Customer Service. My 10 oz bottle was defective and leaked. I emailed them about the problem, and they sent me a new one the next business day. I just could not be happier with the product or the service."

See the Buddy Pouch H2O - Buddy Pouch H2O

Buddy Pouch H2O

4/8/17 Customer Connie T's Review

"I love it. It is a great hands free way to always have cash ,cards and phone with me." See Connie's Super Saver XL Bundle - XL Buddy Pouch Bundle

XL Buddy Pouch

4/3/17 Customer Emily D's Review

"I was skeptical at first. I do not like earbuds that actually go in my ear. I have always strayed from them. When I purchased a new phone, I realized I would be happier with wireless earbuds. I had purchased my one ear bud from Running Buddy a few years ago and while looking for a Running Buddy pouch to accommodate my iPhone 7, I thought I would buy the wireless earbuds. They are SO comfortable! I love them!! I was prepared to give them away as I just I knew would not like them. They are very comfortable and light and I am very happy I took the plunge.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!" SHOP NOW - X2 Bluetooth Headphones

3/24/17 Customer Christine V's Review

"This product is great! I am training for a 1/2 marathon and have been running with a handheld water bottle. Running buddy is the best. My hands are now free and I can really pump my arms while running. You don't even feel the running buddy on you. Clip it on and go!" See Christine's H2O - Buddy Pouch H2O

Buddy Pouch H2O

3/20/17 Customer Kim M's Review

"I ran 11 miles yesterday with it had my phone in it, love it did not even feel it when I was running I will be telling my runner girls all about it." See Kim's XL Super Saver Buddy Pouch Bundle of 2 - XL Super Saver Bundle

3/17/17 Customer Michele E's Review

"Loving the running buddy bib clips so much I'm telling my friends to order them. Haven't tried the Bubby Brites yet. Will be doing so soon." Bib Clips & Buddy Brites Bundle

3/15/17 Customer Julie S' Review

"Four friends and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past weekend and I bought us all the running buddies. We couldn't be happier with the results."

Disney Pouch

2/28/17 Customer Carrie Hall's Review

"I ran a Half Marathon last weekend in Florida and felt bad for those who kept fidgeting with their arm band. I comfortably ran with my Buddy Pouch. Best purchase I have ever made in the 7 years I've been running.

Running with Buddy Pouch

2/21/17 - Customer Robert Raichle's Review 

"Perfect solution. Like many people, I always carry my phone on runs. I tried an armband and a belt before the Running Buddy pouch and found the pouch to be my favorite, by far. I secure it around the waist band of my shorts in the small of my back and forget it's there. I've been using one for several months and bought this additional pouch for my wife to use at the gym. This will keep her from "borrowing" mine."

Check out the Buddy Pouch ➜ Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch


2/8/17 Customer Ashley L's Review

"I adore this product. I will never run without it again! Zero bounce, and comfortable. Love! 5 Stars!"

1/28/17 Customer Christina N's Review

"I absolutely love my running buddy pouch. It does NOT MOVE! I also love my Buddy Brites. I run early in the am and they really give off enough light to be seen. I would recommend to any runner. Great sets available for any athlete for the holidays too." See Christina's Bundle Here - Buddy Pouch & Buddy Brites

1/15/17 Customer Kasey W's Review

"So happy I finally bought a Running Buddy. Stayed in placed for my entire long run and not having something wrapped around my waist was much more comfortable." LEARN MORE - Buddy Pouches

Buddy Pouches on a run

1/2/17 Customer Michael S's Review

"Running shoes: $150.00. GPS watch $300.00. Compression Shorts: $75.00. Running Buddy: PRICELESS (but 20 bucks). I took this thing out for an 8 mile run this morning and TBH it was simply glorious. I'd been running for the last 4 years with a belt to put my phone and stuff in. It was nice and I appreciate the work it has put in, but that thing would slide up and start rubbing my all over in a bad way. It was also clunky and even became "heavy" for longer runs. NOT the running buddy though. I literally forgot it was there. It was a hard run too, hills and everything. It had a very slight bounce while I was running down a massive hill, but nothing that distracted me. I recommend this to any runner who likes to cary their phone with them for any reason. I have the 7+ (the big one...thats what she said) and it didn't drag my shorts down like some had mentioned below. I did go ahead and tie the drawstring just to be sure though. This thing is wonderful." SEE THE XL BUDDY POUCHXL BUDDY POUCH

Running With Buddy Pouch

12/20/16 Customer Nancy H's Review

"The running buddy works great! It's very comfortable and stays in place. Conveniently holds phone, etc while walking/running. I highly recommend it!" See the XL Pouch here - XL BUDDY POUCH

Buddy Pouch Running Pouch

12/17/16 Customer Kathy G's Review

"So once again I will tell you that 10 miles in a constant downpour and my phone was completely dry while the rest of me had puddles! Love my Buddy Pouch!"

