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June 04, 2017

How Does the Buddy Pouch Work?



7/21/17 Customer Jean C's Review

"I love my buddy pouch.  I have taken it on two trips so far.  there is no strap to get in the way.  Great for passports, cash,  cards or phone.  Great idea.  The small is great for small to medium women sizes and can be placed to be unnoticed and not in the way for any activity." SEE the RFID Protected Travel Pouches Here - RFID TRAVEL POUCHES


7/14/17 Customer Karen R's Review

"The clutch and pouch are versatile accessories. The clutch is perfect for a lightweight purse that will accommodate my larger IPhone and still have room for essentials with three options for carrying it - long strap for cross body, short strap to carry by hand, or no strap and attach to your waistband with the magnetic closure. The pouch attaches to your waistband with the magnetic closure and is perfect to hold a cell phone, earbuds, passport, credit card, cash. Useful for walking/running or travel. When the pouch is attached to your waistband it feels pretty secure and is easily covered by a shirt or jacket." See the Clutch and Buddy Pouch Bundle Here - XXL Buddy Clutch & XXL Buddy Pouch

7/3/17 Customer Suzanne S's Review

"We travel quite a bit and women's clothes never have enough pockets, plus I hate carrying a purse, and this is great because it is like an attachable pocket/purse.  It attaches to your waist band, is not bulky, and you have the freedom to move around without carrying luggage/purse. Fits under clothes well so makes it more secure when traveling. Comfort and secure, perfect." See the XXL Buddy Pouch 7 Bundle Here - XXL Buddy Pouch & RFID Sleeves

XXL Buddy Pouch 7 and RFID Sleeves

6/21/17 Customer Bridget B's Review

"The product lived up to the hype... I am buying another!" See the XL RFID Travel Pouch Here - XL RFID Pouch

XLTravel Buddy Pouch

6/16/17 Customer Amy R's Review

"Women's gear never includes pockets that are useful. I have been searching for a long time and so glad to have found Running Buddy. It came with me on a 5K run last weekend and I hardly knew it was on me. Also wore it to the zoo and my hands were free all day to help my granddaughter explore." See the XL Here - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

6/12/17 Customer Linda B's Review

"Love mine! Used it exclusively for 3 week tour of GREECE! Going to PORTUGAL & FRANCE in JULY & AUGUST will use it again! Works great for PASSPORTS & every thing else I need to carry!"  See Linda's Clutch Here - XXL Clutch

Buddy Pouch Clutch

6/7/17 Customer Barbara M's Review

"I have these, and use them. You totally can see the larger ones under your shirt/at the waist, but so what? Use them at Disney World and Disneyland, and they are terrific! Also use them while out walking the dog and listening to iTunes! It's great!" See the XL Buddy Pouch Bundle Here - XL Super Saver Bundle

XL Buddy Pouch

5/29/17 - Customer Valerie M's Review

"We just got back from Disney World and this would have been so useful. I had to have my hubby hold my phone because I had no pockets and didn't want to carry a purse." See the XL Super Saver Bundle Here - XL Super Saver Bundle

XL Buddy Pouch Bundle

5/23/17 - Customer Susan M's Review

"I love it! Perfect for my walks and shopping errands! No more tucking my keys and credit card in my waistband and leaving my cell at home because I have no pockets! I can fit phone, key, credit & store loyalty cards in the pouch. I suppose I could even squeeze in a few coupons."  See the XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

5/15/17 Customer Heidi D's Review

"I purchased an XL Running Buddy with RFID for my husband's birthday. We are going on a river cruise soon and this will allow him to carry his essentials such as room key, cell phone, cash, and credit card and not have to worry about identity theft or pick- pockets. He's excited to try it out.
I'm impressed with how well it's made and how strong the magnets are. I also plan to get one for myself for walking the dog hands free!"  
Find it Here - XL Buddy Pouch RFID

XL RFID Buddy Pouch


5/12/17 Customer Susan B's Review

"I just used my new Running Buddy for the first time. I am a grandma taking care of a 4 year old, and have a different kind of running to do. The Running Buddy allowed me to carry my phone, drivers license and debt card without a strap or the worry of stuff getting lost. I already recommended it to others." See the Buddy Pouch with RFID Protection Here - Buddy Pouch with RFID

Buddy Pouch with RFID

5/10/17 Customer Emily N's Review

"I've got one on the way. My daughter Debbi has one. She really likes it.. She has her big bag with all her junk she carries. When she goes to the store are the Casino are where she has to run in real quick. She just grabs the little pouch and goes. It tucks right in her jeans. I can't wait for mine to get here." See Emily's XXL Buddy Pouch Here - XXL Buddy Pouch

XXL Buddy Pouch at the Casino

5/2/17 Customer Linda B's Review

"Bought my third one for a friend. She liked mine so well when I used on a cruise that I found one I thought she would like. I was correct! She loved it!" See Linda's Clutch - Buddy Pouch Clutch 

Buddy Pouch Clutch

4/27/17 Customer George L's Review

"This is a great product, I use it as my every day carry for walks to hold my phone and replace my bulky wallet. Well built, I hardly notice its there, I will be buying another."

See the bundle George purchased - XXL Buddy Pouch & RFID Sleeve Blockers

XXL Buddy Pouch and Buddy Blockers

4/24/17 Customer Ann M's Review

"3 small kids and a Buddy Pouch equals life saver." See the Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

Buddy Pouch

4/18/17 Customer Bonnie S's Review

"Hands free to be able to shop and not worry about someone grabbing your purse." See the XL Buddy Pouch Here - XL Buddy Pouch

XL Buddy Pouch

4/10/17 Customer Courtney T's Review

"I purchased one of the original Running Buddy pouches several years ago. It was one of the best purchases I could have made. I use it for running, walks, and travel. Now that phones have increased in size, I needed a larger pouch and bought the XXL Buddy Pouch 7". I could not be happier. Plenty of room for my phone, earbuds, money, id/cards, keys, kleenex, and more."  See Courtney's XXL Buddy Pouch Here - XXL Buddy Pouch 7

XXL Buddy Pouch 7

4/8/17 Customer Connie T's Review

"I love it. It is a great hands free way to always have cash ,cards and phone with me." See Connie's Super Saver XL Bundle - XL Buddy Pouch Bundle

4/2/17 Customer Cat611's Review

"I'm so happy with my purchase of the XL pouch in pink. I didn't think the magnets would be that strong but WOW they are! Lots of room for my Samsung note 5, keys, credit card, ID and a chapstick. Shipping was quick too! I highly recommend this product." See it here - XL Pink

3/29/17 Customer Martha D's Review

"Just received the new Running Buddy XXL Crocodile Clutch and I carry it everywhere I go! It is the perfect size for necessities and I love the longer strap to make it a cross body bag when I need hands free use. The quality is superb for the price and I have received many compliments on it! Also, the shipping was fast. I could not be more pleased and highly recommend this clutch for yourself or as a much appreciated gift for someone on the go. Thank you for a wonderful product!" See Martha's XXL Crocodile Pouch here - XXL Crocodile Pouch

3/20/17 Customer Deedee S's Review

"Very satisfied with my order. I received one as a gift at Christmas and LOVED mine so decided to give it as a gift. She loved it ! I'm sure we will both be ordering again soon. Thanks for your wonderful product." See Deedee's XL Pouch here - XL Buddy Pouch


3/10/17 Customer Mary M's Review

"I first tried the Running Buddy last year on a Cruise. Outstanding to be able to put my cabin card, My Phone/ or camera, and some cash in it and not have to worry about leaving it sit. Then I got an email from you a few weeks ago that the Crocodile Clutch was on sale, well I thought about how cute it would be when going out for a nice dinner and you don't want to carry your everyday purse. I ordered it and when it came I was even more pleased then I thought I would be. It is so cute. I was very pleased I ordered it. I have told my Cruising Buddies to buy one that they would be very glad when they received the Running Buddy. Thank you for coming up with this."

