Hallmark Channel - Home & Family Show

May 8th, Hallmark’s Home and Family Show



On Friday, May 8, the Buddy Pouch by Running Buddy was featured on the Hallmark Channel’s Emmy-nominated Home and Family show, broadcast to an audience of approximately 2.6 million viewers.

During the segment, Home and Family show hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare joined lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas in highlighting their favorite spring gear for runners and walkers. One of their favorite new items mentioned on the segment was the Buddy Pouch by Running Buddy. On the show, Kim demonstrated how the pouch connects to any waistband with strong magnets. Using the Buddy Pouch is as simple as inserting the back flap of the pouch, aligning with the front flap and locking into place - no belt required!

The Buddy Pouch is available in a variety of sizes and is great for travelers, walkers, shoppers and anyone on the go.


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