Running with Running Buddy Running Pouch Buddy Pouch

12/10/16 Customer Leah J's Review

"I took my new Running Buddy 6+ on an 11 mile run this weekend and was extremely pleased with it! I was able to fit an Iphone 5 in the Otterbox case as well as my car keys in the pouch. It did not bounce at all, and I never heard my keys jingle. The Pepper Spray fits comfortably in my hand. Overall I feel like the bundle is a great deal and will recommend it to my friends." Check out Leah's Bundle ➜ http://www.therunningbuddy.com/products/new-super-saver-bundle-xl-buddy-pouch-and-3-in-1-pepper-spray-w-hand-strap

Buddy Pouch and Pepper Spray

12/7/16 Customer Steve S's Review

"Just got mine last week. Fits my iPhone 6s with LifeProof case easily. So far so good. Easy on/off, easy to get phone in/out, and I don't realize it's there."

12/4/16 Customer Kathy G's Review

"Just loved that my buddy kept my phone dry in the rain this morning!" 😀

12/2/16 Customer Julia F's Review

"Bought it for my husband. He loves the Runny Buddy! Started running over 40 years ago and is best thing since Nike waffle trainers!"

Buddy Pouch

12/1/16 Customer Jackie W's Review

"A solid 2 thumbs up!!! To date, I had bought 3 different running belts and nothing was exactly what I needed...until now!!! This is so simple...I'm kicking myself for not buying it when I first saw it. This XL pouch comfortably fits my Galaxy Note 5 (in the Damada Slide Wallet Case), house key on a small key chain, and some cash...what else could I need when I'm out walking/running!!! The magnets are really strong, so I'm not worried about it falling off. And because of the slim profile, it's barely noticeable under my shirt. I will definitely be giving this to a few of my walking/running buddies as gifts. I will also use this when travelling or out shopping, to keep my phone and cash/credit cards/passport close to me.
**NOTE** Perfect if you are a larger person!!! No more running belts that don't fit right or trying to find an extender belt."


11/24/16 Customer Jennifer M's Review

"Tested out The Running Buddy's waterproof claim this morning when I got caught during my run in a huge thunderstorm (see pic below). Three miles to get back to my car in monsoon like rains- it was crazy. I fully expected a wet phone. I thought this thing cannot be THAT waterproof. It was a deluge of rain that I was running in! Streets were flooding! But lo and behold, not only was the phone dry but also the map of the route I was following! Sincerely amazed!!!"


11/18/16 Customer Dawn P's Review

"Just used mine for the first time today and it worked great, love it!"

2 Running Buddy "Buddy Pouches"

11/23/16 Customer Denise A's Review

"It is comfortable, just the right size, stays put, isn't bulky at all. You don't even know you're wearing it."



11/21/16 Customer Sonia T's Review

"This is the perfect item to use for walking or running. Mobile phone, money and ID card (emergency contact) stays secure in place while running and/or walking. It is very comfortable against skin. Purchased a 3rd one for a friend." ☆ http://www.therunningbuddy.com/collections/2015-buddy-pouch
Buddy Pouch and Buddy Pouch Clutch when traveling

11/5/16 Customer Johnny V's Review

"I love this single ear concept. As a runner, I can listen to my playlist and still be aware of my surroundings. Before while using my regular 2 sides earbuds/headsets, I would have to worry about one side dangling during my runs. This a great invention!"

single ear sportbud

10/27/16 Customer Sarah P's Review

"Love it! Would highly recommend it...never moved and no bounce.  Terrific product."

Buddy Pouches

10/14/16 Customer Susan S's Review

"These products are perfect for shopping, hiking, whatever where you don't want to lug a purse around. Comfortable and handy!"

Lori greiner with buddy pouches

10/9/16 Customer Jennifer L's Review

"I love this pouch.  I can't say enough. This is a game changer for all the times you do not want to carry a purse. I got it specifically for a trip to Disney World, but have many others when I will use it. Trips to the casino, festivals, walks and to the gym. It fits a lot.  I carry 2 large phones and both fit as well as chapstick, money and my medication. Love this!"


10/7/16 Customer Donald C's Review

"Wonderful way to run "hands free," especially in warm weather."


10/1/16 Customer Nicole N's Review

"I love my running buddy. Not only for running but vacation too. Sturdy material . Stays where you put it."

Running with Buddy Pouch at Disney

9/23/16 Customer Tricia W's Review

"I love this buddy pouch. It fits more than enough while walking, running, hiking, etc. I love this."


9/20/16 Customer Stacy N's Review

"The Buddy Pouch H2O is perfect for water when you run. You don't even notice you have it on."

9/18/16 Customer Karen H's Review

"I love, love my buddy pouch. It keeps my phone dry and it doesn't bounce. I'm going to order one for my niece!"

Buddy Pouch

9/15/16 Customer Valerie H's Review

"I have two of the buddy pouches. I absolutely love them. I use them to train in and also I use them on all of my races. Everything from a 5K to half marathons, this pouch doesn't move at all. It stays where I put it for the whole run. I even used it at Disneyland and not once did I lose a thing or did it move out of place. I recommend this to all of my friends. I would recommend this to everyone."