Buddy Pouch Clutch for Travel

3/8/17 Customer Pamela M's Review

"Perfect for seniors or the disabled! I am only 66 but have had prosthetic hips for 20 years. Twice I have dislocated one when I was alone and unable to get to my phone. I need to keep my phone with me at all times, and for many reasons I don't want an emergency alert system. I just want to have my phone on me. I tried skinny fanny packs or keeping my phone in my bra. Then I found the Buddy Pouch a couple of years ago. It's the perfect solution for me. No one knows I'm wearing it. It's comfortable and secure. I got this one for my best friend who has bone cancer. She had her first big fall last week but thankfully did not suffer a fracture. It finally convinced her that she must have her phone nearby 24/7. She's thrilled with her Buddy Pouch. Two old ladies with fake hips and cancer who are able to comfortably wear their phones in case of emergency. Buddies wearing their Buddy Pouches!"  See Pamela's Buddy Pouch Here - Buddy Pouch

3/6/17 Customer Anne's Review

"I love it. I bought this as I had worn my old one out. I bought the second one for a friend who was visiting from Australia who has just started running and walking. Thanks for the speedy service!"

Buddy Pouch Travel Pouch

3/5/17 Customer Nancy C's Review

"The XX L 7 inch bundle included a Buddy pouch and an XXL clutch. The pouch is great for holding a cell phone, cash and keys for dog walking and hands free activities. The clutch included straps for wrist or shoulder wear and is a dressier alternative to the pouch but of the same size. They made great Christmas gifts." 

2/28/17 Customer Catherine C's Review

"I love it. It is absolutely perfect. I bought it mostly for travel, but now I use it on a daily basis. It holds my smartphone securely along with id or passport and money." Check out Catherine's Buddy Bundle - Buddy Bundle

Buddy Pouch

2/25/17 Customer Marsha H's Review

"Exactly what I wanted for travel. Don't have to worry about pockets. Comfortable. Does everything I need." See Marsha's XL Bundle Here - XL Bundle

XL Buddy Pouch Bundle

2/19/17 Customer Donna H's Review

"My husband and I did an 8,000 mile road trip around the USA and National Parks this summer. This was the best thing I bought in prep for the trip! I carried all the essential items needed, hands free! Having 2 knee replacements and a hip, I could use my cane when necessary."  See Donna's XXL Bundle Here - XXL BUNDLE

XXL Buddy Pouch Bundle

2/10/17 Customer Virginia B's Review

"I plan on using my running buddy on our cruise in January which will be awesome. I will have my hands free to shop, shop and shop." See the XL Pouch Here - XL BUDDY POUCH

Buddy Pouch Travel Pouch

2/6/1 Customer Jan V's Review

"My second purchase from Running Buddy - ordered the clutch for myself and a buddy pouch for a friend! Clutch gives me a bit dressier look! Just returning from a trip and never carried a purse! Hiking or shopping - Love it!!"
Buddy Pouch and Buddy Clutch

2/1/17 Customer Kathy F's Review

"Went to the grocery store and felt very safe and secure with it on my waist. Very comfortable to wear - no more worries about my purse making me a target for thieves ever again! Thank you!!!" 

1/20/17 Customer Gwen W's Review

"Took this on my cruise last week. Loved it . It was so convenient. Would totally recommend. Might have to get the crocodile with strap before next cruise." Bundle with the regular Buddy Pouch and the Crocodile Clutch - http://www.therunningbuddy.com/products/copy-of-super-saver-bundle-buddy-pouch-clutch-and-buddy-pouch

Running Buddy Buddy Pouch on cruise

1/16/17 Customer Mary H's Review

"LOVE the two running buddies I ordered . The quality is excellent . The size is perfect for my active lifestyle . Plan to order more for Christmas gifts !!!" See Mary's Bundle Here ➜ http://www.therunningbuddy.com/products/copy-of-super-saver-bundle-buddy-pouch-clutch-and-buddy-pouch

Buddy Pouch

1/9/17 Customer Peggy M's Review

"Can't wait to use my running buddy on my upcoming cruise. My passport, smartphone, etc. fit very nicely in the pockets. It conforms well on my waist also. Will use for shopping when I get back. Love it!" Buddy Pouch 7"


1/1/17 Customer Lynda R's Review

"I bought 2 of these. Using one for the gym and errands. The croc with strap will be great on a cruise." LEARN MORE - XXL Buddy Pouch 7 and XXL Clutch

XXL Buddy Pouch and XXL Clutch

12/29/16 Customer Diane G's Review

"I just returned from my Alaskan vacation and I must say the running buddy was with me on the land and at sea! I presented my two friends with theirs when we started our trip and they also loved them! I can't say enough about how great a product it is. I hardly knew I was wearing it, so comfortable and convenient! I carried my husband & my passports, my IPhone, cash, credit cards and ship ID wherever I went. I certainly would recommend anyone traveling to purchase one. I also intend on using mine whenever I head out walking or shopping!"


12/18/16 Customer MaryAnn B's Review

"I have the original buddy pouch 6" that my friend noticed when we met for morning coffee. With her birthday coming up I decided to order her an XXL and treat myself to the black croc XXL. They are both awesome. She loved her gift and I really like the larger size (now I need the XXL pouch for me too). I especially love the black croc. The extra clutch and cross body/shoulder straps are going to come in handy. I travel a lot and will take both the pouch for casual/exercise walks and croc for when I want a little more polished look. The larger size is a must if you have a bigger phone or want to carry a little more. My croc can hold my 6S iPhone, my id with two credit cards and some cash, and my lip balm. The thing I love about my croc is that I can attach my small key ring to one of the strap hooks."

Buddy pouch and clutch

12/14/16 Customer Kathy P's Review

"I recently received my Running Buddy and have used it. I purchased it for an upcoming trip and didn't really want to carry a purse. I found when I used my Running Buddy that it was very comfortable. You almost forget you have it on. Very happy with my purchase and will recommend it to my family and friends."


12/7/16 Customer Shari R's Review

"I love my Running Buddy for running, stopping by the local farmer's market, taking a walk, etc... so I thought why not try out the super cute clutch. I love it! Great size for keys, phone, lip stick, cards and it's not HUGE. THANKS RUNNING BUDDY!"

12/5/16 Customer Lorah P's Review

"This is a great product even if you aren't a runner or traveler. I live alone and want to have my mobile with me at all times. This solves the problem because it is convenient and unobtrusive. Sometimes I forget that I have it on because of the security."


11/28/16 Customer Judy T's Review

"I have had my pouch for over a year now. I know longer use a purse. no matter how small or light I kept my purse I always was in pain on my shoulder and back. this pain was do to car accident and I hated carrying a purse because all I could think about was the pain. Now I am pain free from the purse."

Buddy Pouches

11/26/16 Customer Yvonne F's Review

"I use it all the time especially when grocery shopping. No purse to get in the way. I also use it if I am going out for a casual dinner. No purse to hang on the back of a chair. Two of my friends ordered them and they love them also."