9/13/16 Customer Char R's Review

"I have never found the perfect earbud! I've spent a bunch of money and have a drawer full of rejects. This earbud IS perfect! Stays put, & doesn't bounce around! Putting the bud on a swivel is ingenious! Once again your products do not disappoint. Thank you thank you thank you running buddy! Amazing!!"

9/9/16 Customer Theresa F's Review

"I run a lot and always carry my phone with me. I've tried upper arm bands, forearm ones, various belts, and nothing compares to this product. I wear it in front of my hip and it never moves or bounces. I never chafe near it. It's extremely comfortable and has enough room for my key, id, debit card and even a gel. It's been raining every day here lately and my phone ( iPhone 5s) has stayed 100% dry. I highly recommend this product."


8/29/16 Customer Scott H's Review

"The Buddy Pouch XL is just what I was looking for to carry my phone and a few added items while running. It's very secure, doesn't flop around and doesn't want to drag my shorts down. I've tried arm bands and the good old pocket carry definitely prefer the pouch."


8/29/16 Customer Amanda T's Review

"I have a very hard time finding earbuds that stay in place and don't hurt (small ears), or at least I did until I found these! They are perfect. They don't slip out of place while I'm running, they definitely don't hurt, the sound quality is fantastic, and the single earbud allows me to listen to my music safety. Well done!"

Single Earbuds

8/21/16 Customer Renea K's Review

"Don't know why I haven't got one of these before now. This pouch is the best. Stays in place in place on my runs. Just love it!"


8/17/16 Customer Kim A's Review

"I wore my running buddy today as I ran the Hapalua, Hawaii's Half Marathon. I love the running buddy!"

Buddy Pouch in Marathon

8/13/16 Customer Melissa M's Review

"Completed my first 5k of the year worked awesome!"


8/11/16 Customer David M's Review

"Fantastic. Works just like they say it supposed to. Raced twice so far and I love it."


8/11/16 Customer Cheri C's Review

"I love these! I gave my 2 smaller ones as presents to each of my daughter's. They love them. I decided to order the clutch plus the XL running buddy. My husband and I will share the black XL buddy when we go hiking. I will enjoy the clutch for fancy dinners or weddings when I want to bring some items with."

8/8/16 Customer Brooke C's Review

"Have been using it a week and love it.. It allows me to keep a hand on my phone when working in yard and exercising."


8/7/16 Customer Sandi R's Review

"I have really small ears so I thought the single earbuds might not work for me. Wrong!! It works great!! Stays in place, is so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it and the sound is awesome. I'm very happy with this purchase and will be recommending to my running friends."

8/4/16 Customer Krissy M's Review

"My buddy pouch was amazing this past weekend when I did the bridge run in Charleston, SC. I was telling everybody about it. At one point I almost forgot it was there. It's the best thing ever!!"

10 K with Buddy Pouch

8/3/16 Customer Kelly H's Review

"Buddy Pouch amazed my hubby today. I had a 20 mile training run on tap and it started POURING at mile 8. By the time I got home I was soaked to the bone. When I handed him my buddy pouch to fish out my phone (my fingers were frozen useless) he marveled that it was completely dry. The only thing on me that was. Thanks Buddy!"


8/1/16 Customer Darcy M's Review

"I bought this Running Buddy XL (The Buddy Pouch 6+) over a year ago and I have loved it from the very start. I have worn this to 10+ 5k races, 2 half marathons, countless daily runs and I have yet to think anything less than love love love for my Running Buddy. Seriously. No chaffing...I can't say that about my armband. No bouncing! I actually find myself checking a few times during a long run to make sure it is even there...yup...always there! Even in the dreaded racing porta-potties. I've never been afraid of dropping it."

Marathon with Buddy Pouch

7/30/16 Customer Anne E's Review

"I used my Running Buddy a couple of weeks ago while doing the Color Run. It was great and protected my "stuff" even in the pouring rain!"

Color Run with Running Bouch

7/30/16 Customer Jennifer M's Review

"This is my second running buddy pouch, I have upgraded the size to accommodate my new phone. I never go on a run without my running buddy pouch, best accessory ever!!!"


7/28/16 Customer Jeanne S's Review

"Dry Money for beer! After a hard spring with a lot of rain, the running buddy works like a gem for my 5 and 10k's! Keeps everything in place but most importantly the monies dry for post run beer celebrations!"


7/21/16 Customer Kristin J's Review

"Used mine for the NYC Half. Strong magnets, held in place & didn't shift, held all my Gu's, keys & charger! Great product, would recommend!"


7/19/16 Customer Dennell W's Review

"Well-constructed. I plan on using this on the hiking trails, and as a commuter purse while traveling abroad. The magnets that hold the pouch to your waistband are super strong! Great product!"


7/14/16 Customer Rhonda L's Review

"I hardly notice it!!!!

I went on a super long run (4+ hours) and at the very tail end I remembered I was wearing the Buddy Pouch! I made the last hour so much better. I highly recommend this item."