 Buddy Pouch

11/20/16 Customer Margaret B's Review

"Finally got sleeves for my cards. I had been buying RFID bags and now I can simply move my cards to whichever bag I want to use and be protected. The Buddy Pouches are proving to be lifesavers for touring. We are doing Europe in October and I want to be worry-free about my valuables while seeing the sights!"

Buddy Pouch and Buddy Blockers

11/8/16 Customer Karen T's Review

"Can't wait to use it on my next vacation. Makes carrying important items( passports, inhalers,credit cards) so much easier!"


11/3/16 Customer Dianne M's Review

"Bought this to test out before an overseas trip. It is very comfortable and enough room for passport, phone, cards, etc. Very happy with my purchase."   http://www.therunningbuddy.com/collections/buddy-pouch

Running Buddy Buddy Pouch Traveling

10/25/16 Customer Wilma M's Review

"I love my Buddy Pouch and am looking forward to using it on my trip to Paris this summer. I don't want to worry with carrying a purse everywhere I go and the Buddy Pouch is the perfect solution. I also bought one for my brother-in-law and he was greatly impressed. My son is a runner and I plan to purchase a Buddy Pouch for him as well."

Buddy Pouches 6+

10/17/16 Customer Barbara D's Review

"Don't know you are wearing it. Very comfortable. Looking forward to using it on an upcoming cruise. Highly recommend."

Buddy Pouch

10/14/16 Customer Susan S's Review

"These products are perfect for shopping, hiking, whatever where you don't want to lug a purse around. Comfortable and handy!"

10/9/16 Customer Jennifer L's Review

"I love this pouch.  I can't say enough. This is a game changer for all the times you do not want to carry a purse. I got it specifically for a trip to Disney World, but have many others when I will use it. Trips to the casino, festivals, walks and to the gym. It fits a lot.  I carry 2 large phones and both fit as well as chapstick, money and my medication. Love this!"

10/7/16 Customer Pamela L's Review

"They were just the thing I needed for traveling as well as walking the dog."


10/1/16 Customer Linda R's Review

"I love my clutch. I took a trip to Las Vegas. It was just the right size for mr cash cards and phone. It was great and stylish. I have the red one everyone loved it. This is s great product. Everybody needs one of these. Love love love!!!"

Buddy Pouch Clutch

9/23/16 Customer Michell M's Review

"I have such issues with carrying a purse no matter the size and this is great! Much safer than pockets! Great for shopping and looking forward to using it on our vacation."


9/20/16 Customer Elaine C's Review

"Love my Buddy Pouch! Great for travel and love the "hands free" feeling and not having to carry a bulky purse. Great product!"

 Buddy Pouch

9/18/16 Customer Colleen M's Review

"I purchased the Running Buddy 7. It arrived in a matter of a couple of days!!! Fits my iPhone 6+ perfectly as I have a case on it. Took it to the theme park and it was great not having to carry anything around or having to store it while on the rides!"

Buddy Pouch

9/13/16 Customer Wendy S's Review

"Got this to use for an expo in Vegas for a few days and it was absolutely perfect!! Didn't want to lug around my purse so I stuck some cash, phone and driver's license in there with some room to spare. Magnets are very sturdy and stuck together all day! So happy I found this!! Will definitely be using it again as it will be perfect for when I do my walking."

 Buddy Pouch at Vegas

9/11/16 Customer Linda T's Review

"Wore my Buddy to the casino last night. Felt comfortable and and secure. Now I want to get the other style too."

 Buddy Pouch

7/9/16 Customer Lilly P's Review

"Love this Buddy Pouch Clutch with my pocketless pants and shorts. With strap can be used for dressier occasions."

Buddy Pouch Clutch

7/6/16 Customer Shari A's Review

"Ordered it to use on cruise and I use it when I walk every day and love it. The magnets work through sweats or jeans. It is also great at work. It is pretty slim, so it hardly shows through a shirt. I wanted it for a cruise when you have to carry that silly card thing. Even off the ship, passport, cards, cash, phone."


6/29/16 Customer Susan A's Review

"Love this Running Buddy in black croc! The removable strap makes it perfect for an evening out! My iPhone 6+ slips inside and the card slots make it easy to take everything I need with me."

Buddy Pouch Clutches

6/23/16 Customer Dawn S's Review

"Absolutely love it! We travel a lot and this is great for traveling. I forget I even have it on its so comfortable. It's the best thing I've bought in a long time."


6/18/16 Customer Carole C's Review

"Very useful when traveling as well as doing day-to-day activities."


6/13/16 Customer Helen D's Review

"Love mine ! Used it on my last cruise . Everything I needed to carry with me fit!"


6/11/16 Customer Cheri C's Review

"I love these! I gave my 2 smaller ones as presents to each of my daughter's. They love them. I decided to order the clutch plus the XL running buddy. My husband and I will share the black XL buddy when we go hiking. I will enjoy the clutch for fancy dinners or weddings when I want to bring some items with."

6/7/16 Customer Mary R's Review

"Works well holding my phone, keys etc for my walks. I plan to use it for an upcoming trip when I want my ID and credit cards but won't need all the "stuff" I keep in my purse."


6/5/16 Customer Marie B's Review

"I purchased a Running Buddy to take on a cruise, and I love it. Didn't have to worry about carrying a purse,and trying to shop. It is so comfortable that I forgot that I had it on, and went through the metal detector. When the bells sounded I remembered. I recommend this for everyone that need to have hands free, from walking with a cane or walker, to holding a little ones hands."


4/4/16 Customer Judy K's Review

"On a Viking Ocean Cruise, a friend had this - used it to carry cell phone and room card - dressy enough for day or night!"


4/1/16 Customer Alicia M's Review

"Love my Running buddy, went to California to see my sisters and we went to a Casino. Without my purse just my Running buddy. It was great! Now I have to get some more for other sisters LOL."

Buddy Pouch at the Casino

3/30/16 Customer Elizabeth C's Review

"I already had purchased the Running Buddy 6+. Take it to the gym to hold my keys, ID, etc. I liked it so much that I decided to get the 7' one to take on cruises."

Buddy Pouch 

3/26/16 Customer Becky H's Review

"Perfect. I love the clutch buddy.  I can use it two different ways.  It holds my phone, passport, credit card and some money. The magnets are strong.  No chance of it come apart."

Buddy Pouch Clutch 23

3/26/16 Customer Martha T's Review

"I love it!! Wore it all day and never knew I had it on. I'm going on a cruise soon and will be taking it with me to use everyday. I may quit carrying a purse and go with the Buddy Pouch!!"


3/25/16 Customer Elia V's Review

"So perfect when I am out running errands or walking - the side zipper is a very appreciated extra touch. Just spent a week on a cruise ship and this was the only thing that I carried with me while on ship."


3/24/16 Customer Julia F's Review

"I love this product! I have 3 of them, (had to upgrade to the biggest one, I bought a new phone) I wear it on my 3 mile walk. No more silly fanny pack."


3/23/16 Customer Gale W's Review

"I bought 2 of these and I have used one on my trip to Hawaii. I love it never have to worry about my money or tickets etc know exactly where things are. Magnet is very strong."


3/22/16 Customer Sandy L's Review

"I bought four for the ladies, young and old in my family. Love mine to hold my phone and keys when I am out gardening, running errands or just generally out and about. Daughter loves hers when she is walking because everything she needs is handy and safe. Great product!"