7/14/16 Customer Craig T's Review

"I finally found what I was looking for with the Running Buddy! I have tried other, more expensive, products to use while I go for a run or long walk but nothing has worked as well as this product. It not only holds my phone but I can access it easily if needed. It stays secure and you forget it is on. The fact that it wicks moisture away is fantastic! Have recommended it to family and friends!"


7/7/16 Customer Dana P's Review

"I love mine . I purchased mine from the expo at RunDisney. It was comfortable, not bulky like some others and it held in place."


7/6/16 Customer Jody S's Review

"The Running Buddy Pouch holds phone, ID, keys and it doesn't bounce around on your waist. The magnets are very strong and everything stays in place. The water bottles (comes with 2 bottles - 7 & 10 oz) does not move around at all. I barely noticed it was there even when it was full of water!"

Buddy Pouch and Buddy Pouch H2O

7/2/16 Customer Anne S's Review

"Though I walk rather than run, I still need to carry my phone, ID, tissue, keys, etc. The Running Buddy fills the bill. I can't wait to try it out on my next cruise or vacation."


6/26/16 Customer Jennifer M's Review

"I wore mine at the Disney Princess 10k, Half Marathon and in the parks I loved mine so much I bought 2 more for gifts!"

Running Buddy Buddy Pouch at Disney


6/25/16 Customer Susan M's Review

"I purchased the Buddy pouch 6 + in the super saver bundle. I am a pretty new runner and have had trouble finding a comfortable way not only carrying my phone and other items but also having a way to wear my earphones without getting tangled in them. I am so happy with this product! The opening for the earphones is ingenious and I can run them through my shirt to avoid the knock your phone off the treadmill issue. I also love the lightweight feel with even the larger running buddy, I don't even notice it and have now run with it several times on a treadmill and outside."


6/24/16 Customer Sara L's Review

"I finally got mine and I ran 6 miles and the sucker did not move one bit! It stays in place and very comfortable. I ordered the mini but I wish I ordered the next size up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


6/22/16 Customer Kendall D's Review

"I have purchased four Running Buddy's. I gave one to my daughter who ran in the Disney Princess walk/run. She said the Running Buddy was perfect. I gave one to my granddaughter who is going on a cruise in May. I love being able to take my Running Buddy instead of my big purse all the time."


6/20/16 Customer Diane D's Review

"The running buddy stays put when running. I have the 2 sizes and the water holder. You don't even know the pouches are there. They hold a lot. I just bought the crocodile clutch and am anxious to use it on trips."

Buddy Pouch and H2O

6/15/16 Customer Catherine G's Review

"I used the Buddy Pouch for the first time yesterday for the Lost Dutchman event in Apache Junction, AZ. It's perfect for a race! I was able to carry my iPhone in the main section, plus my [fat] car key, credit card, ID, cash, and a gel (it would actually fit several gels, if they're small packets) in the other section. I chose to wear it in the small of my back, and ran the headphone cord through my shirt, so the cord never got in my way (and never got yanked by my flailing arms, hahaa). The little zipper is perfect - you can snug it right up against the cord. There was a very tiny bit of "butt bounce," due to where I chose to wear it (in the back, and on a low-rise waistband) but after a few minutes I didn't even notice it. I never felt like it was going to open or fall off or even budge, and the magnets held tight even though I wore it over/around two garments - tights and a skirt (yes, low 50s is cold in AZ!). On a regular, non-event run or a hike, I'd probably wear it in front off to the side, so that my phone is handy for pics, but for an event, out of sight was out of mind! I loved the feeling of running totally free of any encumbrance. Oh, and as a self-proclaimed "delicate flower," I also loved that the section that goes against your skin is completely soft, with nothing that will chafe, scratch or annoy you. "Is it perfect?" -- it's perfect enough, and it's definitely perfect for me."


6/14/16 Customer Tom J's Review

"I've always carried my phone in my hand while I run because I couldn't find a holder that didn't drive me crazy. Been using using this one for a few weeks, and have had a few "where's my phone?" Panics because after a few minutes running I can't even tell its there. This thing is awesome."


6/8/16 Customer Jennifer M's Review

"I've used my XL Running Buddy on two of my training runs. I was pleasantly surprised that it held everything I needed but didn't weigh me down."


6/4/16 Customer Nicole B's Review

"I use it on every single run! Love it- it never shakes around and keeps my stuff secure."


6/2/16 Customer Pam A's Review

"Cannot say enough good things about this product. The XL version is the second one I ordered. Fits my iphone 6. Has slot for earphone to come out when I train. Lightweight and strong."



Customer J. R. Hughes’s Review

“I'm an avid runner and for years was looking for the right product to hold my phone, ID, money, and keys. I was turned onto the Running Buddy by a fellow runner. A few weeks later I bought a Running Buddy, and I've never looked back. I don't run without my 'buddy'. It holds my phone, money, and ID. It fits securely on my waistband, never moves, never any fear of it falling off. My 'buddy' has been with me for every distance race I've done from a 5K to a full marathon. I definitely recommend this product for any runner.”