3/18/16 Customer Helen M's Review

"Super easy to use, it's convenient, lightweight and so handy for everyday errands, too!"

Woman shopping with Buddy Pouch

3/17/16 Customer Jo T's Review

"I use mine every day running errands. Perfect for shopping as it leaves my hand free to fill my basket with groceries without worrying about someone grabbing my bag while my back is turned away."

3/14/16 Customer Barbara S's Review

"I have one and I use them as gifts to my travel clients. Keeping your important stuff safely close while keeping you hands free. It's all that your marketing says.
I suggest the XL not to cram more in but if you have one of the newer larger cells( Note, IPhone 6+ ) the XL is for you. Even then with it being the largest, it's still perfectly comfortable."


3/12/16 Customer Donna M's Review

"I bought 2 XL Buddy Pouches for my husband and I mainly for an upcoming cruise. Magnets are really strong and pouch has a little flexibility to make it easier to get things in and out. Love the look and can't wait to use them on our trip."


3/10/16 Customer Sharon H's Review

"I used my Running Buddy on a shore excursion for the first time yesterday. Plenty of room for my iPhone 6 Plus, cash, a credit card and , medication, and extra glasses!"


3/9/16 Customer Jeanette S's Review

"You will love this! I use it almost every time I leave the house, and on cruises it replaces everything other than holding my water bottle.

3/9/16 Customer Rhonda L's Review

"This is amazing! It is so practical and functional. I took it with me to a business casual event and it was perfect. I received many compliments and people were astounded that it was purchased through a running company. This is a must have item for anyone."

Buddy Pouch Clutch

3/8/16 Customer Barbara I's Review

"Got the XL6 Buddy Pouch. Love it. It holds all I need. I do not like to carry a purse when I shop. This is perfect. Highly recommend it."

Buddy Pouches

3/7/16 Customer Tanya S's Review

"Love, Love, Love my Buddy Pouch!! Not only do I wear it on my waist (way intended), I fit it over the outside pocket of my favorite bag and use it securely for fast location of credit cards, id, and keys. Definitely giving as gifts this year!!"



3/7/16 Customer Patti L's Review

"I wanted to test out the running buddy before I wrote a review and this pouch is fantastic! My husband and I are frequent cruisers and I can see how helpful this is going to be."


3/6/16 Customer Sandra L's Review

"Loving my Buddy Pouch on my vacation to Hawaii. It keeps my essentials close and secure. I would recommend it to anyone."


3/5/16 Customer Sally B's Review

"Love the Runny Buddy. Magnets are very strong and hold the product securely in place. Is the perfect size for my passport and phone."

Buddy Pouch Travel

3/4/16 Customer Buffy S's Review

"When I go on vacation I usually carry a small purse with the strap diagonally across my torso but after an hour or so the strap starts to irritate my neck. This pouch is very comfortable to wear and the magnets are very strong and secure. I never felt as if it was going to come loose. The pouch held my phone, credit card, ID and lip balm...everything I need to walk around a theme park for the day! I showed my mom and now she wants one since she doesn't carry a purse at all. Looks like I'll be placing another order soon!"


3/2/16 Customer Anne S's Review

"Though I walk rather than run, I still need to carry my phone, ID, tissue, keys, etc. The Running Buddy fills the bill. I can't wait to try it out on my next cruise or vacation."


3/1/16 Customer Marie K's Review

"I received my XL Buddy Pouch before I went to Las Vegas. IT IS GREAT and I now use it EVERYDAY! Its big enough to hold my phone, credit cards, $$$, lipstick, keys (without all the dodads I have on my key ring) and a pack of smokes/lighter. I would highly recommend this to all my friends."



2/29/16 Customer Sandra L's Review

"This worked great on the ship.  Loved it!"


2/27/16 Customer Stephanie B's Review

"I needed the XL Running Buddy for my iPhone 6s. No fear of losing it or having things stolen--that pouch fits securely & the Velcro holds cash/cards inside so I'm not always checking to see that they're still there! Love it & will use it a lot for grocery shopping, Farmer's Market, & our upcoming vacation."

2/26/16 Customer Pat M's Review

"Liked it so much I ordered buddy clutch and another xl running buddy for me. The first was a gift for a cruise. The magnet is much stronger than I thought it would be."

2/24/16 Customer Betty M's Review

"It's perfect for your cell phone, keys, and some cash. Great for those quick run-in/run-out trips around town. Stays put...you won't lose it."

2/24/16 Customer Stacy W's Review

"I have been looking for the right solution for carrying my phone, keys, and ID while out walking, sight seeing, volunteering at the zoo. I finally found it! The buddy pouch fits what I need and sits balanced and effortless at my waist. The low profile of it allows it to stay hidden from view under my shirt. Very happy with this purchase (and the buddy blockers, too!)"


2/23/16 Customer Judy R's Review

"My sister is going Ireland. She just bought one. She loves it. I plan to get one for next trip to Disney World."


2/22/16 Customer Kendall D's Review

"I have purchased four Running Buddy's. I gave one to my daughter who ran in the Disney Princess walk/run. She said the Running Buddy was perfect. I gave one to my granddaughter who is going on a cruise in May. I love being able to take my Running Buddy instead of my big purse all the time."


2/21/16 Customer Ginny E's Review

"Just got off a cruise, the little buddy is PERFECT around the ship for sign and sail card and a bit of cash for the casino. Used the bigger buddy when we got off the ship, hands free all the time but the essentials were right there!"


2/20/16 Customer Howard W's Review

"Bought this for a cruise. It is awesome. You do not know you are even wearing it."


2/19/16 Customer Edie M's Review

"Just what I needed to hold my phone and other things while I walk or for traveling. Love it!"


2/18/16 Customer Jo T's Review

"I love it , done away with carrying a hand bag .
My hand bag is so heavy, my doctor told me to quit carrying it.
Has messed up my shoulder and neck."


2/17/16 Customer Mary W's Review

"Excellent purchase. Appreciated by family that received them as gifts."

2/14/16 Customer Donna B's Review

"Love mine.  We live in a lovely community and have lots of functions such as potlucks, meetings, golf cart rides, dog walking, etc. This pouch is perfect for all of them. Several of my neighbors have them too."


2/11/16 Customer Emma L's Review

"This pouch is the best thing ever invented for women to use, when shopping or traveling. I used it while grocery shopping and it was fantastic. No purse to worry with while looking at groceries, and when carrying them into the house. Can't wait to use it on my upcoming cruise, and going to the casinos. Just wish I had this when I was working."


2/8/16 Customer Nancy D's Review

"I just bought running buddy number five. This Clutch one is just right for my son's wedding. I sure don't want to keep up with a purse. I can keep my hotel key, car key, and lots of tissues.( not that I plan to cry at the wedding)."

Buddy Pouch Clutch

2/6/16 Customer Gwen C's Review

"Love it! I now have 3 different sizes. And I love them all. It's 100% better than a fanny pack, because it is undetectable from behind by thieves."


2/2/16 Customer Jenell A's Review

"This weekend when we made a casino overnight trip, we were so excited to try it out. I was delighted at how easily it attached to the waist of our jeans and especially how lightweight it was. I had to keep touching it to make sure it was still there! I was able to fit my cash, phone, credit cards and license in the pouch with no problem. It was so easy to conceal and no more worrying about my purse being stolen! I am looking forward to using it on our next cruise and also our next trip to Las Vegas."


2/2/16 Customer Laura L's Review

"I will be traveling internationally this summer and am really looking forward to shopping without having to lug along a purse. This is worn close to the body, isn't bulky, is easily covered with the bottom of an un-tucked shirt, and would be very difficult to pickpocket."


2/1/16 Customer Marilyn H's Review

"Bought this for husband and myself to use when we go to the casinos. Enough room for phone, ID and even other extras! I will especially like it because I won't have to have a purse hanging around my neck!"



1/31/16 Customer Pamela W's Review

"Wore my Running Buddy on a cruise to Mexico. So easy to conceal so there was no worry about pick pocket or purse snatching. No sore neck or shoulder from a purse hanging off my shoulder. Passport, ship ID and other photo ID fit well into the front compartment. I protected my cash by putting it in the back compartment so the extra Velcro catch was an extra level of security. An absolute delight to use."


1/28/16 Customer Susan W's Review

I thought it would only work with running clothes, but it works on jeans, also. Works shopping/traveling-you can take credit card & driver license, etc. Have both hands available to look at items, clothing, etc.


1/28/16 Customer Dauphyne T's Review

"My mom got all of us girls one for hiking and walking!! Have used mine on walks so far, love it!!!"


1/26/16 Customer Pam Huskinson

"Love, love, love. Just got home using it on our cruise and it was perfect. Those magnets really hold! I also got a small one for my sister. She loves hers, too! I wore mine ziplining and horseback riding; no problems!"


1/25/16 Customer Linda F's Review

"Love mine. Ordering more for family members. Bought mine for a cruise later this year but use it now for shopping and going to the gym."


1/24/16 Customer Marjorie W's Review

"I'm going to use it on my cruise. It's perfect for holding what I need."


1/21/16 Customer Cynthia H's Review

"So happy that my iphone 6+ with cover fitted in. I will be going soon to a cruise & will use it. I am gifting the other one to my friend coming with me."


1/20/16 Customer Elaine L's Review

"I have 4 now! Gave two as Christmas gifts! My niece is on a cruise and loves it.  Thank you!"


1/19/16 Customer Sandra B's Review

"I love my Buddy Pouch. It is compact yet large enough to fit in what I need to carry with me. I was pleasantly surprised with how strong the magnetic lock is and I have no worry of it falling off. Just the right thing for me and perfect for vacations!"

1/18/16 Customer Cynthia H's Review

"I've been looking around stores for little pouches like these to use while traveling. I've seen a few with strings to hang around the neck or with clasps around the waist. For me, they are not secure for one can just cut the string & run away with it. This running buddy pouch is exactly what I am looking for. It will fit my passport, credit cards and IDs, cell phone, house & car keys. I like that it is discreet and tucked in front of me."


1/17/16 Customer Eileen D's Review

"Just returned from England and never carried a purse. This items is one of the most used items I own."


1/15/16 Customer Rose K's Review

"I like to cruise-this is the perfect way to take along your passport, credit cards, and iphone from port to port. I am short waisted with fullness in this area. Fanny packs add bulk and our uncomfortable. I saw a thief in Venice come up, cut the fanny pack strap and was off with it in a wink. That will not happen with this. It is compact, no strap, no bulk, and comfortable. A longer shirt will cover it up. Best new product that I have seen in a long time."

1/12/16 Customer Jennine S's Review

"I used the Running Buddy for a recent vacation/cruise. It worked well, pocket held all I needed to go on excursions including my phone. It never loosened or fell off, no matter what I attached it to. I even used it as an evening dress clutch purse!!!!"


1/12/16 Customer Debra L's Review

"This is great. No bag to keep up with when getting off and on the cruise ship. Was able to carry money, key, and i.d. safely!"


1/11/16 - Customer Anita A's Review

"Very happy with Running Buddy,got two for me and my friend. We like them for shopping and Casino hopping."


1/9/16 - Customer Barb A's Review 

"So handy when you can't carry a purse like at amusement park and casino or cruise. Perfect!!!!"


1/09/16 Customer Barbara B's Review

"Just returned from a cruise..could've sold mine 20 times over!! Even our cabin steward was wanting one so gave him your website!"


1/10/16 Customer Susan B's Review

"Used mine on my cruise in December. Loved it. Especially on our excursions. Gave one to my Sister while on the cruise & she just loved hers. Forgot we were wearing it. Also gave one to my daughter for Christmas because she is a runner. She couldn't even feel it while running. Great product!"


1/4/16 Customer Lonnadene R's Review

"We are cruisers, and it will be perfect on tours. Good for a quick trip to the store, as well. Love it."


1/2/16 Customer Jill G's Review

"I love to cruise and I sell real estate to support my habit. The running buddy is great while showing houses because it hold my phone and gun. On cruising it's great for passport and money and it frees up your hands and most people don't know you have it."

12/29/15 Customer Judy K's Review

"I purchased the Buddy Pouch for an upcoming cruise. It's definitely large enough to carry my iPhone (in its case) in addition to passport, change, keys, etc. Also, it isn't noticeable when a shirt is worn over it. The material is sturdy and the magnet appears to be strong enough to withstand running, jogging, etc. I'm looking forward to using it while antiquing too!"


12/28/15 Customer Cindy P's Review

"I love it! In addition to using on my walks, I use when I grocery shop. No more worrying about my purse being unattended!"


12/27/15 Customer Linda D's Review

"Used it while in the casino and shopping on the islands while on a cruise. Great item."


12/23/15 Customer Virginia E's Review

"Love this new running buddy "clutch!" A little dressier so it will be nice when you want something more dressier. I think this is the 9th running buddy I've bought this year. Wonderful Christmas presents for all ages."  See the new clutch herehttp://www.therunningbuddy.com/collections/buddy-pouch-crocodile-clutch

12/19/15 Customer Maria L's Review

"I love my XL buddy pouch my Iphone 6 plus fits perfect and so does my passport. This will be great to use when you don't want to take everything and don't really want to have to have a handbag to carry. I was surprised the magnets really hold up tight so you don't have to worry about losing the buddy pouch."


12/16/15 Customer Terry H's Review

"Just returned from 14 day cruise followed by a four day stay in New Orleans. I used my running buddy every single day including in the evenings when we had to dress a little. It was wonderful not having to carry a purse and had plenty of room for all the essentials. Would highly recommend!"


12/16/15 Customer Patricia R's Review

"Have room for my wallet, keys, and my iPhone 6 plus -- and don't have to worry about carrying anything. The pouch fits snugly and stays in place. Absolutely love it."


12/14/15 Customer Stephanie S's Review

"I absolutely love these clutches! The idea behind them is just awesome! I love the thought that I can carry it any way that I'm comfortable with, including on my waist like a normal RB! What an awesome idea for a night out!! I love that I can slide my phone, ID and a credit card or two in it and go without having to worry about setting it down the whole night."

12/13/15 Customer Nelson S's Review

"Excellent product. Bought the 6 plus version for me and the standard version for my wife. The product works as advertised and is an excellent pouch to carry money, cards and passports. We just had a one week cruise vacation and I used it every day to carry the sea pass cards my id and some money."



12/11/15 Customer Debbie D's Review

"I love my running buddy crocodile clutch. I took it with me to Europe and kept my personal possessions in it and I kept it on me at all times. I even went to a semi formal party and my clutch was perfect for the evening."

12/06/15 Customer Doreen V's Review

"I am a frequent cruiser. This is the perfect accessory for a cruiser! I love it!"