Customer Kristin Williams’s Review

“I have tried many products to carry my phone,keys, gels. Either too blunky, or they bounce, or combersome. This product is wonderful. It has 2 compartments, plenty of room for my iphone 6, keys, tissue, gels. the magnetic flap it super strong, when clipped on my waist band it doesn't bounce, it stays put on long runs and while mountain biking. I have a waist dog leash that i use to run with my dog and i snap it on there as well. I highly recommend this product!!”


Customer Sharra Wofford’s Review

“Love the running buddy! I have always worn an armband when I go running but it gets so sweaty and sometimes slides down my arm. Plus I have very skinny arms so it's always so tight. With the running buddy I don't have to worry about any of that. It stays in place and doesn't bounce whether I'm walking or running. Well worth the money.”



Customer Patricia Silvers’s Review

“I use the buddy pouch for running. I use it especially for my longer runs to hold gels, keys, etc. It stays in place so well I forget that I have it on. I just ran a half marathon race and no issues at all...that's how comfortable it is and it doesn't move. I do make sure my shorts have an elastic waist band to make sure my shorts don't sag. I also purchased the H2O pouch to use for my runs and just refill the water bottle at park water fountains. So I have the buddy pouch at the back and the H2O pouch in front and have had zero issues. I now have my running friends try it out and they are amazed how it doesn't bounce. It truly is a great product and will make a world of difference when running.”



Customer Veronica Torres’s Review

“I love my Running Buddy .. I have used it for several races, as well as all my training runs for my 1/2 Marathon, and I cannot even tell I'm wearing it. I purchased one for my running buddy and she LOVES it.. Great feeling of safety knowing you have great quick easy access to your phone, keys etc. I would highly recommend and know you will be truly satisfied as I am. Has exceeded all of my expectations and more.”


Customer Trish’s Martinez’s Review

“Awesome product! First of all, I was pleased with the fast shipping, they came before the new iPods were delivered. My husband and I, live in AZ. One day, we ran when it was 109. We fried our iPods. Sweat leaked into both of them. I was done! I have ruined too many iPods with sweat. I went online and ordered two more iPods, but I knew it would happen again if we didn't keep them in something other than just being clipped to our shorts. I discovered the Running Buddy and it was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered two.

When they arrived, I was even more thrilled with the way they was designed. I know a runner had to have designed the Running Buddy because it is lightweight but does the job. You can't even tell you're running with it. I am so pleased with this product. I know I will never ruin an iPod with sweat or rain again. This week, it started to rain at the end of our run. I knew my iPod was protected and I didn't worry one bit about it getting wet because of the design and the material. I'm sure it could be used for many things like keys or for holding identification, etc. No runner wants to be weighed down!!! You can't even feel it! It doesn't bounce when you run because of its unique design! I tell you, a runner had to have designed it! It's perfection at its BEST!”


Customer A’s Review

“This is a great product! I was using a Running Belt for my phone, keys and ID. Everything barely fit. A couple of times that I pulled my phone out, my keys and/or ID fell out.

With the Running Buddy pouch and the smaller Running Buddy, I'm able to carry everything with no issue. I put the larger one on my back and the smaller one on in the front and I've had no issue what so ever with them staying put.”


Customer Kathleen Powell’s Review

“Great product!! The magnets are strong and keep the pouch in place, it's easy to get into, doesn't interfere with my bluetooth headphones and keeps my phone from getting sweaty during runs! it's large enough to carry my keys too. I'll be back for the water bottle carrier!”


Customer Seraph J. Sharpe’s Review

“Love this product! I've worn a running belt and and arm band and neither have been as useful or non hindering as this product. Easy access to my phone when I need it, but it completely stays out of my way when I run want to run and listen to music.”


Customer Scott H.’s Review

“I have been running with the Running Buddy for a month now. It is by far the best accessory I have gotten for my afternoon jogs! I always had a problem with arm bands for my iPhone with sliding down my arm, or cutting my circulation off by being to tight. I never cared for the feeling of having something on my arm anyway! With this product just slide my phone into the pouch and hook it on my shorts in the front or back and go. No annoying bouncing at all; just hook it( the magnets are strong) on and go! This product seems well made and durable. I run 3-4 miles at least 3 days a week and have had no issues at all!! Thanks for making a great product!!”


 Customer Hhatley28’s Review

“Must have. Perfect for running. iPhone 6 with slim case is tight but works (won't work with iPhone 6 with life proof) - need the 6+ Buddy Pouch. Love my running buddy. Bought one for the wife. I run anywhere from 3 to 8 miles with it. Holds gels too”



Customer ThinkingGirl’s Review

“I've been using this for about a year - because women's running shorts DON'T HAVE POCKETS big enough for your phone/iPod etc. What is UP with that!? So this is a portable pocket (a pocket of holding) that is great for your phone and an ID for runs and races. Could also hold a single car key. They have bigger sizes, but this is the one that works for my iPhone 5. Beware though - I washed it and put through dryer and it did shrink a lil bit, which now makes it harder to get my phone in and out. My phone does have a battery case, though so it's slightly oversized. The Mini wouldn't work for a bigger than iPhone 5 though. The magnets are really strong and once I get this lil' sucker in place it stays there, even for long races 13+ miles. 