12/05/15 Customer Christine Therrien's Review

"I wore mine to a concert at the casino last night. Nothing to carry, nothing to lose!! And the security people thought it was great! One even asked me where I got it. Thanks for making my night easy and hands free."


12/05/15 Customer Eileen Daniels' Review

"Just returned from England and never carried a purse. This items is one of the most used items I own."


12/03/15 Customer Catherine D's Review

"I LOVE my running buddy!! Held passport, cell phone, cash, credit card, and room key! Never had to worry about leaving a purse behind. Have also taken it to the casino and will be taking on our cruise in January!! LOVE IT! Will order more for gifts!"


12/01/15 Customer Sheila J's Review

"I'm a handbag and accessories freak and am very picky about design, functionality, and quality.

I've used my Running Buddy Pouch for sports and outdoors for a year...it's the best I've found by far. So I thought, at such a good price, I'd try this one out.

I absolutely love it. Style and design are spot on. The quality is perfect. I would have paid twice as much. Since I didn't have to, please consider other colors. Navy, dark gray, forest green, and plum would be must-haves in my collection:)"

12/01/15 Customer Rochelle Benson's Review

"During the holidays this is great you never see a purse one me at all. Shopping etc. Only small "problem" is I sometimes forget I have it on.. Lol. But it's one of the best purchases I have made this year."



12/01/15 Customer Elaine L's Review

"My daughter loves it. Best gift I ever bought. She got her Christmas early and she loves how easy it was to get her passport without digging into her bag.  Thank You!!"

11/27/15 Customer Debbie S' Review

"Got it to take on our future cruise. My Mom actually used it today while Christmas shopping. She loved it so much, I just ordered her one for Christmas. I'm looking forward to using it in a few weeks while on our cruise."


11/21/15 Customer Darla Patterson's Review

"Purchased for my upcoming cruise...I filled it with things I want to carry with me and it all fits GREAT!!"


11/19/15 Customer Frances N's Review

"I gave the Buddy pouches to my newlywed granddaughter and her husband to go on their honeymoon cruise. They are in the Bahamas now and they contacted me to say that they are so glad that they have them. They can enjoy all of their activities "hands free". They love the feeling of knowing that their important items are safe and handy. They are very grateful that I had the foresight to give them this gift. It made me feel good that I could make them so happy! Thank you!"


11/18/15 Customer Carol B's Review

"I just got my Buddy Pouch! Am going to Europe on a cruise in March 2016, and this is just exactly what I wanted! Excellent quality! Fits very comfortably on the waist band! Hold sooo very tight, I have no worries of it dropping off as magnets are superrrrrr strong! Really a good purchase, Thank you RUNNING BUDDY for a great product and a super price. I got the black one with the pink trim, and I love it! Perfect in every way!"


11/18/15 Customer Lynne Schonover's Review

"I recently spent 4 days in Las Vegas and just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have the running buddy pouch. I didn't take a purse with me, just the pouch. I wore it all day, every day that I was there. I didn't have to worry about going in the casinos with my money and credit cards right next to me. It is so comfortable that I couldn't even feel it. I got several compliments on it, about how flat and discreet it is. I power walk 5-7 miles, and counting, 3-4 days a week and wear my pouch every time. It holds my phone, tissues and Chapstick with room for more. The best invention since sliced bread! Lol. Thank you for such a great product."


11/17/15 Customer Gisela Meyn's Review

"You forget you are wearing it, it is so comfortable."


11/17/25 Customer Melody Edward's Review

"I have mine and just tried it out. Passport, cell phone, cash and credit cards fit perfectly. Magnet is very strong even through jeans. Love it!"


11/14/15 Customer Nancy D's Review

"Seniors! Help is here! Hands free and would be pocketbook items out of sight! Items secure and attached to give you peace of mind. That is what the Running Bunny can do for you."


11/9/15 Customer Beverly K's Review

"Received them and they are just what I was looking for to use on our upcoming cruise. I also got a pair for my sister & her husband for their anniversary cruise!"



11/9/15 Customer Jan D's Review

"The magnet is super strong and the size is adequate to easily hold my iPhone 6. When walking or running or shopping in a crowded place, I don't have to worry about loss. Great product."


11/7/15  Customer Gloria Lee 's Review

"Got two of these - One for me and one for my daughter. I love it. We went to the beach the same week I got mine and I used it every time I went out instead of carrying a heavy handbag. Can't say enough about it. Every woman needs one."


11/4/15 Customer Norma S's Review

"They were great. We used them on our trip to Hawaii and on the cruise. You have everything you need in the pouch."


11/01/15 Customer Kathy LeClair's Review

"I use them when we cruise to hold my room key and phone. I wear one at work to carry my phones and key card. In fact I rarely carry a purse anymore."



11/01/15 Customer Linda B's Review

"These RFID sleeves are great! An easy way to have peace of mind knowing that no one can get access to your credit cards. I purchased one set, but when I saw how easy it is to use these, I ordered more to add as stocking stuffers!"

Buddy Blockers


10/31/15 Customer Suzanne S's Review

"Love them! Got one for my husband, and one for me. They will come in handy for travel, cruising -even the grocery store! Super comfortable -forgot I had it on. Thank you for replacing the fanny pack!"


10/25/15 Customer Kathryn Anderson's Review

"Brilliant product! My iPhone 6 with case fits in it along with key. I'm using it for jogging, walks, hikes, camping, traveling, and trips into stores and restaurants when I want to be hands-free. Ingenious idea that works!"


10/21/15 Customer Jean P's Review

"Great for Travel!  The perfect size for me to use while on a cruise...on and off the ship!"


10/15/15 Customer Codie Stein Witmer's Review

"I have one... And as a travel agent, I'm in the parks and walking /touring often.... I use mine ALL the time..., possibly more often than my actual wallet... LOVE LOVE LOVE! We're a family of 6 and I'm finally able to NOT need a huge back pack everywhere we go! This carries all my essentials and a lil extra... I have an iPhone 6s, but I ordered the plus sized pouch."


10/2/15 Customer Vicki Shields' Review

"I got two to use on our cruise and couldn't wait for the cruise! Now when I go to the grocery I leave my purse home and take my debit card, license and phone in my running buddy and can shop knowing I don't have to worry about my purse being snatched out of my basket. And I also have peace of mind when I'm loading my car. I no longer feel like I have to watch over my shoulder in parking lots since I'm not a "target" with a purse on my shoulder. Two friends said they were ordering when they tried mine out. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!"


9/30/15 Customer Gisela M's Review

"I did not quite believe the reviews but thought that I would try them. The truly are fabulous - you don't know that you are wearing it. I have been in Mexico for 2 weeks and I have not had to carry a purse."


9/27/15 Customer Lisa Brown's Review

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"Must add another comment! Went to a Big 10 College game yesterday and they have a "No Bag" policy! They only allow clear zip lock bags for medicinal purposes. No purses, backpacks etc. With my Buddy Pouch, it was smooth sailing and again, amazing to skip the bag line! Yay for this product. I think I know what I am buying people for Christmas!"

9/11/15 Customer Donna E's Review

"Awesome! I got these to use when we go on cruises. I don't like traveling with a purse type bag because they can get in the way. This is great because you can keep your passport and sail cards safe as well as your cash."


8/29/15 Customer Wendy Silvia's Review

"Just used mine on my cruise. Loved it. Stayed in place. Its not bulky. Highly recommended!"


8/30/15 Customer Joyce Ridilla's Review

"I love mine.....used it for the first time at a casino, it is soooo nice to not lug a purse around........debit card, drivers license, phone ....all covered!"


9/4/2015 Customer Kristie S’ Review

"BEST VACATION POUCH EVER. I am not a runner and I will never be, but I love this pouch. I took it with to Disney and I plan on taking it on my cruise next month. I can discreetly carry all of my essentials without lugging around my purse or looking like my grandmother with a Fanny pack. I highly recommend the running buddy and will continue to use mine every time I go on vacation or just want to leave the house without my purse!"



5/8/2015 Customer Sheryl Clark’s Review

“Bought two of these for my husband and I for our upcoming cruise. These are very well made, light-weight and perfect when you are out and about and don't want to carry a purse, etc. My IPhone, keys and cards fit in very nicely! Not ugly like a "fanny pack" either!! :)”



05/14/2015 Customer Mike’s Review

“The running buddy is everything I wanted and more! It's light weight, flexible, and easily straps around my waist band without slipping. I bought it for use on the beach, running, and international travel when I want to comfortably keep my passport nearby. It's not your mama's "fanny pack" as my girlfriend likes to call it. The running buddy is slim and undetectable when wearing a shirt. I can comfortable fit my passport, iphone, and cash and credit cards within the pouch.”


05/18/2015 Customer GlassStudio’s Review

“Great for travel. Fits passport, euros and pound notes perfectly."


5/19/2015 Customer G. Valentine’s Review

“I'm not a runner, but I do travel a lot and I use the Running Buddy as a safe, secure alternative to wearing a fanny pack to carry my ID, credit cards, phone, etc. I use it all the time on vacations, cruises, etc. Even if you don't run, the Running Buddy is a very handy item to have around.”



5/25/2015 Customer Rhonda Hathaway’s Review

“I got this to keep my iPhone5s which resides in a pink Otterbox (big and bulky) on my body at all times. I am a runner and have tried the stretchy waist belts (ridiculous looking), but they bounce all around and slide up my waist, bunching up my shirt, etc. I needed something different and also wanted something that allowed for easy access to my phone because I use it for MapMyRun coaching, not for music. I also needed something that kept my phone on me for our vacation to Disneyworld. This pack worked out wonderfully!!! It wasn't too hot in that awful FL humidity (JULY) and it was easy to slip my phone in and out of (even with the rubbery Otterbox). It has a small pocket inside that also discreetly hides credit cards, cash, ID, etc. I had my phone in and out of the pouch a hundred times a day for navigating the parks and texting family. Since we got home, I keep it on me at all times so I don't lose my phone in the house. It is not bulky, so I can wear a t-shirt over it and it doesn't make me look like I have a big pooch belly or anything either. I love it!!”



5/27/2015 Customer Kathy Flannery’s Review

“I recently purchased this Buddy Pouch, I have the mini and loved it..This was no disappointment it holds my phone as well as cards and money. I used the smaller one while on vacation in Europe this summer and it was great. I would order from this company again without any hesitation.”


5/28/2015 Customer Elizabeth A. Booth’s Review

“While I don't "run" I love my buddy for walking my dogs, attending festivals (no pick pockets!) and when ever I don't feel like carrying my purse. Showed my friends it and now they love their running buddies too. Can't wait to use it while on vacation attending a theme park.”



06/01/2015 Customer C. V. Woods Review

“I love the running buddy pouch. I am so glad I discovered it. It doesn't shift or bounce, the magnets are strong enough that it stays right in place. It's not too big, just the perfect size. I've used it while I'm running and even used it on our recent vacation to Disneyland! I never even felt it even while riding the roller coasters! My children also use it to carry their auvi-q (epipen medication) with them. They love it because they can still run and play and it doesn't bother them. I would most definitely recommend the running buddy!!”


06/5/2015 Customer DogMom’s Review

“I bought this one and liked it so much that I bought a second mini version. These pouches fold over a belt, the waistline of pants, shorts or a skirt and hold on tight with powerful yet flat magnets. The pouch closes with strong velcro. The material that rests against your skin (if you choose to fasten it over a waistband rather than a belt) is very soft and smooth, and won't chafe you or make you feel sweaty. It comes in a few colors but black tends to blend in the best. Because the pouch material is flexible, it can hold more than you'd expect. I like it because I do a lot of walking and bicycle riding, and I don't want stuff slipping out of my pockets. I wear the little one every day and wear the larger one when traveling. I'm sure you will find them handy, too, for everyday use, not just for athletics.”


6/07/2015 Customer Trish in Colorado’s Review

“Awesome and Perfect. Brought this to DisneyLand and it saved my life. Since I would NEVER wear a "fanny pack" and really didn't want to have to carry a backpack I saw this and thought I'd give it a try - I have an iPhone 6 so I bought the larger version and also purchased the smaller one in case my daughter would even entertain the idea (she has an iPhone 5. (She's 13 and loved it as well). I was able to fit my phone, itinerary, cash, room key and lipstick and it was really safe and super comfortable- I did read somewhere about wearing it on a belt and that is what I liked best - it hung lower over my shorts, had it attached and pushed to one side (not on the side). I covered the belt with my top and it looked great. I never write reviews but really love this product and will use anytime we travel, hike or when we go to festivals etc. Thanks!! (and now my 6 year old wants one:)”


06/9/2015 Customer Dee’s Review

“This is the best thing ever invented. Where do I begin. I purchased a running buddy for several reasons no I'm not a runner but I walk and travel a lot and use it for work as well. I've had people stop me on the street if they see it. It's the best I get my phone money credit card and ID in it and don't have to worry about carrying a purse. Great for ball games. I've had people ask me is that holiday presents this year... love helping small business.”


06/14/2015 Customer Buzz’s Review

“As an airline pilot I am in different running places several times a month, and like to keep my phone with me for the GPS. The running buddy has quickly proven to be a tremendous asset to hold my iPhone 6(though I have to remove the case to fit it, no big deal), a hotel key, and some cash. Honestly, I can't even tell I am wearing it either because it stays in place perfectly so there's no bouncing up and down or sliding around.”


06/24/2015 Customer DCwife’s Review

“I recently purchased a couple of Buddy Pouches for my husband and I since we travel a lot and we were looking for something to carry items like our phones, ID, passport, credit card, etc., and we were CERTAIN we didn't want to wear fanny packs. The Buddy Pouch fits the bill perfectly! Even though it was designed with runners in mind, the Buddy Pouch is perfect for travel as well!”


06/26/2015 Customer Annette Koustenis’s Review

“After I bought my first running buddy I knew I needed one for the suitcase since I travel so much and one for my real running buddy
I love that they stay put, no more getting tangled with the arm band which got so sweaty. This dries quickly and keeps the phone dry. Would definitely recommend it to any runner, walker, hiker or just wants to keep their hands free.”


06/30/2015 Customer Cynthia Hodkevics’s Review

“This product is AMAZING! I was so frustrated carrying my work phone around or clipping it to my pants only to have it fall off. I purchased a Running Buddy for my work phone and it STAYS on my pants. My 2nd one I bought so I could walk around town without a purse. I keep my keys, credit card, cash and phone securely on my pants. I can walk confidently knowing whether the Running Buddy is being worn in the front or back without fear of someone grabbing my purse. My 3rd one is kept in my travel kit so I don't ever forget to bring it with me. Again, I can shop with confidence that the Running Buddy will be secure.”