Customer Heather A. Hem’s Review

“I LOVE my Buddy Pouch. I used to have a dumb phone and wore a bulky fuel belt even on short runs. Upgraded my phone to a "smart phone" so I needed to upgrade my belt. The Buddy Pouch is better than a belt. Certainly not bulky at all - stays in place and is easy to get to my phone to snap a pix when I am out on the run. I also find it handy when I am just out and about and don't want to carry a purse. I like hands free whether its running, shopping or just out with the girls. I am looking at completely replacing my fuel belt with the H2O Pouch and Mini Pouch for my keys and Chap-stick. Perfect combo for hands free! Highly recommend for anyone who want to be hands free and secure in carrying what you need for when you need it. Nothing worse than an accidental kissing of the pavement with your hands full unable to catch yourself. Happy trials!!!”


Customer Michelle VanSlambrouck’s Review

“Great product!! So much better than arm bands. Holds cell phone safely and securely. Even logging in longer distances the running buddy holds up extremely well. Going to order an extra one for my running partner.”



Customer Heather D’s Review

“I used this pink cutie on a bike ride today and didn't even know it was there. It stayed put on front as did the water bottle version which I wore on back. Love it!”



Customer David’s Review

“Purchased to replace using my arm band iPhone case and to prepare for my Disney 1/2 Marathon and fell in LOVE with the ease of use and accessibility to my phone with the Buddy Pouch. I highly recommend this unit and will get for my boys that are running with me!”



Customer Johnathan C. Walton’s Review

“You could even use it as an extra pocket if you wanted. I stick my keys, my cell phone (Galaxy S6 Edge without the case), and an ID when I go for my runs. The phone is the heaviest and largest item but it's fine for running. I clip it on my side when running and on the back of my shorts when biking."


Customer Carla Consorte’s Review

“I had been running with arm bands for years. After trying the running buddy I will never use anything else. Before trying it I was worried it would "bounce," but it doesn't. At all. I let my husband use it and he loved it as well. When we run together he had to use the armband, but now hates it! So we just ordered another running buddy for him. Great product that I will recommend to all my runner friends!”



Customer AC’s Review

“This is a great product. My husband and I each have one, and we use them for running, cycling, hiking and just being outside. This is a great product and has solved a running challenge for me. I don't like arm bands and most of my summer running clothes don't have pockets, so this product is an ideal way to carry my phone.”


Customer Angela C. Beacham’s Review

I personally wear this along my back and it works perfectly! Keeps my phone, id card and house key safe and dry while walking/running. Doesn't bounce while running. I highly recommend this to anyone who no longer wishes to carry their phone or has difficulty with the arm bands.”


Customer Bridget J Bilodeau’s Review

“I have tried arm bands to carry my cell phone when running and found them very uncomfortable. I decided to try The Running Buddy and I love it! It is very comfortable and it stays in place. My iPhone 6 fits perfectly and I still have room in the inside pouch for a key or money. I use it even when I am not running and I want to carry a minimum amount of essential items.”


Customer A. Nowlin’s Review

“I bought this pouch for a 10K race where I had to carry my passport. The magnets were totally secure, as was the velcro. My passport fit easily, and I could have carried my iPhone as well. I was worried that sweat might damage my passport, but the inside of the pouch stayed completely dry. I highly recommend the Running Buddy.”


Customer R. Schafer’s Review

“This sounds crazy, but this was a running lifesaver for me!! The belts would constantly need adjustment and the arm bands would chafe my arm. This is perfect. Mine survived a Spartan easily!! I'm thinking of buying a spare in case mine gets lost!!”


Customer Wendy Robinson’s Review

“Love this. I'm a cyclist and runner. I ordered one to fit my droid phone (fits perfect) I wanted something to hold my phone when I cycle on days that I don't wear a cycling jersey. It works just like the pockets of a jersey. I love it. As for running, you don't know you even have it on. I wear it on my backside. I do have to make sure that my running shorts have a tight waist band in order for it to hold tight. I have since order another for a friend who admired mine. These running pouches will be a sure thing on my Christmas list giving. Craftsmanship is top of the line.”


Customer Vicki Weeks’s Review

“I am absolutely in love with my running buddy pouch! It is everything as advertised: roomy enough to hold my iPhone, money, IDs, keys. Best of all it DOES NOT move! They did not lie. I was skeptical but I have run 3-10 mile runs with it and it stays put the whole time. I do not miss my sliding armband and have not gone back to it since first wearing the buddy pouch. I have purchased one for a friend and she loves it too. Even if you're not a runner, this pouch can be a win for you. I'm wearing it to a friend's charity event soon to collect money as I sell raffle tickets. Great product!”


Customer ute747’s Review

“I bought the Running Buddy pouch to carry my iphone5 while I run. I wear it in the front, offset to the right and it works great. Absolutely no bounce. I use wired earbuds and have put 3 button holes up the front of my dedicated running shirts to keep the wires from moving around. The Running Buddy has proved to be the most secure and most comfortable way for me to use my phone while I run. Thanks!”


Customer Betty Wood’s Review

“Amazing product! Lightweight and comfortable to wear. It does not bounce around like most running belts. Perfect for running or casual wear -- keep your credit card, money, phone out of sight. Makes a great gift, and shipping is fast and inexpensive!”


Customer Christina Grey’s Review

“The answer I have been looking for! This was recommended to me by my sister who is also a big fan. I wanted to run with my iPhone 6, but did NOT want to put in on my arm. This is just the answer! I am a leisure runner with a bit of a post-pregnancy belly. I put this on my waterbelt (old Ultimate Direction model) waist strap and it works perfectly (very stable, no jiggle). I have my phone in the Apple leather case and it fits well inside the running buddy- though I will say attached headphones makes it easier to pull in/out. I like the additional pocket for a credit card/ID as well. I have found this product so handy that I have attached it to my waist for talking on the phone around the house (via headphones) while cleaning as I don't own a wireless bluetooth earpiece. Definitely an awesome product.”


Customer Annette Koustenis’s Review

“After I bought my first running buddy I knew I needed one for the suitcase since I travel so much and one for my real running buddy
I love that they stay put, no more getting tangled with the arm band which got so sweaty. This dries quickly and keeps the phone dry. Would definitely recommend it to any runner, walker, hiker or just wants to keep their hands free.”


Customer Amy’s Review

“I bought this to attach to my Nathan hydration belt because I could not find a cell phone pouch large enough for my iPhone 6. It attaches easily with magnets and states on the packaging to place in the front or rear of your waistband. My Nathan belt has the water bottles on the back so that wasn't an option. I attempted to attach it to the side, which it states in the packaging not to do because it doesn't ensure a good fit, and they were right....not a good fit. So I secured the Running Buddy over the buckle in the front of my Nathan belt and it fit well. The Running Buddy has a divider inside that makes two pockets. The one closest to your body is the more protected one (may even be waterproof?) and I couldn't fit my phone into it with a Pelican case so I put my phone in a Ziploc and crammed it into the other section. The outer section has more give to the material and was able to stretch a little more than the pocket closer to your body. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but this pouch was awesome. It held on the entire time and never felt like it was flopping or loose. I have done two 10 mile runs with it attached this way.”


Customer Mary Young’s Review

“Excellent seller. I love my Running Buddy. It's nice to be hands free and very useful when riding my bike. I'll be using this a lot!”



Customer Christy L. Jaeger’s Review

“Love this for running and biking. Does work best with tighter waistbands. Great for holding phone and keys. Magnets are strong so stays in place.”



Customer Doc’s Review

“I love it!! You don't even know its on you. Walking, running, biking or doing some weight work outs, it works great. I have an Iphone and it fits in nicely and keeps everything dry. Also has to 2 pockets on the inside. You can put a key or whatever else you need as well as phone. Can't wait to use it while running outside.”


Customer Maria Rosa Ines Galves’s Review

“I love it! I have used many things to take my keys, phone, and even money while I am exercising, but never got something like this. I do not need a strap. It always hold in the same position while I ran or walk, or even weight exercises. It has the right capacity and it is not too big, or too little. I like it very much.”


Customer Kathy’s Review

“I love my running buddy2 I take it to the gym with me everyday. It's great cause I can fit my phone and a few little extras in it. I use it on the elliptical or even in the weight room. I find the wires from my ear buds are not in my way now that I'm using my running buddy.”


Customer Masumara007’s Review

“Awesome product! I can go on the treadmill (gym) and run in the neighborhood AND practice tennis etc. Very comfortable and very secured in my waistband!!! I'm very happy with the product!!! THANK YOU!!!”


Customer Cheryl LeFever’s Review

“I purchased the Buddy Pouch 6+ and it is everything I was hoping for in a beltless waist pouch. I walk and ride bike. It's great for my phone along with my ear buds. It allows hands free. The first time I wore it, I had to keep checking to make sure it was still there, it is very light and stays put with the powerful magnets. I plan on purchasing more for gifts.”


Customer Michael R.’s Review

“This product is awesome! I have ran marathons, 10k's, trail runs, etc and I don't even notice it there. I also do track sprints and it doesn't affect me at all. Having your phone and essentials close to your waist works with your center of gravity and doesn't become annoying like an arm band. I wear it in the front. You don't have to worry about cutting off circulation like an armband. You can run free with this amazing product! Design keeps your stuff inside dry. I sweat A LOT and my ID, phone, and badge stay dry. Magnets are very strong. Works great if you have bluetooth headphones and want to go cable free. Also great in the gym. I stick it to the sides of the smith machines when i do work outs so i have my essentials close to me.”