07/05/2015 Customer Tammie’s Review

“I bought this one and the 6+ running buddy. I will say the 6+ was better for my iPhone 5 with an Otterbox cover. It works perfectly for my needs. I will be using this for my travel plans to Universal this year. It is perfect for the phone and the portable charger necessary for checking time in lines. I have room for keys, tickets, and cash/card easily. I will be getting another of these for my daughter. Thanks”



07/11/2015 Customer John T's Review

“My 14-year old son recently used my Running Buddy on his Band trip to Universal Studios. He wore it all day in the park, going on and off roller coasters and other attractions! It was the perfect place to store his money, credit card, park ticket, student ID, etc. It stayed securely fastened to his waist band thanks to the heavy duty magnets! It's great for travel of all sorts and certainly lived up to the challenge of an amusement park and a rambunctious teenager!”


07/13/2015 Customer Patience Frenzel’s Review

“I recently purchased the running buddy, and I love it. No more purse to carry, I just put the essentials into the pouch and off I go. I have used it for shopping trips and will be taking it to a concert this weekend, and not worry about anything falling out of my pockets. I also purchased one for my son, who does landscaping. He carries his phone in it at work to listen to music, and no worries about the phone getting lost. It is a wonderful product and I am sure I will get lots of use from it.”


07/19/2015 Customer Teresa’s Review

“Can I just tell you how much I love my Running Buddy? I bought one for myself and my daughter as a Christmas gift (2013) at the recommendation of my friend and trainer, Nicole O.

Yes I will admit, I was one of those fanny pack moms when my daughter was growing up. I am a bigger person and as most of us do, I hated the strap/belt. When my husband went on a business trip to Italy, he brought me a fancy, schmanzy leather one that you could put on any belt. It had three sections you could snap on or leave off depending on how much you needed to carry. But again it had to have a belt. Enter the Running Buddy. It is so versatile. I use it while exercising, shopping, going to garage sales, craft shows, you name it I use it. It fits all the essentials - my phone with case (Samsung Galaxy S3), keys, small flip case with money, ID and CC and a lip balm. The magnet is tight and never flops around. My daughter uses hers mostly for her camera (especially when she goes to the theme parks) and puts her phone in her pocket. We both love it. I even recommended it to my coworker and he bought two. They also love it.

This is one of my favorite go to accessories ever. Will be buying at least one more for myself and a couple more as gifts. Wish I had been the one to think of it.”


07/24/2015 Customer Dan & Eileen’s Review

“I love the running buddy. I use it for walking and shopping. So much better than anything I have owned. Our son saw it and said he would like one for the gym. Ordered one for his birthday. Being hands free is great! Holds credit cards, cell phone and tissues. I am getting one to use just for shopping!”



08/01/2014 Customer Kerri Hill’s Review

“I LOVE my Buddy Pouch! I purchased it at a running expo with the intensions of wearing it on my training runs. Unfortunately I got injured 2 days later and haven't been able to run. I have gotten a TON of use out of it though while I'm on crutches! I have worn it to NY Comic Con, doctor appointments, Christmas shopping and more. While I have yet to do a long run with it, I was able to try it out prior to my injury on a shorter run and it didn't bounce at all. The magnets held on through compression leggings, and I also wore it with jeans without an issue. I recommend this to everyone, not just athletes. It's great for travelers too! I plan on buying several as Christmas gifts and gifts for my travel clients as well.”


8/11/2015 Customer NXfiore's Review

“I love my running buddy. I was looking for something to hold my phone and a few credit cards for my trip to Disney. I can't stand waiting on the check bag lines. I wore it everyday to universal and Disney World and didn't have to go through bag check at all. It was so comfortable and so secure. I went on Rockin Roller Coaster and many other rides and it stayed put. It was easy to take my phone in and out of the running buddy for quick photos. Now I use it for a night out on the town, when I exercise, walking the dog, or a trip to the grocery store. I love it. Great product.”


8/23/2015 Customer Stacey R Zitto’s Review

“I bought two of these for our most recent Disney trip, one standard size and on 6+. My 10yo son was carrying a phone for the first time and is notorious for losing things. Fanny packs are unwieldy and this seemed like a perfect solution. I got one for myself as well. We go to Disney parks A LOT and in more than 30 trips over the last 12 years, this was by FAR the best Disney bag I have used. I'll be buying a third one for my daughter before our upcoming trip to New York City!”


09/01/2015 Customer Christine Koepke’s Review

“This was great for the trip to Universal and Disney - It was useful to keep everything with you but safe while on the rides.
My grandsons 12/8 also wanted one so we ordered for them to keep their valuables in.”


09/02/2015 Customer Tammy T.'s Review

"I love the running buddy pouch because it allows me to carry my phone, license, debit card and some cash without having to carry a purse all the time. I use it when I take a walk or run into a store or even at a casino! A friend had on a skirt at a wedding a few weeks ago and didn't have any essentials with her because she didn't want to carry her

purse to the outdoor wedding and reception. She saw mine which was tucked neatly under my blouse and thought how cool it was. Well, I ordered her one and she loves it! My daughter uses the smaller one for cards and cash and loves it as well. Thank you!"



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June 05, 2017

We are very excited to announce the new "Buddy Pouch with RFID!" 


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June 03, 2017

Running With Buddy Pouch

"I have two of the buddy pouches. I absolutely love them. I use them to train in and also I use them on all of my races. Everything from a 5K to half marathons, this pouch doesn't move at all. It stays where I put it for the whole run. I even used it at Disneyland and not once did I lose a thing or did it move out of place. I recommend this to all of my friends. I would recommend this to everyone."

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Disney & Universal Studios - Buddy Pouch Reviews
Disney & Universal Studios - Buddy Pouch Reviews

June 02, 2017

The Buddy Pouch magnets are very strong and the pouch itself is very durable. Did I mention it has a pocket that is water resistant?

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Sizing Chart
Pouch Dimensions: 3 3/4""L x 4"W

Compatible with similar sized devices: iPod, MP3 Player, Flip Phone, inhaler 

*Smartphones require a larger sized Buddy Pouch

Pouch Dimensions: 6"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5 

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized Buddy Pouch

Pouch Dimensions: 6 3/4"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized Buddy Pouch
Pouch Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*For large phones such as an iPhone 6+ with large cases like an Otterbox, you will need this XXL Buddy Pouch
Pouch Dimensions: 6 3/4"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized Buddy Pouch
Buddy Pouch
Pouch Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*Large smartphone cases may require the XXL Buddy Pouch
Buddy Pouch Clutch Black Clutch Dimensions: 6.5"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*Large smartphone cases may require a larger sized XXL Buddy Pouch Clutch
Clutch Dimensions: 7"L x 4"W

Compatible with the following smartphones & similar sized devices: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Samsung Galaxy S, S3, S4, S5, Galaxy Note 1 - 6

*For large phones such as an iPhone 6+ with large cases like an Otterbox, you will need this XXL Buddy Clutch


One size fits all

One size fits all



One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


One size fits all


SMALL Hand Band Dimensions: 2.8" x 5.4"

Fits iPhone 3,4,5 & Similar Sized Smartphones


LARGE Hand Band Dimensions: 3.1" x 5.9"

Fits iPhone 6, 7, Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Similar Sized Smartphones (CHOOSE AMBIDEXTROUS)


PLUS SIZE Hand Band Dimensions: 3.6" x 6.5"

Fits iPhone 6+, 7+, Galaxy Note 5 and Similar Sized Smartphones (CHOOSE AMBIDEXTROUS)