Customer Carolyn Johnson’s Review

“I bought the running buddy 6+ case knowing I would get a new phone and it works great with my iPhone 6! I am a runner who runs distances from 5K to half marathons. I love not wearing an armband anymore and didn't want to wear anything around my waist. The magnets are very strong and hold everything in place. I recently moved my daughter to Orlando. I was in the car riding down and then flew home the next day. I didn't want to have to take a purse, so my running buddy was my travel buddy too! This is a great product!”


Customer Shawn Blessing’s Review

“Love it! Good bye stupid armband with your constant mid run readjustments, blood restriction to my arm, and awkward mid run phone checks. Good bye having to removing my iPhone 6 from its otter box and wrapping it in plastic wrap to then stuff it into something I didn't want to wear anyway. Hello easy phone access, grab and go convenience, and (surprisingly) comfortable wear. I honestly thought that it would bounce more, but it doesn't. The only "complaint" I could see that would be legitimate would be for someone using wired headphones, but even then it seems like it'd be just fine. Best thing I've bought to accompany on my runs. Well, best thing when paired with my plantronics back beat fit headphones. Now I can just go run! A simple, but fantastic running product!”


Customer Thomas L. Jackson’s Review

“I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus. I love it, but immediately realized I needed something to hold it while exercising. I did not find armbands satisfactory. The size of the phone make armbands cumbersome. The running buddy works great. As other reviewers have mentioned, the built-in magnets are very strong and hold the pouch well. I put it on, start my music and slip it into the pouch. In combination with my bluetooth headphones, it adds greatly to my workout. Right now I use it while on the elliptical and weight training. When the weather gets better I am confident it will work just as well for walks and runs.

My advice is to buy it. You cannot go wrong.”


Customer Turtle’s Review

“I'm an ultra-distance runner and I like to track my runs with an app on my phone. I also use the phone for listening to audiobooks or music while on 10-30 hour runs. On supported races, I prefer not to wear a backpack, but I still need some place to put my phone. In the past, I've tucked the phone into my compression shorts, but it tends to fall out slowly, need constant adjusting, etc. I hate armband phone holders that always end up sitting in my elbow and bouncing around.

So I decided to try the Running Buddy. IT'S PERFECT. It snaps into place easily and doesn't bounce at all. It just sits there, holding my phone, doing exactly what I need. GPS works great, my tracking app works great, and my phone is right there (I did text my crew a couple times to let them know I was coming in - so it was nice to be able to grab the phone out, use it, and tuck it back in - takes a few seconds only). I used the Running Buddy during a 50-mile race during a massive rain storm (8" of rain during the race) with near freezing (sub-40 degree temps the whole time, with lots of mud and river crossings. Phone was perfectly well protected in the water resistant pouch, and I never had to think about it.

The caveat, however, is that you do need to tie the string in your shorts. If you don't tie it well, you will feel your shorts slipping because of the weight - I use a Samsung S5, in an otterbox case (so... quite heavy already!), and the RunningBuddy itself isn't super light, so the combination does require tying that string nicely. Normally I don't tie the string at all, so that is something to note. You don't need to make the shorts tight, you just need them tight enough not to fall down, but I did use a "shoe lace double knot the bows" (whatever you call that) knot to keep the knot from coming undone.

Since there's two pockets on the inside and I knew I'd want to take the phone out from time to time, I put my ID and some cash in the smaller pocket, and the phone in the outer. I love it and it's going to be on all my runs from now on!”


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Sizing Chart
Pouch Dimensions: 3 3/4""L x 4"W

Compatible with similar sized devices: iPod, MP3 Player, Flip Phone, inhaler 

*Smartphones require a larger sized Buddy Pouch

Pouch Dimensions: 6"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5 

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized Buddy Pouch

Pouch Dimensions: 6 3/4"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized Buddy Pouch
Pouch Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*For large phones such as an iPhone 6+ with large cases like an Otterbox, you will need this XXL Buddy Pouch
Pouch Dimensions: 6 3/4"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized Buddy Pouch
Buddy Pouch
Pouch Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*Large smartphone cases may require the XXL Buddy Pouch
Buddy Pouch Clutch Black Clutch Dimensions: 6.5"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized XXL Buddy Pouch Clutch
Clutch Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*For large phones such as an iPhone 6+ with large cases like an Otterbox, you will need this XXL Buddy Clutch


One size fits all

One size fits all



One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


SMALL Hand Band Dimensions: 2.8" x 5.4"

Fits iPhone 3,4,5 & Similar Sized Smartphones


LARGE Hand Band Dimensions: 3.1" x 5.9"

Fits iPhone 6, 7, Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Similar Sized Smartphones (CHOOSE AMBIDEXTROUS)


PLUS SIZE Hand Band Dimensions: 3.6" x 6.5"

Fits iPhone 6+, 7+, Galaxy Note 5 and Similar Sized Smartphones (CHOOSE AMBIDEXTROUS)